aka Ayaya

  • I live in Ayaya.
  • I was born on December 10
  • My occupation is Ayaya.
  • I am Ayaya.
  • ゆーたん

    I wrote this on my message wall, I hope it cheers people up as well. Good luck to those still on E-7, I am also going easy mode now.

    From Russia with Salt.

    For all the sorties that I do;

    The fleets I sent to her;

    My myriad plans she overthrew;

    But vainly on I spur.


    My planes head for the great abyss;

    My ships will do the same;

    I pray in vain that they don't miss;

    Because they hit in vain.


    Her armour trifles every blow;

    Her escorts smash my fleet;

    I fear that my heart shall know;

    The taste of pure defeat.


    My resources sink for her;

    Into depths I rarely knew;

    All for one who lies ahead;

    My sanity sinks too.


    The pain of sorties worries me;

    My resources hang low;

    She looks at me with much glee;

    With eyes all set aglow.


    My pain fills her with fury;

    My …

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