• Lyonlion


    January 23, 2016 by Lyonlion

    Before The Hailstorm

    Before Kasumi's update

    After the end of fall event which  I felt like the event is more of a farming type event because the drop itself is way…… better than the event  reward ,The only thing worh fighting for was kashima sensei, not only because I need my first Training Cruiser but her personalitiy is just really sweet !  The  kansmusu that I was originally plan to level was Haruna and yamashiro only because from the salt of Summer event 2015 , but then…….. Kasumi kai ni  was announced I decided eh, might  as well just level her since I still have 87 free slot So why not just casually level her while stockpiling right?. So after the  announcement that Kasumi kai ni will be convertible,  I was really pleased to hear that …

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