CDRW 2013event01
Spent my weekend to go through E4 and E5, with around 20-30k resources (no bauxite of course) and around 200 buckets, I used my bucket for all repairs, even with minor damage so it drains more than expected. Thankfully RNG and compass goddess smile on me during the event, and my late start gave me more information such as branching rules and the use of type 3 ammo, so I don’t have to begin from scratch.

Two Agano pop up in E5 boss node… beside Yuugumo, I got Hatsukaze too (forgot to screencap), so I am free from 3-4  and map 5 grinding, great !

Special thanks to Maya-sama who hit E-4 boss with 300+ damage, without her i may still stuck there now.

P.S. I encourage registered user to write blogs about their gameplay experience too!

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