• CDRW

    Admin Application 2015

    January 1, 2015 by CDRW

    As our wiki develops quickly we need more admin to patrol our pages and improve content quality, like last time [1] admin application is open for all registered user in wikia.

    Requirement: Good contribution.

    Recommended: Wiki edit and/or admin experience. Good at Japanese.

    Duty: Not specific. But we expect you can patrol the wiki a few times every day and stop the vandals. That's good if you can have more contribution (such as improving the pages or wiki system)

    Application deadline : 10 Jan 2015

    If you are interested, please leave a comment here. Other registered user can show your support by replying their comments.

    Note: The content listed above may change if necessary

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  • CDRW

    AL MI Operation - E6

    August 14, 2014 by CDRW

    So that is not the final battle... anyway i also include my E6 equipment setup in this video. Feel free to ask any question about E6... About the E6 guide, I will post it after cleared this event, at least i need to make sure this fleet can have a chance to survive the double Hime barrage... There are many other setup for E6, this one just suit me best but may not be the best solution for everyone, keep trying and find your own path to victory !

    Youtube link : [1]

    Seem that i am too tired and forgot to send the support expedition... still managed to reach the boss node and see... it ends like this !
    Also have a video here : [2]

    E6 cleared ! IMO northern is the easiest route which can be 100% fixed by having 2 CVL in your fleet, but you can als…

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  • CDRW

    AL MI Operation - E5

    August 14, 2014 by CDRW

    All three E-5 video in a single post ! The most important part of E5 is running the southern route... in order to avoid the night battle node ! I suspect VERY HIGH LOS will lead you to northern route more often... so i removed some seaplanes and managed to run southern route in all but 2 sorties, which made the E5 much less painful...
    P.S. Finally Makigumo come to shine ! Makigumo, you are the best !
    She can't tow a carrier but somehow retrieved Akashi (1st run) (night battle) (final)

    Here is the updated E-5 guide, the previous one works but this one is better. First fleet : 4CV2BB, Second fleet : 1CL 4DD 1CA (i think 1CL 5DD will work too) Many branching rules a…

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  • CDRW

    AL MI Operation - E4

    August 14, 2014 by CDRW

    No video this time, before starting E4 you need some changes to your E3 fleet :
    1) Replace one of your CV to CVL, and reassign the aircraft because the aerial power demand is lower than E3 (calculator here : ) which is under 300.
    2) Rumors from other boards suggest 4DD in the combined fleet (1 in 1st and 3 in 2nd fleet, or 4 in 2nd fleet) you may replace one of your CA in 2nd fleet with DD, and in order to reduce risk in submarine node, replace your DD's RADAR to SONAR/depth charge.
    3) All of your BB and CA must equip with type 3 ammo, and no torpedo attack can hit midway boss.
    Setup example : 1st fleet : 1CVL 2BB 3CV ; 2nd fleet 1CL 4DD 1CA
    All white nodes in the map are empty, except C and H. C is …

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  • CDRW

    AL MI Operation - E3

    August 14, 2014 by CDRW

    Some info about E3 : At least 2CV and no more than 2BB in the first fleet, i suggest the following combination : 2BB4CV
    2nd fleet need 1CL, you can place no more than 2CA in this fleet, the rest should be DD, example : 1CL 3DD 2CA
    This map needs very high LOS to reach the boss node, and i screwed up in the first run...

    Youtube Link : [1] E3 first run

    With enough LOS and correct setup you should be able to reach boss node and not taking much damage during the trip... Boss can hit hard but that is unlikely that you can't kill her with 12 ships ! In short, E3 is easy for a well prepared admiral.

    Youtube Link : [2] E3 2nd run

    Just cleared E3... didn't know that was the final kill, anyway i start recording after beaver killed carrier demon with her c…

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