English Sortie! Operation Rei-Gō[Edit]
Japanese 【出撃!礼号作戦】
Romaji Shutsugeki! Rei-Gō Sakusen
Start 10th February 2016 End New!29th February, 2016 (extended)
Scale Small scale New Content 3 ships, 2 equipment, 2 abyssals, 1 abyssal update
Maps 2 main, 1 extra (3 maps) Duration 19 days

New Ships

Okinami Banner DD Okinami E-2,E-3 Boss Drop
Hatsuzuki Banner DD Hatsuzuki E-2 Reward
Zara Banner CA Zara E-3 Reward

New Equipments

203mm 53 Twin Gun Mount 162 Card 203mm/53 Twin Gun Mount RedGunMedium Medium-Caliber Main Gun Zara, Zara Kai stock equipment, RG02 quest reward
Ro.43 Reconnaissance Seaplane 163 Card Ro.43 Reconnaissance Seaplane Seaplane Reconnaissance Seaplane Zara Kai stock equipment, E3 mid/hard clear reward


Winter 2016 Fleetlock
Winter 2016 E1 Map Winter 2016 E2 Map Winter 2016 E3 Map
E-1 E-2 E-3
Regular Fleet Regular Fleet Combined Fleet
Boss gauge Boss gauge TP Gauge + Boss Gauge

Event-related Quests

Wiki winter2016
Event Quests
ID Requirements FuelAmmunitionSteelBauxite Rewards Note
RG01 水上反撃作戦【礼号作戦】を完遂せよ!
Complete Operation Rei-go
Clear E-2. 500 / 500 / 0 / 0 Instant repair 2 x5 Present box x1
RG02 親善艦参加観艦式を実施せよ!
Have Friendly Ship Participate in Naval Review
Send any 6 ships (flagship Lv 6+, total Lv 15+) to event expedition 175 (15 mins). 100 / 100 / 300 / 100 Unlocks E-3 & 203mm/53 Twin Gun Mount Require: RG01
2016-02-11 22-17-07 80
  • After completing the quest/expedition, you will see your six ships and Zara return together despite not actually having her.
Audio JP EN
Play 提督、Grazie。ザラ、光栄です。これからもよろしくね! Thank you, Admiral. It is my honor to be here. I'm looking forward to working with you!

Quick Notes


  • According to the Devs' Twitter, the Final Map of the Event will be slightly more difficult if the player chooses Hard Mode (甲)

Drop Table

If the table cell shows hard+, that means the ship has only been recorded to drop in hard so far. It might also drop in medium or easy but just they have not been recorded. Similarly, the other labels are sorted this way as well.

Anecdotal Information

The following information was in regards to the what was then upcoming Winter 2016 Event via Comptiq magazine. It is now recorded here for archival purposes only. Credits to Rephira for providing translations.

The Extra Operations (E-3) will have a new gimmick which is a bit different from the gimmicks so far (not armor chipping) There will be new type of abyssal attacks based on the concept of "land-based aerial attacks" PT Imps will be coming back for the first half of the mission (likely E-1~E-2 *comment from translations). Mechanics have been set so that you can clear the event even if you lack the ships relevant to the Operation Rei-go (

KasumiKasumi Banner ,

AshigaraAshigara Banner ,

OoyodoOoyodo Banner etc.) by changing the difficulty. Matsu-class Destroyers will still take some time for implementation. The US Warship will make its first appearance on KanColle Kai, and will be added to the browser version later, during Spring of 2016. The US Warship is related to the new US equipment distributed as a reward, and will be voiced by a seiyuu that will make her first appearance to the franchise. As part of this year's theme, KanColle Developers want to implement "friendly land-based aerial' mechanic. Other than that, Devs also want to implement the "Type 1 Land-based Fighter", "Ginga" and land-based ASW aircraft "Toukai". Devs have also commented that they would like to implement local-defense interceptors and other famous aircraft of the IJA. There are other real-world collaboration that are in plans at the moment.

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