• I live in France
  • I was born on June 13
  • I am Male

Hello guys ! I'm from France, and i'm playing Kancolle since August 2017 !

Ship List :

MAJ : 20/05/18 (note : (D) for Dupe) - 31/10/19 in progress...

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Spring setup

Tokitsukaze Kai BannerBattle Card Marriage RingBattle Card Marriage Ring GlowLv.144
Murakumo Kai Ni BannerBattle Card Marriage RingBattle Card Marriage Ring GlowLv.122
Hatsuharu Kai Ni BannerLv.99
Hatsuzuki Kai BannerLv.96
Shimakaze Kai BannerLv.89
Jervis Kai BannerLv.86
Urakaze D Kai BannerLv.86
Kasumi Kai Ni BannerLv.84
Amatsukaze Kai BannerLv.82
Naganami Kai Ni BannerLv.80
Verniy BannerLv.78
Akatsuki Kai Ni BannerLv.77
Yuugumo Kai Ni BannerLv.75
Tanikaze D Kai BannerLv.75
Kisaragi Kai Ni BannerLv.75
Mutsuki Kai Ni BannerLv.75
Yukikaze Kai BannerLv.74
Yayoi Kai BannerLv.72
Uzuki Kai BannerLv.72
Yamakaze Kai BannerLv.71
Kagerou Kai Ni BannerLv.70
Hamanami Kai BannerLv.68
Isokaze B Kai BannerLv.68
Johnston Kai BannerLv.67
Akebono Kai BannerLv.66
Sazanami Kai BannerLv.66
Z3 Kai BannerLv.65
Hamakaze Kai BannerLv.63
Kikuzuki Kai BannerLv.63
Nagatsuki Kai BannerLv.62
Suzutsuki Kai BannerLv.61
Asakaze Kai BannerLv.61
Teruzuki Kai BannerLv.57
Yuudachi Kai Ni BannerLv.57
Asagumo Kai BannerLv.53
Matsukaze Kai BannerLv.51
Samuel B. Roberts BannerLv.49
Makigumo Kai BannerLv.46
Michishio Kai BannerLv.45
Oboro Kai BannerLv.45
Asashimo Kai BannerLv.45
Satsuki Kai BannerLv.44
Mochizuki Kai BannerLv.43
Fubuki Kai BannerLv.42
Akigumo Kai BannerLv.42
Arare Kai BannerLv.42
Fumizuki Kai BannerLv.42
Inazuma Kai BannerLv.40
Ikazuchi Kai BannerLv.40
Amagiri Kai BannerLv.35
Sagiri Kai BannerLv.31
Kazagumo Kai BannerLv.30
Kiyoshimo Kai BannerLv.30
Fujinami Kai BannerLv.30
Libeccio Kai BannerLv.30
Murasame Kai BannerLv.29
Ushio Kai BannerLv.28
Z1 BannerLv.26
Maestrale BannerLv.26
Arashio Kai BannerLv.25
Shiratsuyu Kai BannerLv.23
Kuroshio Kai BannerLv.22
Okinami BannerLv.22
Nenohi Kai BannerLv.22
Hayashimo BannerLv.22
Maikaze Kai BannerLv.21
Shiranui Kai BannerLv.21
Mikazuki Kai BannerLv.21
Asashio Kai BannerLv.20
Shigure Kai BannerLv.20
Samidare Kai BannerLv.20
Ooshio Kai BannerLv.20
Suzukaze Kai BannerLv.20
Ayanami Kai BannerLv.20
Nowaki BannerLv.19
Wakaba BannerLv.18
Hatsushimo BannerLv.15
Harusame BannerLv.14
Hatsukaze BannerLv.13
Hagikaze BannerLv.12
Shirayuki BannerLv.12
Yamagumo BannerLv.11
Kishinami BannerLv.9
Arashi BannerLv.8
Uranami BannerLv.8
Isonami BannerLv.5
Shikinami BannerLv.5
Hatsuyuki BannerLv.5
Miyuki BannerLv.5
Minegumo BannerLv.5
Hamanami BannerLv.2 (D)
Tokitsukaze BannerLv.2 (D)
Amatsukaze BannerLv.2 (D)
Jervis BannerLv.1 (D)

Defense Coastal Ship

Tsushima Kai BannerLv.52
Etorofu Kai BannerLv.45
Shimushu Kai BannerLv.43
Hiburi Kai BannerLv.43
Daitou Kai BannerLv.43
Matsuwa Kai BannerLv.40
Fukae BannerLv.4

