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[Edit]Player Live Streams
Twitch / YouTube
User Live Stream Notes Extra information
FuryTomic Youtube Aiming to Stream Day 1, and whenever is convenient. Definitely at best, Normal Mode. Depending on reward, maybe Hard. Stream will be a more casual/interactive type. Will contain lots of salt during the stream. FuryTomic.jpg
Shinhwalee (Death Usagi) Youtube Hard Mode Frontline Live Stream on Day 1. Start Time may have delays due to Wikia and Information Publications taking priority, and is subject to a more later time if work comes up. Usagi panic mode 2.jpg
AdmiralWhill (Ryan Cooper) Youtube
"It may not be at my best also I'm not confident to do Hard mode in all maps, but I will try to clear this event and not letting my ships sunk not one of them. Grab your popcorn with salt flavor cuz it's about to get salty... " RyanCooper Avatar.png
Japanese streams / RTA
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