Below are my personally developed Kancolle strats.

4-3 Flagship LevelingEdit

  • I've probably spent too much time analyzing this strat (years ago).  After some minor adjustments for new mechanics, this setup still works well.
  • Doable for DD or CL, but CL is more consistant at getting MVP due to longer range.  DD will often have to target two elite submarines in a row.
  • Goal is maximum chance for MVPs for DD/CL flagship on submarine nodes, and high rates of S ranks on all nodes.
  • Enemy formations
    • Three enemy formations on submarine nodes
    • Two have 5 submarines, and the other has 4 submarines.
    • One formation has a single Wa Elite
    • One formation has a Ho Elite and a He Elite.
  • Reasoning
    • Even with the best ASW gear setup (2 Type 3 Sonar 1 Type 3 Depth Charge), flagship will only do about 160-220 damage (with no crits) per battle with no misses.
    • Thus, the aim is to kill all enemies (i.e. >=3 ASW-capable ships) while no single ship besides the flagship is likely to deal more than about 150 damage.
    • Thus, we always want the flagship to attack twice (i.e. <5 ASW-capable ships).
    • We want to reduce the odds that other ships attack twice, or at least try to ensure that if they attack twice, their damage potential will be low enough so that they won't MVP often.
    • We also want to reduce odds of having to retreat at the south surface battle node
    • Also, having more ships that don't target enemy submarines lets us split damage to surface ships at submarine nodes
    • Thus, 3 ASW ships is preferred.
  • ASW ships reasoning
    • Since we only have up to 6 attacks with 3 ASW ships, and up to 5 enemy ships, ideally every attack is a one hit one kill.
    • Since Ka-class Elites are the most common submarine we'll have to sink that has significant durability, we want to optimize for the lowest ASW needed to sink it at a very high rate in one shot.
      • We need about 21-25 equipment ASW stat to do this, depending on the base ASW stat of the ship.
      • Ideally, we also get a sonar + depth charge combo on every ship for increased accuracy and bonus damage. 
    • The Yo-class Elite is tougher, but since there is only ever one of them in an enemy formation, as long as we sink everything else in one shot, two attacks can be used on it.
    • More durability is better, since there are the odd torpedo hits and the south node surface battle.
    • CLTs are nice because they can help reduce damage taken at the surface battle node, but they only have two slots to dedicate to ASW gear.
  • Surface-combat ships reasoning
    • We need one battleship for the second shelling round.
    • Line Abreast will reduce damage a lot, so we actually want ships with rather high base attack.  We have to sink two different ships at the Ho + He node, and if one ship attacks twice it increases the chance they steal MVP.
    • We don't want any ships to have potentially really high damage.  Moderate damage spread across 3 ships will allow us to sink the Wa/He/Ho consistently without stealing MVP from the flagship.
      • Thus, no large slots with torpedo bombers or double attack setups.
    • A carrier will be nice to reduce damage taken from the 2x Nu Elites that can show up, and for Saiun to eliminate T-disadvantage.  Having planes will also enable us to use cut-in attacks.
    • CVLs are not desirable since they get a lot of chances to do damage and will have reasonably high chances to steal MVP.
  • Recommended compositions
    • Flagship-BB-CV-CA-CL-CLT
    • Flagship-BB-BB-CV-CL-CLT
  • Flagship
    • 2x Type 3 Sonar (or Type 4 Sonar), 1x Type 3 Depth Charge (preferably all upgraded)
    • Maximum damage on subs
  • Light Cruisers
    • 1x Type 93 Sonar, 1x Type 94 Depth Charge
    • Fill the remaining slot(s) with your favorite gun(s).
  • Torpedo Cruisers
    • The same as Light Cruisers, except equip a midget submarine instead of the gun.
    • CLTs should always be last in formation because they have a chance of hitting with their opening torpedo at submarine nodes.
  • Battleships
    • Main guns: Some combination of 3 fit guns
    • Plus 1 AP shell (for extra damage on BB, CV, CA)
    • High damage at the south node and gives high chance of oneshotting Ho/He Elites without giving the chance for double hitting.
    • Ise-class and non-kai ni Fusou-class aviation battleships aren't recommended due to their lower attack.
  • Standard Carriers
    • 144 fighter power needed to get air supremacy at the double Nu Elite node
    • 2x Reppu, 1x Suisei Model 12, and 1x Saiun is about right for most carriers.  Calculate your fighter power for your exact setup.
    • You can optimize further with Reppu Kai/Type 21 Zero Fighter (Skilled)/Shiden Kai 2/Reppu(601st)/etc.
  • Heavy Cruisers
    • Damage potential is quite low, so it's best to utilize cut-ins to safely raise it.
    • 1x 20.3cm main (any), 2x secondary, 1x seaplane scout
    • Alternatively, 1 20.3cm main, 1x secondary, 1x FuMO
    • CAV are not recommended because they will lead to only one submarine node if the compass sends you south from the start.
  • Rotations
    • To quickly level, you'll want at least three or four separate escort fleets to go with your flagship.  Four is safer since you can be sent back early from taking damage.
    • Thus, to powerlevel quickly you will need a lot of gear and quite a few decently leveled ships.
  • Battle formations
    • Line Abreast at all submarine nodes to maximize flagship damage, accuracy, and minimize torpedo hit chance.
    • Line Ahead at the node directly south from start (J), for opening torpedo accuracy and higher damage.
  • Bonus bauxite chance
    • If you're routed north after the first submarine node, the compass is rigged to send you to the +bauxite (50-150) node most of the time.  However, if you are sent south there will be more repairs needed.
    • Even if you fight the preboss you should still net bauxite over many runs.

World 2 Boss + Bauxite FarmingEdit

  • Triple midget subs on Chitose/Chiyoda
  • 2-2 Line Ahead
  • Roughly 50% boss encounter rate
  • High levels recommended for evasion
  • You can bring a sub but expect to get trolled sometimes

World 4 Boss HuntingEdit

  • 4+ High level SS/SSV with cut-in setups
  • (Optional) Sparkle all ships before sortieing
    • Seems less important with 5 high level subs
  • Deploy to 4-2 in Line Ahead at all nodes

5-4-A GrindEdit

  • All day erry day
  • Best exp:ammo ratio in the game outside of practice
  • Use Double Line for shelling accuracy
  • CV/CVL MVP setup
    • Equip flagship with 3x Ryuusei Kai and a secondary gun.
    • Equip second carrier with 1 Reppu, two bombers, and Saiun
  • BB MVP setup
    • Equip flagship with 2 main guns, seaplane and surface radar
    • Equip carriers with enough fighters for 75 fighter power, Saiun and fill the rest with torpedo bombers

3-3-A GrindEdit

Akagi riding Kaga av

Akagi is cute

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