• CDRW

    AL MI Operation - E2

    August 14, 2014 by CDRW

    Here is my E-2 config :
    For ALL CA/BB : 2 red guns, seaplane, type 3 ammo
    CLT : 2 RADAR(type33), type A torpedo
    CVL(1st) : Reppu kai, bomber, 2 recon
    CVL(2nd) : 2 Reppu, bomber, recon

    Youtube Link [1]

    • This is a backup of Kancolle Wiki facebook post.
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  • CDRW

    AL MI Operation - E1

    August 9, 2014 by CDRW

    Back from work and played a few hours, this map is more difficult than i expected...

    There are 3 routes, North, Middle and south

    Northern route (Recommended) : 2CAV 2DD 2CVL ; Pro : No night battle, toughest enemy is a single gold BB ; Con : WoX3 node (you can equip lots of Reppu on CVLs or pray to RNG - no BB there so Wo can only attack once)

    Middle route : 4DD 2CAV (not confirmed by me, only record by others. wikiwiki says 4DD+1CL+1CA/CL/CLT/DD is fine) Pro : Only 2 battles before boss and low cost. ; Con : Higher chance to defeat (Rank C/D) in the first node, bad firepower at day. And a night battle with a gold CA. Hard to meet the LOS requirement (too many DD).

    Southern route : Most other setup especially the one with BB/CV ; Pro : Can pic…

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  • CDRW

    Facebook admin application

    November 25, 2013 by CDRW


    • We are looking for new admins for our facebook page ! [1]

    Requirement : Have a facebook account and like our page

    Do not disclose user information and follow facebook guidelines [2]

    Recommended : Have a wikia account, and good contribution here will helps a lot !

    Good at Japanese

    Know where to get more Kancolle stuff to share (such as forum, bbs, blogs, fanart etc)

    Keep in mind this is not a personal blog ! Not good to see our page filled with "i crafted a 46cm today" "cleared 3-2 yay" not a no no, but should be limited.

    How to apply : If you have no wikia account : Make one, or just PM Kancolle wiki facebook page directly

    Have wikia account : PM Kancolle wiki facebook page with your wikia ID, and place a comment with your facebook name here to…

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  • CDRW

    2013 November Event

    November 11, 2013 by CDRW

    Spent my weekend to go through E4 and E5, with around 20-30k resources (no bauxite of course) and around 200 buckets, I used my bucket for all repairs, even with minor damage so it drains more than expected. Thankfully RNG and compass goddess smile on me during the event, and my late start gave me more information such as branching rules and the use of type 3 ammo, so I don’t have to begin from scratch.

    Two Agano pop up in E5 boss node… beside Yuugumo, I got Hatsukaze too (forgot to screencap), so I am free from 3-4  and map 5 grinding, great !

    Special thanks to Maya-sama who hit E-4 boss with 300+ damage, without her i may still stuck there now.

    P.S. I encourage registered user to write blogs about their gameplay experience too!

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  • CDRW

    Admin appliction

    October 23, 2013 by CDRW

    Admin application is now open for all registered user in kancolle wiki

    Requirement: Good contribution.

    Recommended: Wiki edit and/or admin experience. Good at Japanese.

    Duty: Not specific. But we expect you can patrol the wiki a few times every day and stop the vandals. That's good if you can have more contribution (such as improving the pages or wiki system)

    The application will end at 31 Oct 2013

    If you are interested, please leave a comment here. Other registered user can show your support by replying their comments.

    Note: The content listed above may change if necessary


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