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  • My occupation is Student. Maths specialist is really useless 'ya know?
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Introduction Edit

Currently a veteran TTK - signed up in the middle of the fall 2014 event (of course I had no idea what was happening at the time and thus missed my Prinz Eugen)

I've frontlined the first 2 maps of Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 events. It's nearly a completely new experience, being one of the admirals to collect data for others. It gives a different feel knowing that you don't know what enemies you'll face on the next node. I recommend frontlining anytime.

My first event was the winter 2015 event where I cleared maps E-1 to E-4 and acquired my U-511 and Katori (ran out of resources, buckets and courage to attempt E-5 and thus missed acquiring Amagi).

The Second SN Operation E-7 was hell I and gave up on it. Burnt through 50k fuel and ammo and 200+ buckets and only reached boss 15 times out of the god-knows-how-many. Guess I'll just wait till the devs make Teruzuki craftable. I regret not grinding my CAs. >.<

Ships left to go:

Remaining Ships to Complete Kancolle Deck

Teruzuki Banner Nowaki Banner Kazagumo Banner Naganami Banner Takanami Banner Hayashimo Banner Oyashio Banner

Light Cruisers

Yahagi Banner Sakawa Banner

Heavy Cruisers

Prinz Eugen Banner


Musashi Banner Roma Banner

Aircraft Carriers

Graf Zeppelin Banner Aquila Banner


I-26 Banner

Remaining Ships to Kai/Kai Ni (significant remodels only)

Kisaragi Kai Ni Banner Kasumi Kai Ni Banner Fubuki Kai Ni Banner Murakumo Kai Ni Banner Ushio Kai Ni Banner Akatsuki Kai Ni Banner Hatsushimo Kai Ni Banner Z3 Zwei BannerOoshio Kai Ni Banner Satsuki Kai Ni Banner Asashio Kai Ni Banner

Light Cruisers


Heavy Cruisers

Nachi Kai Ni Banner Furutaka Kai Ni Banner Chikuma Kai Ni Banner


Italia Banner

Aircraft Carriers

Unryuu Kai Banner Katsuragi Kai Banner Amagi Kai Banner Shoukaku Kai Ni Banner Zuikaku Kai Ni Banner



Bismarck on third try.

Taihou LSC (got her at HQ Lv 97): x28 using 4/2/5/5.5/20

LSC'ed for Yamato-class (ongoing - 1/2): x16 (using 4/6/6/3/20)

Fleet Information (last updated 15/07/16)Edit

Rank Rear Admiral
tiggs HQ Lv101
Lingga Anchorage Fuel 34,287 Steel 62,208
Coin 3,480 Ammunition 146,408 Bauxite 74,002
Instant repair 2 Instant construction 2 Development material Improvement Materials Medal Blueprint
640 1098 1153 63 3 0

(I 'borrowed' these from Hossinator)

Event Logs Edit

Operation Hailstone - Winter 2015 Event Edit

Operation Hailstone
Resources Spent Event Loot (notable drops)
  • Fuel ~22045
  • Ammunition ~17312
  • Steel ~12527
  • Bauxite ~6794
  • 119 Buckets
  1. I-19 (E-1)
  2. Tokitsukaze Banner (E-1)
  3. Maikaze (E-1)
  4. Agano Banner (E-2)
  5. Ooyodo Banner (E-2)
  6. Tanikaze Banner (E-2)
  7. Maruyu (E-3)
  8. U-511 (E-3) (map clear reward)
  9. Yamagumo Banner (E-4)
  10. Katori (E-4) (map clear reward)

Operation #11 - Spring 2015 Event Edit

Operation #11
Resources Spent Event Loot (notable drops)
  • Fuel ~32272 
  • Ammunition ~28306 
  • Steel ~29391 
  • Bauxite ~15,879 
  • 196 Buckets
  1. Yuugumo Banner (E-2)
  2. Katsuragi (E-2) (map clear reward)
  3. Littorio (E-4) (map clear reward)
  4. Mutsu Banner (E-6)
  5. Akitsushima (E-6) (map clear reward)

Counterattack! The Second SN Operation (E-7 serious salt ;_;) - Summer 2015 Event Edit

