Started Playing: Early July, 2014

Server: Hitokappu

Current HQ: 114

Suisei (Egusa Squadron) 100 Character


Event Ready Ships
008 3

A ray of sunshine to fill the space

Class Count
CV 90+ 11
CVL 90+ 9
FBB 90+ 7
BB 90+ 4
BBV 90+ 4
CA 90+ 14
CAV 90+ 6
CLT 90+ 3
CL 90+ 15
DD 90+ 19
SS 90+ 6

Ships Still Missing

NONE! All ships achievement get! 5/25/15


Sortie NotesEdit

This page contains notes on AS requirements and fleet comps that I use for reference.

Map Applicable Notes
1-4 MapWorld 1-4 Bm3 - Deploy a Torpedo Squadron CL must be FLAGSHIP else this won't work!

1 CL + 5 DD works fine so far.

1-5 MapWorld 1-5 Monthly Medal

Bw10 - A-rank at the boss node 3x

Recommended fleet order: CVL - Flag, BBV, DD/CL, DD/CL

This setup will allow your weaker ASW ships to focus on trash, saving the enemy flag for your CL/DD attacking last.

2-5 mapWorld 2-5 Monthly Medal

Bm1 - Deploy the Fifth Squadron
Bm7 - Sortie the Surface Counterattack Squadron

Medium (North) - For Bm7 bring Ooyodo and load up on LoS. DD MUST be flag!

Light (South) - 2 CAV, 2 DD, 2 CVL - 2 zuiun 12s, 7 bombers, 1 saiun

3-3 MapWorld 3-3 Bw7 - Defeat 5 bosses in the Northern Sea My currently preferred map for this weekly, but still bad.

Recommended: AS+ 243 (includes 6 buffer)
Fleet: 1 DD (AA cut-in) 1 FBB, 2 CA/V/CLT, 2 CV/L
Now using: 3 CV/L, 2 CA/V (AA cut-in), 1 FBB. swap CA AACI for DD AACI?

3-5 MapWorld 3-5 Monthly Medal

Bw7 - Defeat 5 bosses in the Northern Sea


CL: Abukuma Kai Ni
DD: Use akizuki guns and 12.7 LM, 3rd slot T33/T22kai radars, AA cut-in setup for final run
Line Ahead all the way!

4-2 MapWorld 4-2 Bm6 - Carrier Task Force S Rank required

Recommended: AS 118 (includes 5 buffer for node H, AS+ on boss)
Fleet: 2 CV, 2 DD, 2 FBB
Compass fail = transports node

4-4 MapWorld 4-4 Bw8 - Defeat boss in 4-4 Recommended: AS 164 (8 buffer)

Fleet: FBB, CA, 2 DD, 2 CV
Single (A) - Abreast (F) - Single (G) - Single (H)

4-5 MapWorld 4-5 Monthly Medal
Recommended: Prefinal AS: 218 (11 buffer) - Final AS: ~180 (mid route)

Prefinal: CAV, FBB, 2 CA, 2 CV, 1 red bomber per CV
Final: 2 FBB (AP) 2 CAV CA CV red + blue/saiun
Single (C) - Abreast (F) - Single (J) - Single (M)

5-1 MapWorld 5-1 Bm4 - Deploy a Battleship Squadron S Rank required

Recommended: ~62 AS
Fleet: Ooyodo (ASW), 2 BB, BBV, 2 CAV
Equip: 2 >> zuiun each on tone+chikuma (m12 on biggest slots), AP and regular seaplane on BB(V)s
Double Line for boss and pray no red T

5-2 MapWorld 5-2 Bw9 - Sortie to 5-2 twice S Rank required

Recommend: AS ~154? (8 buffer)
Fleet: CAV, 2 FBB, 2 CV, CVL
Single (A) - Abreast (B) - Single - Single (D)

Map5-4World 5-4 Farming, Grinding, Ranking 2 FBB, 2 CV, 1 drum carrier (4), 1 wild card

Recommended: AS 178 (includes 4 buffer)
Double (A) - Single (H) - Single (O)


Ship LSC Attempts Fuel Ammunition Steel Bauxite Development material Completed
Taihou Kai Card 29 115,500 59,500 146,000 202,000 660 11/16/14
Bismarck drei card 18 72,000 108,000 125,000 36,000 360 12/28/14
Yamato kai card 6 24,000 42,000 42,000 12,000 120 1/5/15
Musashi kai card 56 282,000 391,000 391,000 113,000 1120 5/25/15


