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Acchan, that outfit look great on you! Oh btw, you said you would like a stollen right? Come closer, i have one ready just for you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  - - - Image dated - 22/12/2017


Image dated - - - 14/12/2017


My Waifu: Kongou

My Wedding Anniversary: December 25

When i start playing: February 2015

 My Fleet:                                    LAST UPDATE: 08/10/2017
This list does not include all the ships in my possession, but just the ones i will never replace
Akagi Kai Banner Akagi-Kai Level 99
Kaga Kai Banner Kaga-Kai Level 99
Zuikaku Kai Ni A Banner Zuikaku-Kai Ni A Level 99
Shoukaku Kai Ni A Banner Shoukaku-Kai Ni A Level 99
Souryuu Kai Ni Banner Souryuu-Kai Ni Level 98
Hiryuu Kai Ni Banner Hiryuu-Kai Ni Level 98
Saratoga Mk.II Banner Saratoga Mk.II Level 98
Aquila Kai Banner Aquila-Kai Level 97
Graf Zeppelin Kai Banner Graf Zeppelin-Kai Level 96
Unryuu Kai Banner Unryuu-Kai Level 95
Amagi Kai Banner Amagi-Kai Level 95
Katsuragi Kai Banner Katsuragi-Kai Level 95
Ark Royal Kai Banner Ark Royal-Kai Level 61
Junyou Kai Ni Banner Junyou-Kai Ni Level 99
Ryuujou Kai Ni Banner Ryuujou-Kai Ni Level 99
Ryuuhou Kai Banner Ryuuhou-Kai Level 98
Shouhou Kai Banner Shouhou-Kai Level 97
Suzuya Carrier Kai Ni Banner Suzuya Carrier-Kai Ni Level 90
Zuihou Kai Banner Zuihou-Kai Level 87
Taiyou Kai Ni Banner Taiyou-Kai Ni Level 93
Warspite Kai Banner Warspite-Kai Level 99
Nagato Kai Ni Banner Nagato-Kai Ni Level 98
Mutsu Kai Banner Mutsu-Kai Level 98
Kongou Kai Ni BannerBattle Card Marriage RingBattle Card Marriage Ring Glow Kongou-Kai Ni Level 132
Iowa Kai Banner Iowa-Kai Level 99
Roma Kai Banner Roma-Kai Level 99
Italia Banner Italia Level 99
Hiei Kai Ni Banner Hiei-Kai Ni Level 96
Haruna Kai Ni Banner Haruna-Kai Ni Level 96
Kirishima Kai Ni Banner Kirishima-Kai Ni Level 96
Gangut Dva Banner Gangut Dva Level 97
Richelieu Banner Richelieu-Kai Level 67
Yamashiro Kai Ni Banner Yamashiro-Kai Ni Level 99
Fusou Kai Ni Banner Fusou-Kai Ni Level 99
Mizuho Kai Banner Mizuho-Kai Level 91
Commandant Teste Kai Banner Commandant Teste-Kai Level 85
Akitsushima Kai Banner Akitsushima-Kai Level 65
Maya Kai Ni Banner Maya-Kai Ni Level 99
Haguro Kai Ni Banner Haguro-Kai Ni Level 96
Prinz Eugen Kai Banner Prinz Eugen-Kai Level 95
Zara Due Banner Zara due Level 94
Pola Kai Banner Pola-Kai Level 91
Myoukou Kai Ni Banner Myoukou-Kai Ni Level 92
Ashigara Kai Ni Banner Ashigara-Kai Ni Level 91
Furutaka Kai Ni Banner Furutaka-Kai Ni Level 90
Kako Kai Ni Banner Kako-Kai Ni Level 90
Choukai Kai Ni Banner Choukai-Kai Ni Level 90
Tone Kai Ni Banner Tone-Kai Ni Level 98
Chikuma Kai Ni Banner Chikuma-Kai Ni Level 98
Kumano Kai Ni Banner Kumano-Kai Ni Level 91
Mogami Kai Banner Mogami-Kai Level 91
Mikuma Kai Banner Mikuma-Kai Level 88
Jintsuu Kai Ni Banner Jintsuu-Kai Ni Level 99
Sendai Kai Ni Banner Sendai-Kai Ni Level 99
Naka Kai Ni Banner Naka-Kai Ni Level 99
Ooyodo Kai Banner Ooyodo-Kai Level 99
Isuzu Kai Ni Banner Isuzu-Kai Ni Level 96
Kuma Kai Banner Kuma-Kai Level 92
Yura Kai Ni Banner Yura-Kai Ni Level 91
Kitakami Kai Ni Banner Kitakami-Kai Ni Level 99
Ooi Kai Ni Banner Ooi-Kai Ni Level 99
Yuudachi Kai Ni Banner Yuudachi-Kai Ni Level 99
Shigure Kai Ni Banner Shigure-Kai Ni Level 99
Ayanami Kai Ni Banner Ayanami-Kai Ni Level 98
Verniy Banner Верный Level 97
Yukikaze Kai Banner Yukikaze-Kai Level 97
Fubuki Kai Ni Banner Fubuki-Kai Ni Level 96
Akizuki Kai Banner Akizuki-Kai Level 96
Hatsuzuki Kai Banner Hatsuzuki-Kai Level 94
Teruzuki Kai Banner Teruzuki-Kai Level 92
Libeccio Kai Banner Libeccio-Kai Level 96
Kasumi Kai Ni B Banner Kasumi-Kai Ni B Level 94
Kawakaze Kai Ni Banner Kawakaze-Kai Ni Level 90
Hatsushimo Kai Ni Banner Hatsushimo-Kai Ni Level 90
Hatsuharu Kai Ni Banner Hatsuharu-Kai Ni Level 90
Akatsuki Kai Ni Banner Akatsuki-Kai Ni Level 90
Mutsuki Kai Ni Banner Mutsuki-Kai Ni Level 90
Shimakaze Kai Banner Shimakaze-Kai Level 86
Sazanami Kai Banner Sazanami-Kai Level 86
Inazuma Kai Banner Inazuma-Kai Level 84
Arashio Kai Ni Banner Arashio-Kai Ni Level 79
I-58 Kai Banner I-58-Kai Level 99
I-19 Kai Banner I-19-Kai Level 99
I-8 Kai Banner I-8-Kai Level 99
Ro-500 Banner Ro-500 Level 99
I-168 Kai Banner I-168-Kai Level 98
I-401 Kai Banner I-401-Kai Level 97
I-26 Kai Banner I-26-Kai Level 94
I-14 Kai Banner I-14-Kai Level 75
I-13 Kai Banner I-13-Kai Level 65
UIT-25 Banner UIT-25 Level 51
Kashima Kai Banner Kashima-Kai Level 99
Katori Kai Banner Katori-Kai Level 99
Akitsu Maru Kai Banner Akitsu Maru-Kai Level 90
Hayasui Kai Banner Hayasui-Kai Level 91
Akashi Kai Banner Akashi-Kai Level 67

Granblue Fantasy Corner:

Playing Since: 30/05/2017

Crew: SOS 旅団

Images dated - 14/12/2017


E W 1

D F 1

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