• We are looking for new admins for our facebook page ! [1]

Requirement : Have a facebook account and like our page

Do not disclose user information and follow facebook guidelines [2]

Recommended : Have a wikia account, and good contribution here will helps a lot !

Good at Japanese

Know where to get more Kancolle stuff to share (such as forum, bbs, blogs, fanart etc)

Keep in mind this is not a personal blog ! Not good to see our page filled with "i crafted a 46cm today" "cleared 3-2 yay" not a no no, but should be limited.

How to apply : If you have no wikia account : Make one, or just PM Kancolle wiki facebook page directly

Have wikia account : PM Kancolle wiki facebook page with your wikia ID, and place a comment with your facebook name here to confirm your identity, if you don't want to disclose your facebook account here, you can include a nickname/password within your PM and post here. Or just claim you have no wikia account.

I encourage you apply with a wikia account, there are no guarantee i will reply your application without placing a comment here.

Deadline : 31 Nov 2013

Note: The content listed above may change if necessary

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