Small Guns

2 x 10cm+FD *10
4 x 10cm+FD *4

Medium Guns

2 x 20.3(2) *10
4 x 20.3(2) *6

2 x 20.3(3) *10
4 x 20.3(3) *6

2 x 15.2 kai *10

2x OTO 152mm *10

Large Guns

2 x 35.6 *10
1 x 35.6 proto *10

3 x 41 *10
1 x 41 *7
1 x 41 proto *7

2 x 38cm kai *10

2 x 51cm *1


4 x Type 1 AP Shell *4
2 x Type 91 AP Shell *6


7 x 61cm quint *6
1 x 61cm quint *4


1 x Type 4 SONAR *3
2 x Type 4 SONAR *2

2 x Type 3 SONAR *8

1 x Type 3 depth charge *6


2 x Type 22 kai 4 *1

3 x Type 32 *1

1 x Type 13 kai *4


1 x 90mm *9


1 x Type 96 150cm Searchlight *1

1 x Searchlight *10

Expeditions for GreatsuccessEdit

Expeditions can be divided up into a few categories based on their duration.

Short: Under 1 hour. These are good for working towards the 3 + 10 expeditions daily. The 10 expedition daily is worth 150 Fuel, 300 Ammunition, 300 Steel, 150 Bauxite, and 600 furniture coins. These are usually not worth sparkling for but still have decent efficiency.

Medium: 1.5 - 3 hours. These expeditions are bulkier in that you might only be able to run them a few times a night depending on how long you play. You should sparkle for these as they tends to have the best efficiency when sparkled.

Long: 4 - 9 hours. These are usually reserved for overnight or when you are at school/work. Their returns/hour aren't as good as shorter expeditions, but they require less visits to 1-1 for sparkling and you aren't playing the game during this time anyways. Always be sparkling.

When it comes to sparkling and expeditions, you can't just sparkle the minimum number of required ships. To guarantee great success you will need to send a full fleet of sparkled ships.

Feel free to mix and match expeditions based on your needs, time, and what you have available. This is just a list of the expeditions that I regularly run.

Expeditions with good returns are marked with: FuelAmmunitionSteelBauxiteInstant repair

Short ExpeditionsEdit

Expedition 2: 30 minutesAmmunitionInstant repair
Short and a great source of ammo and buckets. If you have spare lv 1 DDs from 1-1 sparkling, you can put a SS as flag, and add in 3 DDs to run the expedition once, then scrap/modernize the DDs and rotate in fresh ones. Not worth the trouble to sparkle for as it doesn't increase bucket chance.

Expedition 6: 40 minutesBauxite
Short and a great source of bauxite. Although it is a lot of work to sparkle for this expedition, if you are really desperate for bauxite then you gotta do what you gotta do. I run this with 6 sparkled DDs (usually Mutsuki class)

Medium ExpeditionsEdit

Expedition 5: 90 minutesFuelAmmunition
In terms of efficiency, this is one of the best expeditions out there. It's also short enough that you could run it a few times a night if you are on a lot.

Expedition 21: 140 minutesFuelAmmunition
A good return on fuel and ammo, but not as efficient as expedition 5. If you are against sparkling your ships, you can run this unsparkled with a roughly 50% chance of still getting a great success since it's a drum canister expedition.

Expedition 37: 165 minutesAmmunitionSteel
Ammo and steel, although there's expedition 2 for that. Expedition 37 and 38 are used in the D9 and D11 weeklies for additional fuel, bauxite, and 1 screw. Another drum canister expedition.

Expedition 38: 175 minutesFuelSteel
Fuel and steel, but a whole lot of fuel. Unfortunately expedition 37 and 38 have long durations which limits how much they can be used. I usually run these on the weekends to get the weekly quests out of the way. Drum canister expedition.

Long ExpeditionsEdit

Expedition 36: 9 hoursFuelSteelBauxite
You probably don't sleep 9 hours, so run this an hour or so before you sleep. It gives a lot of fuel, steel, and bauxite, and if you have Daihatsus then you can use them on the AVs as well. One of my favorites to run overnight and during the day.

