Back from work and played a few hours, this map is more difficult than i expected...

There are 3 routes, North, Middle and south

Northern route (Recommended) : 2CAV 2DD 2CVL ; Pro : No night battle, toughest enemy is a single gold BB ; Con : WoX3 node (you can equip lots of Reppu on CVLs or pray to RNG - no BB there so Wo can only attack once)

Middle route : 4DD 2CAV (not confirmed by me, only record by others. wikiwiki says 4DD+1CL+1CA/CL/CLT/DD is fine) Pro : Only 2 battles before boss and low cost. ; Con : Higher chance to defeat (Rank C/D) in the first node, bad firepower at day. And a night battle with a gold CA. Hard to meet the LOS requirement (too many DD).

Southern route : Most other setup especially the one with BB/CV ; Pro : Can pick your best fleet setup ; Con : Night battle with a gold BB, and tough pre boss node with gold CVL and (possible) gold BB, higher chance to reach dead end even you met the LOS requirement(not confirmed)

The LOS requirement may vary from your base Lv, i suggest LV100+ should equip with lots of seaplanes/recon or have 400+ LOS, i think most player need 300+ LOS to reach the boss node.

Equipment : CAV/BBV : 2 Red guns and 2 seaplanes ; For others ship type usual config with at least 1 LOS requirement

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