aka My2ndAngelic

  • I live in Sweden
  • I was born on March 30
  • I am Male

My name is My2ndAngelic. I joined KanColle since January 2014.

This page is STILL under construction. (if only I have time)


My name is My2ndAngelic.

My portal:

Currently playing:

  • Some Nexon games
    • MapleStory
      • KMS
      • JMS
      • GMS
    • MapleStory 2
    • KartRider
    • Crazy Arcade
    • Elsword
      • Korean server
  • osu!
  • Kantai Collection

General informationEdit

Joined KanColle since January 2014, I first participated in the Spring 2014 Event, where the AS system was introduced.

Streaming channelsEdit

Due to the heavily changing of internet connection and since my home internet is not reliable, I usually switch between these streaming channels.

My portal has the list.

Ship listEdit

Highest level: 99 Lowest level: 1 Currently F2P player, no money has been spent since I participated this game. I don't interest in marriage system.

Favorite ship: Hyuuga

Ship sinking listEdit

Number of times: 40 Number of ships: 36 and counting...

Event recordEdit


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