This post is created partly for personal use and partly to help others. Thus, feel free to use this in finding your path through the event!
The information written below is based on personal experience and knowledge combined with information available from online sources.
Up till the current event, I have cleared all event maps on Hard difficulty, this one will be no exception. You may find other fleet compositions more effective if you intend to clear on lower difficulties. Regardless, my compositions are not necessarily the most effective (for you). Don't hold me accountable for any loss of your resources by following my guide!
Furthermore, if your HQ level differs from mine, you may encounter different enemies/enemy patterns than I do. My HQ level is 120.
Lastly, if you happen to have questions, comments, and/or critique related to this post, feel free to leave a comment.

Have fun, good luck, and happy sailing! ^___^
~ Kuras ~

Please keep in mind that my compositions and setups are not necessarily recommended.
Since results are heavily dependent on multiple variables, your mileage may vary.

Map Selection
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