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[Edit]Player Live Streams
Twitch / YouTube
User Live Stream Notes Extra information
FuryTomic Youtube
Streaming beyond February 18 until E7 Clear.
Most likely Easy-Normal Mode, but depending on reward, maybe Hard. Stream will be casual/interactive type. Let's make the last event of the 1st phase memorable! (With high levels of salt.)
Shinhwalee (Death Usagi) Youtube
Hard-Mode Frontline Live Stream on Day 1
However Start Time is To-Be-Determined, due to possible unforeseen Work Schedule.
Usagi panic mode 2.jpg
WashBoard17 Youtube All hard, until my resource says otherwise. ReimuRelax.jpg
SerialConvort Twitch Its your tomodachi Serial here with the common, not rare at all, very very stupid mistakes frontline on all hard like I do every event, but every event that goes by I become less and less and even less confident in my skills. Regardless do try to say hello on my stream, if you so feel like it. Desu.png
Daxyn Twitch Back from exile! Day 1 JP Frontline Restream with E-Sports commentary. After that going full hard when the required intel is out. DesuOP.jpg
Hell Neighbor Twitch Going against all odds and walls of salt in KC since 2015, and now powered up with the new gear. Friendly silent streams from Day 1 with bilingual English/Russian commentary, with the choice of map difficulty based on reward - but mostly Easy/Normal. Agckuu Coceg.jpg
MystiaLore Twitch French stream with casual ships taking this Event on Easy/Normal/Hard depending on the rewards/determination Avabip001.png
Japanese streams / RTA

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