Expedition 35: 7 hoursSteelBauxite
For bauxite this can't be beat, and a good amount of steel as well. You could use AVs for this expedition as well if you have extras or if you decide not to run expedition 36.

Expedition 11: 5 hoursBauxite
The second best long expedition for bauxite but with a simpler fleet setup.

Expedition 13: 4 hoursFuelAmmunition
Started running this during events when fuel and ammo are taking hard hits. It's second to expedition 38 in long term ammo returns but provides the always important fuel along with buckets. Similar to expedition 21 though you probably wouldn't run expedition 13 during playing hours.

Expedition 16: 15 hours (SUPER LONG)FuelAmmunitionSteelBauxite
This expedition is long enough that you will only be able to run it once a day but it returns a lot of resources of all types.


Unfortunately it's boring, but the great returns from a sparkled expedition cannot be denied.

The table below includes the cost of one run of sparkling in 1-1 which is worth about 4 expeditions. The right columns are the equivalent additional resource cost of sparkling said ship for one expedition. ex. 6 sparkled DDs would cost an additional 9 fuel and 9 ammo for one expedition vs. fielding 6 non sparkled DDs. If you were looking at efficiency, you'd then have to consider the cost of fielding 6 DD instead of maybe 4 DD when comparing sparkled vs non-sparkled expeditions, but to put it simply it's just about always better to sparkle if you have time and energy to do so. Most of the numbers below are for unremodeled and/or efficient ships.

Ship Type 1-1 Fuel Cost 1-1 Ammunition Cost Sparkle Fuel Cost Sparkle Ammunition Cost
DD 6 6 1.5 1.5
CL 10 8 2.5 2
SS 4 8 1 2
AV 14 14 3.5 3.5
CA 14 14 3.5 3.5
CVL 12 12 3 3

How to Prepare for EventsEdit

071 3

Are you ready? I'm a first-class lady.


I'm placing this first as it can't be emphasized enough: develop, develop, develop. You can begin developing good stuff at a low HQ of 20-30. A lot of events have Line of Sight (LoS) checks which are highly equipment based. Your carrier's default planes are also pretty crappy and can receive a massive upgrade with developed planes. Developing equipment will help you succeed in events and sorties so there's no reason why you shouldn't start now. The last thing you need to happen during an event is realizing that you are short X item and are burning resources trying to develop an item that only has a 2% success chance. Following is a list of items that you should have developed before going into an event. You can research recipes here.

Minimum Required
Equipment35-1Type 3 Shell
The Type 3 Shell or Sanshiki can be equipped on battleships or heavy cruisers to provide additional anti-air or extra damage against installation type enemies. Although absent from recent events, the possibility of an installation type event boss always exists and it is important to be prepared. The Type 91 Armor-Piercing (AP) Shell can now be used in place of the Type 3 Shell on battleships for attacking installations as well, so these will primarily be used on your heavy cruisers. Installation type enemies are also immune to torpedoes (but not torpedo bombers) and are difficult to damage without one of the aforementioned pieces of equipment.
The Saiun (Iridescent Cloud) is used to prevent Red-T engagements which make it harder to S rank a boss. They also provide 9 LoS which is then doubled in LoS calculations. Event maps are almost guaranteed to have LoS checks along the way and these will help you to meet those checks.
2 - 4
The Reppuu (Strong Gale) is the best craftable +AA plane in the game and are incredibly valuable for securing air superiority. The Shiden Kai 2 is a close substitute if you aren't able to develop enough Reppuu (Strong Gale).
Equipment9-1b46cm Triple Gun Mount
Now moving on to not required but good to have equipment, the 46cm Triple Gun Mount will help get your BB up to firepower cap while also providing additional AA cover. These have lately fallen out of popularity amongst fast BB and BBV due to overweight accuracy penalties so they are primarily used on slow BB nowadays.
Equipment36-1Type 91 AP Shell
AP Shells are popular choices for the 4th slot on battleships nowadays. Although it lowers the double attack chance in a 2 reds + seaplane + AP shell daytime setup, it compensates for it with daytime cut-ins which tend to one shot targets anyways (or potentially heavy damage hard targets)
Equipment59-1Type 0 Obs. Seaplane
Not to be confused with the Type 0 Recon Seaplane which you have a million of, the Type 0 Observation Seaplane has better stats and is cheap to make, but is pretty rare. The +1 additional LoS is doubled in LoS calculations. The more LoS the better when it comes to meeting LoS requirements during events.
Equipment29-1Type 33 Surface Radar
The Type 33 Surface RADAR is the highest LoS radar that can fit on a DD. As DD cannot equip seaplanes to help with LoS checks, all they can do is equip small radars. These fit in nicely in their third slot should you need additional LoS.
Equipment31-1Type 32 Surface Radar
RADARs are popular fillers for additional accuracy, but are often replaced with AP shells on battleships. The Type 32 Surface RADAR still offers a large amount of LoS and accuracy for those times when you need it or when you can't utilize artillery spotting.

