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  • TenkouKuugen

    Replay Library v2

    August 25, 2018 by TenkouKuugen


    Some of you may be familiar with my Replay Library. Well, now that Phase-2 is in play and everyone gets to start from the beginning, I figure that it's a good idea to give the Library a new start too.

    To 1st time visitors: this is a collection of my sortie records. Everyone's welcomed to browse around, but please be aware:

    • Replays posted here are not intended as guides, they're just records.
    • Game mechanics are introduced once in a while and may not be available at time of recording.
    • Setups were often chosen based on convenience rather than "the best," so take them with a grain of salt.

    I wish you will use your best judgement and treat them as baseline scenarios, ie "If this quest can be cleared with this fleet/setups, I should have no pr…

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  • TenkouKuugen

    This is a short article on when to apply Akashi Slider during Improvements. This is for my personal references rather than a guide, therefore some concepts may not be explained in detail and may contain my subjective views on the matter. Feedbacks are welcomed as usual though :)

    Equipments can be improved via Akashi's Improvement Arsenal by spending Improvement Material (aka Screws), Development Materials (DevMats) and fodders. Notably, there is a chance of failure depending on the level of improvement.

    Success can be guaranteed by investing more screws/devmats via the Slider function. This article explores the sweet-spot/threshold for applying the Slider while avoiding excessive spending.

    Improvement Success rates can be found on wikia and…

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  • TenkouKuugen

    Hi Hi!

    This time I'll try to introduce the Air Power Calculator to TTKs who can't read Japanese. Hopefully this article will help you find what you need quicker and make the process not as intimidating as before. :)

    The Air Power Calculator (aka Air Supremacy Calculator) is a convenient online tool that calculates fleet air power without a viewer (or the game itself). It has been around for a long time, but a lot of TTKs are still missing out due to language barrier - the site is written in Japanese!

    Don't worry though, you don't need to learn Japaneses to use this tool. This article will cover the basics and allow you to learn where/what things are and, with some practice, you can go about business as usual just like how a lot of you navigat…

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  • TenkouKuugen


    I will try to share some tips regarding LBAS operation this time. As usual, this article was written with newer TTK in mind, so the maths have been kept to a minimum.

    For savings regarding plane improvements, see my other blog post.

    Very often during events, I notice some TTK using copy-pasted LBAS setup without giving thoughts to the situation at hand. It's not surprisingly to hear complaints like, "my LBAS did NOTHING!" or "I'm bleeding bauxite like crazy halp!"

    Although this is still a game of RNG, a TTK should ask whether he/she has given their fairies the best chance to succeed, or was he/she just trying to get a lucky shot and be done with it.

    In this article I will share some of my experience with LBAS management. Hopefully it wil…

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  • TenkouKuugen


    Today I'll briefly explain how to find drop information on Poi-Statistics.

    TTKs who can't read moonrunes have to ask for help on forums, but sometimes the reply doesn't come quick enough for the decision at hand. Wish you can find what you need right this moment? No worries! It's easier than you think.

    First we need to familiarise with the layout of the site.  By visiting you are greeted with a screen like this:

    The top row switches between different stats. A lot of people don't know that Poi also tracks crafting results and it is a good alternative to KanColleDB if you want a 2nd opinion.

    In the next section, the stats are arranged by Maps. Clicking on a World brings up individual maps for selection, from whic…

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