• I live in Wikia
  • My occupation is Demon King
  • I am a tsundere

I am the mod of my wikia
Content is my body and KC quiz is my blood
I have created over a thousand pages
Unknown to anonymous users, nor known to Death Usagi
Have withstood pain against Fujihita bans
Yet those bans will never hold anything.
So, as I pray. Unlimited Tsunship Works!

Status: Currently contributing to the wikia in my own way and working with people behind the scenes on the discord. If you have any questions, you can contact me through either the wall or the discord.

Hello and welcome to my pageEdit

I am a Hashirajima Admiral with a HQ110+ who has been actively playing this game since the Winter 2016 Event. My first time coming into contact with this game is actually January 2014 and since then, I have been working behind the scenes.

I am majorly responsible for most revamps regarding the combat guides and for someone who is usually involved in strategy, I am very knowledgeable when it comes to the game mechanics. I'm also currently in charge of revamping the Equipment Guide and other things related to combat. During the event, I am usually active creating the branching rules from the information I receive from the front liners (believe me, the front liners are the true heroes). Feel free to ask me for help if you are having trouble with something.

PROTIP: Use your head if you want to try arguing against me.

My view on the worldEdit

In this KC community, I personally believe that there are only 5 people in this world:

  1. The newfaces and people who don't know much about the game. They will ask for advice as usual and the people who are more knowledgeable helps them.
  2. The more advanced players who know somewhat more about the game and is capable of actively helping people, but makes a mistake here and there. They would also ask for help from the more knowledgeable about the more advanced game mechanics, but they are capable of helping the newfaces in the basic ones.
  3. The veterans, who basically know the ins and outs of the game and are constantly keeping track of new developments regarding game mechanics. There's almost nothing that they don't know and they basically know everything about the game mechanics what you don't know.
  4. The people who casually plays this game and generally don't give a shit on how they play or what the recommended setup is. I personally have no problems with this group of people, as long as they don't come back crying that they can't beat an event, because they ignored an advice I gave them a month ago.
  5. And finally, the people who knows nothing about the game and act like smart asses. The people who gives bad advice and act like they are veteran, when they do not even know the most basic mechanics or realize what they're saying is wrong. The people who keeps complaining about not being able to clear something, while also ignoring all the advice and doing whatever the hell they want. The people who have been playing this game for a while and insists to keep using old metas and strategies, while also telling me that I'm wrong, even though the current mechanics does not support their idea. These people are the cancer of the community and if I catch you being one of them, you are going to be in my block list for a long long time. In other words, if you belong here in this group, you can fuck off.

People can judge for themselves in which group you belong or belonged to.
After all, I'm also someone who believes anyone can change for the better or the worse.


Here's the list of things I actually like


  • Shit talking my TsuKasumi Kai Ni BannerndeAkebono Kai BannerresMichishio Kai Banner.
  • Generally being a pain in my ass.
  • NTR
  • Belonging to the 5th group of people.
  • Vandalizing my work.
  • Trying to argue with me using personal feelings as an argument.
  • Fujihita
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