All luck, no bull...

If you see me on Discord and wondering why your LSC/drop luck is so bad, that's because of me...

Event progressEdit

  • Winter 2018 - Failure due to new TTK! Passed E1 on Casual. No further attempts done.
  • 5th Anniversary Update - Failure! Unable to get 2-5 unlocked in time. Samuel B, I'll find you and I'll get you!
  • Early Fall 2018  - Casual Event complete! Shigure with the TCI to blap European Hime in the face. Shinyou, Maelstrale, Pola, Prinz Eugen, Bismarck, Graf Zeppelin, Warspite, Hatsuzuki and Ark Royal rescued! Mission complete with German waifus rescued!
  • 2018 Mackeral Pike Fishing - Event complete! GFCS get!
  • Winter 2019 - Easy Event complete! Shigure with the TCI and blap Sun Priestess Hime in the face. Minegumo, Teruzuki, Johnston and Nisshin rescued! Mission complete with Johnston rescued!
  • 2019 Setsuban - Event complete! Ginga and Type 1 in hand!
  • Spring 2019 - Easy/Casual Event complete! Kitakami with the TCI and blap Abyssal Pacific Princess in the face. Colorado, Galbradi, Hachijou, Gangut, Sammy B, Johnston, I-400, Katsuragi, Teruzuki rescued! Mission failed since I failed to rescue Iowa, Intrepid, Fletcher and Gamby. Johnston and Sammy B are watching over Saratoga just in case. FUCK YOU TANAKA FOR DOUBLE CROSSING YOUR WORD!
  • Autumn 2019 - Medium/Easy Event complete! Ayanami with TCI to blap Anzio Hime in the face. Janus, Abruzzi, Littorio, Roma, Aquilia, Grecale, Richelieu and U-511 rescued! Mission complete with all Italians accounted for!
  • 2019 Saury and Sardine Fishing - Event complete! Protopult get!
  • Fall 2019 - Medium/Easy Event complete! Yuudachi double slapped Abyssal Atlanta in the face. Atlanta, Shinshuu Maru, Houston, Perth, Fletcher and De Ruyter rescued! Mission complete with Fletcher and all new Americans rescued! 
  • Hinamatsuri 2020 - Medium Event complete! Choukai went super saiyan and smashed the boss. All quests are done. Mission complete with double protopults and many jet components ready. Gamby joins the fleet!
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