Training Cruiser

Katori Kai BannerLv.66

Light Cruiser

Abukuma Kai Ni BannerBattle Card Marriage RingBattle Card Marriage Ring GlowLv.121
Isuzu Kai Ni BannerLv.88
Yuubari Kai BannerLv.82
Yura Kai Ni BannerLv.80
Gotland Kai BannerLv.80
Kuma Kai BannerLv.70
Tama Kai Ni BannerLv.70
Sendai Kai Ni BannerLv.70
Jintsuu Kai Ni BannerLv.70
Naka Kai Ni BannerLv.70
Ooyodo Kai BannerLv.53
Yahagi Kai BannerLv.51
Tatsuta Kai BannerLv.51
Noshiro Kai BannerLv.50
Kiso Kai BannerLv.46
Tenryuu Kai BannerLv.46
Agano Kai BannerLv.39
Kinu Kai BannerLv.38
Natori Kai BannerLv.35
Nagara Kai BannerLv.28
Sakawa BannerLv.16
Gotland BannerLv.1 (D)

Light Torpedo Cruiser

Kitakami Kai Ni BannerLv.87
Ooi Kai Ni BannerLv.66

Heavy Cruiser

Maya Kai Ni BannerLv.97
Ashigara Kai Ni BannerLv.91
Kako Kai Ni BannerLv.85
Nachi Kai Ni BannerLv.83
Haguro Kai Ni BannerLv.80
Prinz Eugen Kai BannerLv.74
Furutaka Kai Ni BannerLv.72
Kinugasa Kai BannerLv.53
Myoukou Kai BannerLv.46
Chikuma Kai BannerLv.27
Aoba Kai BannerLv.26
Choukai Kai BannerLv.25
Mikuma BannerLv.17 (D)
Atago BannerLv.15)
Takao BannerLv.15
Mikuma BannerLv.6 (D)

Aviation Cruiser

Suzuya Kai Ni BannerLv.96
Kumano Kai Ni BannerLv.90
Tone Kai Ni BannerLv.76
Mogami Kai BannerLv.71
Mikuma Kai BannerLv.42

Fast and Regular Battleships

Nagato Kai Ni BannerLv.96
Mutsu Kai Ni BannerLv.93
Haruna Kai Ni BannerLv.93
Warspite Kai BannerLv.93
Kongou Kai Ni BannerLv.93
Hiei Kai Ni BannerLv.91
Kirishima Kai Ni BannerLv.91
Musashi Kai BannerLv.84
Nelson Kai BannerLv.68
Bismarck Kai BannerLv.34

Aviation Battleship

Yamashiro Kai Ni BannerLv.80
Fusou Kai BannerLv.73
Ise Kai BannerLv.58
Hyuuga Kai BannerLv.57

Light Aircraft Carrier

Ryuujou Kai Ni BannerLv.81
Chitose Carrier Kai Ni BannerLv.73
Hiyou Kai BannerLv.68
Chiyoda Carrier Kai Ni BannerLv.64
Gambier Bay Kai BannerLv.62
Zuihou Kai BannerLv.51
Junyou Kai BannerLv.48
Houshou Kai BannerLv.35
Shouhou BannerLv.18
Kasuga Maru BannerLv.1
Shinyou BannerLv.1

Regular and Armored Aircraft Carrier

Katsuragi Kai BannerBattle Card Marriage RingBattle Card Marriage Ring GlowLv.115
Zuikaku Kai Ni A BannerLv.97
Souryuu Kai Ni BannerLv.95
Hiryuu Kai Ni BannerLv.84
Kaga Kai BannerLv.79
Unryuu Kai BannerLv.73
Akagi Kai BannerLv.70
Taihou BannerLv.36
Ark Royal BannerLv.35
Graf Zeppelin BannerLv.19
Ark Royal BannerLv.1 (D)
Graf Zeppelin BannerLv.1 (D)
Shoukaku BannerLv.1

Submarine Aircraft Carrier

I-8 Kai BannerLv.90
I-58 Kai BannerLv.81
I-19 Kai BannerLv.67


I-168 Kai BannerLv.84
Maruyu Kai BannerLv.57
Maruyu BannerLv.1 x2

Tokitsukaze yelling


Seaplane Tender

Nisshin Kai BannerLv.53
Commandant Teste BannerLv.31
Mizuho BannerLv.29
Akitsushima BannerLv.28
Chitose Kai BannerLv.20
Chiyoda BannerLv.20
Commandant Teste BannerLv.1 (D)

Submarine Tender

Taigei BannerLv.4

Amphibious Assault Ship

Akitsu Maru Kai BannerLv.56

Fleet Oiler

Kamoi BannerLv.1

Repair Ship

Akashi Kai BannerLv.35
Akashi BannerLv.1 (D)

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