• CDRW

    2015 Summer E4 Farming

    August 30, 2015 by CDRW

    If you are lucky enough to clear E4 hard early, but not so lucky to get Umikaze, you may find E4 hard is difficult to farm.

    First you must not go north. Bring 2 DD to win S in a node with installation boss and 2 BB tank is not a good idea. Second is boss support expedition. Normal support is not required because all nodes are sub or yasen in southern route.

    Kongo class branching is recommended, Kongou + Haruna or Hiei + Kirishima. Must be exact match, wrong matching such as Kongou with Hiei will NOT work.

    Other than 2 Kongou class BB, you can add another 3 CA(V) or 2CA(v)+1BB in your fleet, CA are better at yasen but BB deals better damage against installation boss. Last slot should be a CVL or CV. Please keep in mind that total number of BB …

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  • CDRW

    Chat setting

    August 8, 2015 by CDRW

    List of admin-only chat setting

    • MediaWiki:chat-ban-already-banned - "$1 is already banned from chat on this wiki."
    • MediaWiki:chat-ban-cannt-undo - "Ban has already been undone"
    • MediaWiki:chat-ban-cant-ban-moderator - "You cannot kick\/ban another Chat Moderator."
    • MediaWiki:chat-ban-contributions-heading - "Ban from chat"
    • MediaWiki:chat-ban-log-change-ban-link - "change ban"
    • MediaWiki:chat-ban-modal-button-cancel - "Cancel"
    • MediaWiki:chat-ban-modal-button-change-ban - "Change Ban"
    • MediaWiki:chat-ban-modal-change-ban-label - "Change to"
    • MediaWiki:chat-ban-modal-button-ok - "Ban this user"
    • MediaWiki:chat-ban-modal-change-ban-heading - "Change this user's chat ban"
    • MediaWiki:chat-ban-modal-end-ban - "End Ban"
    • MediaWiki:chat-ban-modal-heading - "Ban this u…
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  • CDRW

    Record for my main acc

    E1 (ABDFH)
    Shigure Kai2: 10cm+AA[+6]/ 10cm+AA[+4]/ Type 22 Kai4

    Sendai Kai2: 20.3(2)/ 20.3(2)/ Type 0 Observation

    Jintsuu Kai2: 20.3(2)/ 20.3(2)/ Type 0 Observation

    Naka Kai2: 20.3(2)    20.3(2)/ Type 0 Observation

    Ooyodo Kai: 20.3(SKC34)/ Type 0 Observation/ Night Scout/ 20.3(SCK34)

    Hatsushimo Kai2: 10cm+AA[+6]/ 10cm+AA[+6]/ Type 22 Kai4

    E2 (ABDGK)
    Tone Kai2: 20.3(SCK34)/ 20.3(SCK34)/  Zuiun 12/ Command

    Hiei Kai2: 41cm Prototype/ 41cm Prototype/ Shiun*/ Type 1 AP

    Fusou Kai2: 41cm Prototype/ 41cm Prototype/ Type 91 AP[+6]/ Zuiun 12 (634)

    Yamashiro Kai2: 41cm Prototype/ 41cm Prototype/ Type 91 AP[+6]/ Zuiun 12

    Haruna Kai2: 41cm Prototype/ 41cm Prototype/ Shiun*/ Type 1 AP

    Kaga Kai: Reppuu 601/ Reppuu 601/ Reppuu Kai/ Saiun


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  • CDRW

    This is my setup for my 2nd account (for archive)

    Hiyou Kai2: Tomonaga/ Reppuu/ Ryuusei 601/ Command

    Kirishima Kai2: 41cm Prototype/ 41cm/ Type 0 Observation/ Type 91[+6]

    Hiei Kai2: 41cm Prototype/ 41cm/ Type 0 Recon/ Type 91

    Akagi Kai: Ryuusei/ Ryuusei/ Reppuu/ Ryuusei

    Souryuu Kai2: Ryuusei Kai/ Reppuu/ Ryuusei 601/ Saiun

    Kaga Kai: Ryuusei/ Ryuusei/ Reppuu 601/ Ryuusei

    Prinz Kai: 20.3(SKC34)/ 20.3(SKC34)/ Quint O2/ Quad O2

    Shigure Kai2: Quad O2/ Quad O2/ Quad O2

    Yukikaze Kai: Quad O2/ Quad O2/ Quad O2

    KTKM Kai2: 20.3(2)[+2]/ 20.3(2)[+1]/ Type A

    Ooi Kai2: 20.3(2)[+6]/ 20.3(2)[+1]/ Type A

    Ooyodo Kai: Star Shell/ Night Scout/ Searchlight/ Star Shell

    Sorties result (total 13)

    boss kill
    boss kill
    failed pre boss
    boss kill, roma@boss
    boss kill
    boss …

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  • CDRW

    Admin Promotion

    April 24, 2015 by CDRW

    This is not an open application. In order to improve our efficiency i suggest to promote following user to admin :

    • Ckwng
    • Nanamin
    • Dechidechi
    • SmokeyTheButt

    Ckwng and Nanamin already invested a lot on our new Lua pages, currently they need to ask admin to edit protected pages (or unlock them for editing) which will cause problems when we are installing Lua on live pages.

    Dechidechi have very good contribution on our wiki and can patrol during midnight (GMT), also he translated tweets, game updates and content for our wiki.

    SmokeyTheButt uploaded most of our sounds file and without admin rights that is not possible to rename or delete files. Promote him will help us to organize the collection and the game is likely to have more ships and seasonal lin…

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