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  • Minhfongboy

    Looking for a ranking way that is resource-efficient, bucket-efficient, time-efficient, or bauxite-friendly? I guess this blog can help you.

    Bucket usage scale:

    • Low: Nearly not using buckets in 10-20 runs
    • Average: Using buckets in 3-5 runs
    • High: Using buckets in every run (High chance)

    • All submarine nodes should be straightforward, the only problem you will encounter is the surface node G as stated earlier.
      • Stacking and improving sonars will help out a lot for this map, not only do they increase torpedo evasion rate when improved, bringing more sonars will also grant a lot of damage, up to the point that even if your ships are Chuuha or Taiha, they will still be able to deal enough damage to blow up the sub.
    • 3 Sonar +9 is the best option, or exchan…

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  • Minhfongboy
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  • Minhfongboy
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