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* [ WikiWiki]
* [ WikiWiki]
* [ MyFleetGirls database]
* [ MyFleetGirls database]
* [ KanColle OpenDB]
* [ Discussions at doorblog]
* [ Discussions at doorblog]
* Twitter (not so reliable)
* Twitter (not so reliable)

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Operation 'Hikari', the Emergency Deployment of the Reconnaissance Force!

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Rest up admiral

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[Edit]Player Live Streams
Twitch / YouTube
User Live Stream Notes Extra information
Shinhwalee (Death Usagi) Twitch Will Try to frontline on first day on the 11th after maintenance, as long as nothing comes up on that day Youtube
Daxyn Twitch Nico Nico Restream then full hard. Dentist appointment may push back the event start day.
Depths Twitch Planning to do hard again this event after some info is found.
Kerisato Twitch Russian frontliner. No bullshit, only hard. Yet Again. Русский фронтлайнер, только хард. Снова.
211303 Twitch Gonna do full hard mode and frontline as usual. Will start as soon as maintenance ends.
Zookeeperboy Twitch Frontline, full hard. Spanish and english chat. Pueden hacer preguntas en el chat, respondo inmediato.
SerialConvort Twitch Mic and Webcam Quality strim, full hard mode as always, frontlining with full commentary and regretting not hard capping, for a broken mind is never a fulfilled soul. #FULLHARDMODOGETBROKEREGARDLESS
Japanese streams / RTA

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