aka Shouichi Kumagawa

  • I was born on July 22
  • I am Male

125 21 cropped

VLRXNLR here~! IGN is Sanshoku. I'm from the Tawi Tawi server and may have enough experience for what you would like to ask.

I currently enjoy contributing some missing data if I see one. But kinda inactive for a while. My sources are the Japanese wikis so the information there have some credibility. For those adding and editing the Quotes sections, the Template format is based on's kancolle wiki, access it instead for much simpler editing. While Library/Catalog quotes can be easily be found at wikiwiki's kancolle wiki. Of course on the kanmusu's individual pages~

Also, feel free to ask questions if you like.

412 Card 148 178-1

106M 156 113

Heavy Cruisers
130 177 Card 427 Card

Light Cruisers
CL Abukuma Kai Ni 200 Card 039M 321 Card

317 Card 081M 2 Harusame Kai Card v2
175-3 434 Card 165M

127M 400-2-

187 Card

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