AA Cut-in

Since you can, you might as well. You can... can't you?

There's roughly 3 ways to set up AACI.

1. Destroyer
One of the most convenient ways to AACI is with a DD equipped with a 10cm Twin High-angle Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director and an air radar like the Type 13 AIR RADAR Kai. You can also equip another primary gun so that your DD will be able to double attack at night. This setup sacrifices little if anything though it requires bringing a DD. Should you be lacking the 10cm Twin High-angle Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director, you will have to resort to using a Type 91 Anti-Aircraft Fire Director or Type 94 Anti-Aircraft Fire Director with your primary high angle guns and miss out on the radar bonus proc chance. If you don't have one of these, I recommend you level a Maya or Fubuki to kai ni ASAP.

2. Heavy Cruiser
For an alternative to the destroyer AACI, you can set up a heavy cruiser AACI. The downside to this is that you severely reduce the daytime attack power of the heavy cruiser, so choose carefully when you use this. An ideal composition would be a red gun, the 12.7cm Twin High-angle Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director, seaplane, and air radar. This will at least allow weak artillery spotting and double attacks at night. Combinations can also be made with fire directors should you not have the 12.7cm Twin High-angle Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director. Recommend you visit the Combat Page to review alternative setups.

3. Anything Goes
As with the Heavy Cruiser setup, other combinations will often result in reduced firepower or effectiveness in other areas. One alternate for example is with a CLT. You can equip a 10cm Twin High-angle Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director or 12.7cm Twin High-angle Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director with an air radar and a Type A Ko-hyoteki for a CLT with weaker day and night power, but at least you have a chance to proc an AACI! AACI setups on carriers in PVP, auxiliary ships should they be required, etc.


The general rule of thumb is take 2 ships of each type and level them up. It pays to be versatile though. Focus on getting your ships to Kai status first and modernized, then gradually work your way to Kai Ni or higher levels. Leveling up your ships is important, but so is having the appropriate ships for branching rules which you won't know until the event has started. Don't neglect developing your equipment!

"Two ships good, four ships better!"

These are a few ships which I higihly recommend leveling either for their unique abilities or for their equipment.

CLT Notes
Kitakami kai2 cardKitakami Easy to obtain and incredibly valuable for events to the point of being practically required. Get Kitakami to Kai Ni as her and Ooi are your aces in events. Double attack setup preferred but torpedo cut-in is also an option.
Ooi kai2 cardOoi A little bit harder to get than Kitakami but just as valuable, treat Ooi like you would Kitakami though with a double attack setup.
CL Notes
Sendai kai2 cardSendai A great CL with unique equipment. The only source of the Type 98 Recon Seaplane (Night Scout), along with one of the two Star Shell in the game. Sendai's equipment will help make your night battle life just a little more bearable.
Ooyodo kai cardOoyodo A rare ship that you can only currently get during events, Ooyodo Kai in addition to having 4 slots, comes with the Fleet Command Facility which can play an invaluable role for Combined Fleet setups in events.
DD Notes
Yuudachi kai2 cardYuudachi Incredibly powerful for a DD with her double attacks at night and level 55 Kai Ni. Yuudachi is one of the best of the Elite Destroyers.
Yukikaze kai cardYukikaze With a torpedo cut-in setup and her 60 luck Yukikaze can one shot most targets at the boss node during night battles (assuming it procs).
Fubuki kai2 cardFubuki Assuming you don't already have Akizuki, Fubuki kai ni comes with the Type 94 Anti-Aircraft Fire Director and is required to ultimately make the best destroyer gun in the game, the 10cm Twin High-angle Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director. This does require having an Akashi, but at least you can utilize the Type 94 Anti-Aircraft Fire Director in the meanwhile.

