This is not an open application. In order to improve our efficiency i suggest to promote following user to admin :

  • Ckwng
  • Nanamin
  • Dechidechi
  • SmokeyTheButt

Ckwng and Nanamin already invested a lot on our new Lua pages, currently they need to ask admin to edit protected pages (or unlock them for editing) which will cause problems when we are installing Lua on live pages.

Dechidechi have very good contribution on our wiki and can patrol during midnight (GMT), also he translated tweets, game updates and content for our wiki.

SmokeyTheButt uploaded most of our sounds file and without admin rights that is not possible to rename or delete files. Promote him will help us to organize the collection and the game is likely to have more ships and seasonal lines in the future, which need intensive editing.

P.S. Remind me if i missed anyone.

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