This blog pays tribute to the past, gives a brief history of KanColle English Wikia and provides information on the admins: their specialties, their responsibilities and their current status.

The aim is to

  1. Guide editors whom they should seek help from (albeit when in doubt, go ahead and drop a message on Crazy teitoku's wall. Don't tell him I said that)
  2. Provide new staff members a general guideline on what they're expected to do. For starters, here's an excellent article on best practices for admins which also describes the attitude all staff members should have.

In future blogs, I'll dwell deeper into advance editing techniques: how to manage updates and how to work with some of the most useful yet difficult templates/layouts/modules in this wiki.


There are five generations of admins in this wiki.

The first generation
Started in the dawn of time, in August 2013.
It was an era of stagnation and it saw the transition of power from the founder to our current wiki adopter, CDRW.
The second generation
Started in November 2013 with the promotion of five new admins and a guest admin.
The foundation of this wiki: ship pages, equipment pages, event pages, suggestion pages, etc. are created by this generation. Much of the game resources we have nowadays were also uploaded in this era.
The third generation
Started in December 2014 with the promotion of six new admins (and Lunarian Ace).
The most significant achievements of the third generation was API response reading and automatic game data extraction. Many major redesigns also took place in this era; these include: main page, expedition, furniture, recent updates and event page.
The fourth generation
Started in April 2015 with the promotion of four new admins
The fourth generation brought Lua automation to this wiki. All ship data and equipment data are now stored in dedicated Lua modules, eliminating inconsistencies across multiple pages and advance manipulation of data templates. Ship voices, quest page and file naming conventions are the other highlights of the fourth generation.
The fifth generation
Started in July 2016 with the promotion of two new admins, four content moderators and six discussion moderators. Starting from this generation, there will be fewer admin promotions due to the introduction of content and discussion moderators

Fujihita wrote:

Rights Admin Discussion Content
Moderate forums
Moderate chat
Moderate message walls
Edit article comment
Set page protection
Manage uploaded files
Rollback edits
Recent changes patrol
Delete, undelete pages
Ban/block users

Due to the impact of content moderator role, only Bureaucrats can change content moderator's permission level.

The sixth generation
Started in July 2017. This will be the last generation to be kept track of by this record.

List of admins by generation

Gen User Status Title, Roles, and Notes
1st Lycoris Aura Inactive Founder
CDRW Active Bureaucrat, wiki adopter, see adoption notice
2nd TheLenrir Inactive Admin, discussion moderator
Xenzul Inactive Admin, discussion moderator
Rensouhou-chan Inactive Admin, content contributor
Pagoda Bridge Inactive Admin, content contributor
Vlrxnlr21 Inactive Admin, developer
User:Jgjake2 Inactive Admin, guest from Dead Island Wiki, see Interactive map project
3rd Lunarian Ace Inactive Admin, content contributor, off-season March 2014 promotion (commonly thought of as a 2nd gen admin)
HandgunOtonashi Inactive Admin, discussion moderator
Admiral Mikado Active Admin, discussion moderator x content contributor
Dragonjet Inactive Admin, developer x content contributor, unofficially retired in order to devote more time to KC3K, see retirement notice
ArcticaFrost Inactive Admin, discussion moderator x content contributor, officially retired, see stepping down
Gensui Hime Inactive Former admin, developer, discharged during Wiki migration controversy
Fujihita Inactive Admin, developer, retired, see parting words
4th Ckwng Inactive Admin, developer
Nanamin Inactive Admin, developer
Dechidechi Inactive Admin, discussion moderator
SmokeyTheButt Inactive Retired admin, content contributor, resigned March 2016, see resignation memo
5th Crazy teitoku Inactive Admin, discussion moderator x content contributor
がか Active Admin, developer
6th Zel-melon Active Admin, discussion moderator x content contributor
Chocolatecravinghobo Active Admin, content contributor

Roles of a staff member

Discussion moderator

They manage everything pertaining the human aspect

  • Patrol the wiki daily and revert vandalism.
  • Engage in community discussions, answer user questions.
  • Promote friendly and welcoming environment.
  • Remove inappropriate comments.
  • Punish troublemakers.
Content contributor

They take responsibilities for the quality of articles and the correctness of information

  • Post patch notes, update Recent Updates page.
  • Extract and upload new game resources, making use of multi-upload feature.
  • Provide translations.
  • Format and proofread draft content for ease of reading.
  • Perform verification on game mechanics, either by frontlining or statistical testing.

They research and develop the methods, tools and designs content contributors use.

  • Interpret API response, automatic data collection and game resources extraction methods.
  • Work on wiki automation and UX projects:
    • Design templates and layouts in HTML and wikitext.
    • Implement data forms in Lua.
    • Document templates, modules and layouts.
    • Create editing aids and automatic tools (Javascript, Lua, PHP, Python and Ruby are common choices).
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