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  • Zel-melon

    Note: The definition of new players in this case is full-on "all casual"

    To be honest, this event is actually one of the more well-designed event compared to the clusterfuck of previous events (*cough* Nishimura-6 *cough*). However, there are still new players who cannot clear the events and it made me think, "is the event still unfair to new players?" Short answer, relatively no. Long answer:


    • Required mechanic: ASW gears
    • Learning mechanic:Vanguard Position(ing)
    • Boss: Typical easy Submarine boss but a buffed version.
    • Pre-boss: The pre-boss is nothing special, but it is actually need when they put in PT-imp. New players will never experience PT-Imp before and it is a great place to place to before introducing them to the nightmare butt-rape P…
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  • Zel-melon

    A last minute question of "Shit, I didn't play KC Event till now. Is it worth doing?"

    This blog will talk about the worth of each map and where you should consider stopping. Everything here will be based mainly on Casual mode but with some comments on higher difficulties.

    TL;DR session will only explain about choosing between Casual and Easy.

    Possible reason for roadblock

    • No ASW gears
    • hates you


    • Do Easy if possible, is worth a lot.

    Is Easy/Medium/Hard Worth it

    Short answer, oh god yes. Long answer, this is relative to your access of Opening ASW and how many ship you have at your disposal that can perform this; additionally, Medium and Hard must consider ship lock. Why is it worth it?

    • Easy: is a hard-to-obtain but great equipment to have for m…

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  • Zel-melon

    Compilation of "Bastard method" in playing KC. The definition of "bastard" is not an illegitimate child of a house but a method that is made just to taiha your ships. Also include other stupid ideas in between.

    We are only aiming mostly for A-rank (occasional S-rank). Since you no longer need CVL to reach boss. You can equip the ship that you want to sparkle with ASW gear and put her as Flagship. The other 3 DD/CL are just fodders that you used; they can sink halfway which will A rank harder but still possible.

    You all know this one. Carry on.

    Still, need more testing, but >1 SS seems to route middle path not matter what, which can route you to the resource nodes below. This allows you to obtain 1-3 of them before you face a surface fleet tha…

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  • Zel-melon

    Regarding everything after the 'Quote' section where stuff is extremely muddy. What should be there? Possible clarification and sorting in the future. From this point onward, their historical ship counterpart will be called 'ship' while our waifu will be called 'shipgirl'.

    • Character - Kai/Kai-ni can be separated
      • Seasonal CGs should be omitted; if it is something meme/joke-worthy (e.g. Lost Gamby) then put it in 'Trivia'
      • Appearance - Regarding her character design. Her costume design and possible explanations (e.g. why Yamato's thigh-highs have different lengths). Reference to the source is recommended (e.g. Why Akizuki's panty is red [1], really). It should explain their costume, but not what you believe they look like (e.g. 'Asashio-clas…

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  • Zel-melon

    Disclaimer: When I said Newbies, I mean people who are doing this as their first-ish event. As in, they're going ALL-EASY.....and maybe some Medium.....situation where you fluctuates between Easy/Medium/Hard to avoid ship-lock problem and can utilize the lower ship requirement to pass through.

    It is well known that Event likes to come with a historical fleet set-up that provides you with a better routing and/or buff. However, you must remember this one thing: Easy Mode bothers less with Historical Fleet

    What do I mean by this? First, the requirement is less. Second, it matters less that you have that ship for you to succeed.

    What matters more is how well-prepared a few core ships of yours are. Remember, Easy Mode HAS NO SHIP LOCK. You only need…

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