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Hi everyone. I am Segar. A Chinese player who currently live in BC, Canada.

I can speak Chinese and English so if you want to ask something in Chinese feel free to talk to me in Chinese :> 我可以说中文!欢迎不懂英语的中国提督来找我!:>

Information about My HQ

HQ: 109 as January 10th, 2016.

Married kanmusu:

Page 1
Haguro kai2 cardLv.128Kongou kai2 cardLv.121
Ashigara kai2 cardLv.121Myoukou kai2 cardLv.121
Hiei kai2 cardLv.117Bismarck drei cardLv.117
Haruna kai2 cardLv.113Chikuma kai2 cardLv.113
Nachi kai2 cardLv.110Furutaka kai2 cardLv.101
Page 2
Hyuuga kaiLv.100Kinugasa kai2 cardLv.100
Kirishima kai2 cardLv.100Prinz Eugen cardLv.100
Unryuu kai cardLv.100Choukai kai2 cardLv.100
Amagi kai cardLv.100Katsuragi kai cardLv.100
Italia cardLv.100Roma kai cardLv.100

Hiei(Lv117),Ashigara(Lv121),Haruna(Lv113),Myoukou(Lv119),Kongou(Lv121),Chikuma(Lv113),Nachi (Lv110),Bismarck (Lv117), Furutaka (Lv101), Unryuu (Lv100), Katsuragi(Lv100), Amagi (Lv100), Prinz Eugen(Lv100), Kirishima(Lv100)

Belonging Server: Brunei Anchorage (ブルネイ泊地 Burunei Hakuchi 文莱泊地)

LSC achievement

LSC AchievementHQFuelAmmoSteelBauxiteTriesFlagship
Currently I am trying for Taihou and I am on my 27th tries.
*I got Musashi when I was trying for Yamato.

Participated Events

Fall 2014 Event (Cleared E1)

Winter 2015 Event (All Cleared in the order of Hard Easy Easy Easy Easy)

Spring 2016 Event

Summer 2016 Event

Fall 2016 Event

My winter event report can be seen in my blog. Feel free to check it out. 

Winter event report


A drawing from Djtaffi. Nice drawing.


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