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  • I live in Manila, Philippines
  • I was born on May 30
  • My occupation is Claims Processor of a certain BPO company.
  • I am Male
  • Arvin30p

    Q: Is the post getting axed?

    A: Well, better than keeping it open. I better close it.

    Q: Is this the end of my KC fanfics?

    A: Not really. I am just not posting what I wrote nowadays.

    Q: Will it be published?

    A: I wish… if someone sees the possibility.

    Q: Will we ever got a story where everyone is literally a human being?

    A: That… I will think about it.

    Q: Will this ever end?

    A: It doesn’t, but I am putting a lid on it so that it doesn’t spill out anymore.

    Q: What will happen to the characters?

    A: Just read this… and maybe the retelling… if I ever got the liberty to write one.

    Q: Is this the end?

    A: No, it’s just a beginning…

    Q: What do you do nowadays?

    A: Sadly; I rarely play KC… (but I don’t play Azur Lane, you can breathe easy on that.) I am now playin…

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  • Arvin30p

    A-chan, what’s the problem?”
    “You must be looking at Hiro-sama again, right?”

    My name is A****, but people call me A-chan for somre reasons. If you ask me why; they say that it fits my personality well. But inn my case; I think my name does justice.

    Hiro Raven, is a person every girl hiddenly admire in this school; I don’t know why they feel that way but I can confirm that its not hypnotism. Its just that he is exuding extra ordinary amounts of loneliness that triggers our maternal instincts to some degree. But even so; despite our gaze; he only looked at few individuals that have somewhat caught his attention.

    One of them was his childhood friend and what we believe is his fiancé Kino-san; she is mature; stylish and very smart. But…

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  • Arvin30p

    Was there a need for a guide to fail on events? There's really no need for such guide...

    But, if you want to truly fail on fashion... I can help you a bit on that.

    Of course, you'll fail this event if you start on the tentative last day that the devs has given for the completion of the event. so... even if you try to clear it for the next 24 hours; chances are you might not finish it... (then again, some people get lucky enough to clear it...)

    Just pray that the event won't extend... or most likely, you'll clear it.

    Anyways, it won't work if you are picky with your means and you hate losing via timeout.

    Hard mode can be a pain to deal with... of course we know why... It's because it's Hard mode.

    The only risk for the said method is that you mig…

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  • Arvin30p

    The Apprentice

    March 25, 2019 by Arvin30p

    "You mean to say that, it’s going to an end?"

    "Yes… somehow; with how things are progressing… I feel that it’s about time for me to leave it to the next generation."

    I recall the conversation I have back then with a fellow admiral; we have been acquainted for quite a long time and I think it’s better if I can now pass the baton to someone else. It might be selfish of me to do it, but I know that they’ll understand. Afterall, I would love take a tour around the world to make myself feel better.

    Anyways; for the meanwhile; I have to bear in mind the few things I need to do before passing the baton to soneone else. It’s not really that hard if you think about it but just to be safe; I’ll have my apprentice handle some things until he gets used t…

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  • Arvin30p

    They say that everyone must follow certain traditions even though they serve no purpose at all, it doesn’t hurt if you are doing it for the sake of cheering someone up, or helping one another; or just simply giving you appreciation to the other party. Yes, such a thing can be considered necessary to make sure that the gift filled with feeling that you received in the past can be reciprocate in accordance to your emotional investment.

    Likewise to say, since these are traditions; there are some people who would take advantage of such occasions and make money out of it. Of course, what I am talking about are business establishments who are riding with occasion to make more extra money. While it’s not that bad at all, I think there’s still a ne…

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