Counterattack! The Second SN Operation
Resources Spent Event Loot (notable drops)
  • Fuel ~60k 
  • Ammunition ~50k 
  • Steel ~50k 
  • Bauxite ~10k 
  • 250+ Buckets
  1. Tokitsukaze (E-1)
  2. Yayoi (E-1)(E-2)
  3. Tanikaze (E-1)(E-3)(E-6)
  4. Unryuu Banner (E-2)
  5. Shoukaku (E-2)
  6. Zuihou (E-3)
  7. Mizuho Banner (E-3)
  8. Umikaze Banner (E-4)
  9. Maikaze (E-4)
  10. I-52 (E-5)
  11. I-168 (E-5)
  12. Akagi (E-5)
  13. Shimakaze (E-5)
  14. Abukuma (E-6)
  15. Maruyu (E-7)

Charge! Maritime Transport Operation! (E-6 Serious Salt) - Fall 2015 Event Edit

Maritime Transport Operation
Resources Spent Event Loot (notable drops)
  • Fuel ~90k
  • Ammunition ~100k
  • Steel ~15k
  • Bauxite ~11k
  • 250+ Buckets
  1. Yukikaze (E-1)
  2. Tanikaze (E-1)
  3. Agano (E-2)
  4. Hatsukaze Banner x2 (E-2)
  5. Makigumo Banner (E-2)
  6. Maikaze (E-2)
  7. I-168 x2 (E-4)
  8. I-52 x3 (E-4)
  9. I-19 x2 (E-4)
  10. I-8 (E-4)
  11. HEAPS OF (useless) ships from E-4 farming. Like 50.
  12. Akigumo x2 (E-4)
  13. Kiyoshimo x2 (E-4)
  14. Hiryuu (E-4)
  15. Kinasuga (E-4)
  16. Arashi Banner (E-5)

Sortie! Operation Rei-Gō - Winter 2016 Event Edit

Sortie! Operation Rei-Gō
Resources Spent Event Loot (notable drops)
  • Fuel ~30k
  • Ammunition ~40k
  • Steel ~7k
  • Bauxite ~1.5k
  • ~ 80 Buckets
  1. Yayoi x3 (E-1)
  2. Kiyoshimo x4 (E-1)
  3. I-19 x3 (E-1)
  4. Asashimo Banner (E-1)
  5. Amagi Banner (E-2)
  6. Urzuki x4 (E-1)
  7. Harusame Banner (E-1)
  8. Makigumo (E-2)
  9. Hamakaze Banner x3 (E-2)
  10. Okinami Banner (E-3)
  11. Asagumo Banner (E-3)
  12. Kawakaze x2 (E-1)
  13. Umizake (E-1)
  14. Ooyodoo (E-1)
  15. Mizuho (E-1)
  16. I-168 (E-1)
  17. I-8 (E-1)
  18. Amatsukaze Banner (E-2)

Establish! The Land Base Air Corps - Spring 2016 Event Edit

The Land Base Air Corps
Resources Spent Event Loot (notable drops)
  • Fuel ~90k 
  • Ammunition ~83k 
  • Steel ~47k 
  • Bauxite ~38k
  • 416 Buckets
  1. Kiyoshimo (E-1)
  2. Urakaze (E-2)
  3. I-58 (E-3)
  4. Tokitsukaze (E-4)
  5. Zuikaku (E-4)
  6. Kaga (E-5)
  7. Akagi (E-5)
  8. Shoukaku (E-6)
  9. Harukaze Banner (E-7)
  10. Harusame (E-7)
  11. Abukuma (E-7)
  12. Mizuho (E-7)

Intercept! 2nd Naval Battle of Malaya! Edit

2nd Naval Battle of Malaya!
Resources Spent Event Loot (notable drops)
  • Fuel TBC
  • Ammunition TBC 
  • Steel TBC 
  • Bauxite TBC
  • TBC
  1. Suzuya (E-1)(E-2)x4
  2. Kumano (E-1)(E-2)x4
  3. Mikuma Banner (E-1)
  4. Kinu (E-1)
  5. I-58 (E-1)
  6. I-168 (E-1)
  7. Tanikaze (E-2)
  8. Urakaze (E-2)
  9. Tokitsukaze (E-2)
  10. Akagi (E-4)
  11. Amagi (E-4)
  12. Akizuki Banner (E-4)

Misc Edit

Adding this because I was bored.

First ship to Kai: Inazuma (starter ship)

First ship to Kai ni: Yuudachi poi!

First ship to reach Lv99: Haruna

First ship to waifu: n/a

First ship to blueprint: Taigei ---> Ryuuhou (probably Tone or Yamashiro with how things are currently going)

Here's a parody opening to Kantai Collection (that I made) to watch if you're bored.

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