A little personal informationEdit

  1. I love Soviet military stuff
  2. I love 2D Girls.

My story on Kantai CollectionEdit

I started playing a few days before the event Summer 2015 Event. I really love this game, I consider it as my favorite game, I weighed all the suffering it has given me yet I love it.

Events playedEdit

  1. Fall 2015 Event  Failed
  2. Winter 2016 Event Completed
  3. Spring 2016 Event Completed
  4. Summer 2016 Event Completed
  5. Fall 2016 Event Completed
  6. Winter 2017 Event Failed
  7. Spring 2017 Event FAILED!
  8. Summer 2017 Event Completed
  9. Fall 2017 Event Failed
  10. Winter 2018 Event Completed
  11. Early Fall 2018 Event Completed
  12. Winter 2019 Event Completed
  13. Spring 2019 Event I didn't participate
  14. Summer 2019 Event I didn't participate
  15. Fall 2019 Event Completed
  16. Rainy-Summer 2020 Playing...



Akatsuki Ryuujou Akagi Hiryuu Isuzu

Future wives: Chiyoda Mutsuki Gangut Sazanami Kunashiri Ishigaki Fumizuki

Gangut StatusEdit

Since I failed in the Spring 2017 Event, I haven't been able to get Gangut!. The curse led to extreme farming in the Winter 2018 Event reaching more than 300 sorties! After those 300+ sorties she did not dropped.

I'm patient, I wait for an event to get it ...

Gangut meme
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