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  • I live in Land of Salt and Cereal (LOSAC)
  • I was born on January 4
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • SerialConvort

    Sorties in Total: 212.

    E5: Imagine this, you walk into a bar, you order a Root Beer,  in response you get slapped with a piano. That is my whole experience of E5. Im serious.

    E6: I really dont know how to explain E6, other than the major depression, salt, and the mental breaking of my mind and soul. I died around 6 times over the whole E6, and all of those deaths mentally broke me. Only after many desperate attempts, I finally beat E6 with a hand held high, and got the Hard Clear Medal.

    After all that effort, I finally finish the event with head held high, and near the end of the event I lost my sanity two fold in the depths of hell known as E7. The farm for Roma was a hard and lingering battle between me and the K Node and Boss Node. In the …

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  • SerialConvort

    Spring Event 2015

    April 28, 2015 by SerialConvort

    6-7 Runs on Medium Difficulty, then changed to Hard mode so I could get the 51cm Prototype, costed 11 Buckets, what am I doing.

    5 Runs from then on in Hard Mode, only 1 Kill, changed to South route from North Route cause F that CA FS, 8 Runs on South, 5 kills costed around 16 buckets, finished E1 first day. On Total 19 Runs, 27 Buckets.

    Started on Hard Difficulty, its actually pretty easy with Akizuki Air Cut In and Shizen Kais. 11 Runs, 6 Boss kills. 18 Buckets used during this time, E2 Done.

    Changed Equips halfway through and changed flagship to Kaga to make her less likely to be red crit, results were exceptional.

    Started on Medium Difficulty, the transports though. 9 Runs and 7 Boss kills, this seems like it could b…

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  • SerialConvort

    The event is soon. When does it occur? April 28th. Two of the ships will be a Italian BBs.

    Now please look at this.

    Ok so heres my evidence, first of all, the event happens on April 28th, and Vittorio Veneto was commissioned on April 28th. Coincidence? Highly unlikely.

    And another thing, Vittorio Veneto is the second BATTLESHIP of the Littorio Class and served in the ITALIAN Regia Marina (Royal Army) during World War 2. This is my thoughts on who the next Italian BB.

    And if I happen to be wrong, drown me in cereal while playing a tune on the worlds smallest Violin.


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  • SerialConvort by Anonymoo, showing in case someone is interested in a well known reviewer doing a review of Kancolles Wiki, other than that I own nothing provided.

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