Royal Sovereign (05)

aka Sovy / Sovie

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on June 8
  • My occupation is Ordinary young adult
  • I am Female

I've become a Teitoku for a year now. I started playing around May 18 and I became addicted to Kancolle ever since.

I'm a huge anime and videogame fan. I'm not a complete expert in World War II, but I have knowledge about the history of several warships, namely the Japanese and the Germans.

My endgame dream is for Tirpitz to be implemented and get her. Until that happens....I must never give up.

HQ level: 101

WANTED: Akizuki.....probably on the next event.

LSC: Saratoga.....

Yamato 01

My first LSC ship. My first love. I still love this big girl.

Almost out of LSC

Bismarck and Taihou came. I never felt this happy in my entire life.

Soon to be or planned to Kai Ni:Edit

  • Suzuya
  • Kumano
  • Choukai
  • Yamashiro

Newest AdditionsEdit

  • I-13

Events I ParticipatedEdit

My Events
EVENTS E-1 E-2 E-3 E-4 E-5 E-6 E-7
Summer 2017  Easy Easy    X   X   X   X   X
Fall 2017          Easy Easy Easy   X ---- ---- ----
Winter 2018 Easy Easy Easy Easy Easy  ???   X
Early Fall 2018 Easy ---- ----

Summer 2017 Event (Maiden Event)Edit

  • By far the creepiest and angriest Abyssal I've ever seen.
  • First Abyssal boss I defeated.
  • One of my favorite cinnamon rolls.
  • So happy I got her.
  • After murdering thousands of PTSD imps later.....
  • Didn't stayed in my base that long.
  • First reward ship I got.
  • 2nd map I successfully cleared.
  • Not who I was looking for.
  • All the pain and not even rewarded.
  • And apparently I did.....3 months later.....

Fall 2017 EventEdit

  • Defeated Nu class in E-1.
  • Successfully beat E-2.
  • Revenge for Summer 2017 humiliation.
  • Revenge for the failure back in Summer 2017 event.
  • E-2 TP Phase cleared.
  • 3rd loli to join my fleet.
  • First face off with those 3 Princesses.
  • Facing off.....against a nerfed Kitanda.
  • First time I face against Abyssal Kamikaze.
  • Shion miraculously dropped the run after I cleared E-3 second phase.
  • First showdown with Aircraft Carrier Princess.
  • First time I faced this boss.
  • Took a few runs to finally beat her in Last Dance.
  • Surprise Tsushima.
  • Cleared E-1, E-2, and E-3.
  • Unlocked E-4.

Early Fall 2018 EventEdit

  • We meet again, SS loli Hime.
  • 1st success at E1
  • E1 Last dance line
  • She went boom in seconds.
  • Too bad her twin sister isn't in this event.
  • I feel so happy since I don't have to farm E1.
  • Just wait for me, DJ Hime.
  • Heavy cruiser Princess.....again.....
  • Hello, DJ Hime. I see you're enjoying your vacation.....
  • E2 Phase 2 Pre-last dance successful run.
  • .....It would be a shame if someone were to ruin it.
  • E2 Phase 2 successful last dance.
  • E3 unlocked.
  • E3 Phase 1 boss node.
  • Harbour Summer Princess in E3 Phase 1
  • E3 Phase 1 last dance.
  • E3 Phase 1 successful last dance.
  • Another vacation to ruin.
  • I also ruined her vacation.
  • E3 Phase 3 potato boss.
  • Kasumi-chan's finishing TCI.
  • E3 Phase 3 last dance battle.
  • E3 final last dance.
  • E3 potato reward.
  • Early fall 2018 Event Main Operations cleared.
  • E4 unlocked.
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