Other ships for your consideration:

Ships Notes
Maya Kai Ni CardMaya Maya kai ni with the help of Akashi can make the 12.7cm Twin High-angle Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director, and comes with a Type 94 Anti-Aircraft Fire Director.
Choukai kai2 cardChoukai Although there are probably better uses for your first blueprints, Choukai kai ni comes with both the Type 22 Surface RADAR Kai 4 and Skilled Lookouts. In addition, she takes the lead for most powerful heavy cruiser.
Jintsuu kai2 cardJintsuu In terms of raw power, Jintsuu leads all the other light cruisers.
Yuubari kai cardYuubari I hate using Yuubari since her poor armor and evasion make her a liability. Her only advantage is her 4 slots which i can't see using for anything besides carrying utility equipment. Ooyodo is much better overall IF you have her.
Ayanami kai2 cardAyanami With the second highest firepower, decent luck, and a Star Shell, Ayanami is a good DD for both day and night battle.
Shimakaze kai cardShimakaze Shimakaze has both good offense and defense, well however much defense a DD can have...
Shigure kai2 cardShigure Shigure is my go-to ship when I want a second torpedo cut-in. She doesn't have as much power or luck as Yukikaze but it's close.
Tone kai2 cardTone

Chikuma kai2 cardChikuma

In addition to being the best CAV in the game (but requiring a blueprint), Tone and Chikuma are good enough to be fill the roles of the other elite CA should pathing allow for it.
Kaga kai cardKaga With her massive 46 plane slot, Kaga can command the greatest air power and is one of the best CV in the game.
Souryuu kai2 cardSouryuu

Hiryuu kai2 cardHiryuu

You probably won't have Souryuu and Hiryuu if you are a newer TTK, but if you do get one it would be a good idea to level them up for their unique planes. The Tenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron) and Suisei (Comet) (Egusa Squadron) are the best blue and red bombers in the game. It does take quite a bit of work to both find them, level them to Kai Ni, and unlock the upgraded versions of their planes.

BB? BBV? FBB? CVL? SS? While there are some ships which are better or slightly better than others, I'll leave that up to your personal preference on which you choose to level. Just remember that BB and BBV are slow speed, along with SOME of the CVL. Some branching rules might require a fast fleet or a slow feet so remember to be versatile.

Event RecordEdit

Bn 140808 on Summer 2014 Event
August 8th to August 29th
E-5 Cleared
Bn 141114 on Fall 2014 Event
November 14th to November 28th
E-4 Cleared!
Bn 150206 on Winter 2015 Event
February 6th to February 23rd
E-5 Cleared! + Full Hard Mode
Bn 150428 on Spring 2015 Event
April 28th to May 18th
E-6 Cleared! + Full Hard Mode
Summer 15 banner Summer 2015 Event
August 10th to September 7th
E-7 Cleared! + Full Hard Mode

Useful Kancolle LinksEdit - Air Superiority Calculator. Very useful! - JP version of the above, but tends to be more complete

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Kancolle MusicEdit

2013 Fall Event - Ironbottom Sound
「決戦!鉄底海峡を抜けて」 - Decisive Battle! Escape from Ironbottom Sound!
「敵超弩級戦艦を叩け!」 - Pressure of the Enemy's Super Dreadnought! (Boss)

2013 Winter Event - Arpeggio
「冬の抜錨!」 - Sallying Forth in Winter!

2014 Spring Event
「索敵機、発艦始め!」 - Scout Planes, Take Off!
「敵艦隊、見ゆ!」 - Enemy Fleet, Spotted! (Boss)
「ピーコック島攻略作戦」 - Peacock Island Capture Strategy (E-5)

2014 Summer Event - AL / Midway
「AL作戦 道中戦」
「AL作戦 ボス戦」 (AL Boss)
「MI作戦 道中戦」
「MI作戦 ボス戦」 (MI Boss)

2014 Fall Event
「第一次渾作戦 ボス戦」 (Boss E-1/2)
「第三次渾作戦 道中戦」
「第三次渾作戦 ボス戦」 (Boss E-3/4)

Random Kancolle VideosEdit

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