Mohar Ikram

aka Mohar Ikram

  • I live in Muadzam Shah, Pahang, Malaysia
  • I was born on May 31
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Hello.... I'm Mohar from Malaysia...... Just start playing at 28 January 2015.... a gambler player but still considers strategy as number 1.....A wiki adventurer and sometimes I will make a raw comment on what I'm thinking about.....Still need help and also helping others as well! Yoroshiku onegaishimas!


My Ships Collection For Now!


My Kai Ni Collection For Now!

Status as TeitokuEdit

  • Admiral name : Lowyat
  • Server : Shortland Anchorage
  • Favourite Ship : Fubuki(precious starter), Hiei, Akagi, Hiyou, Houshou, Shouhou and Ashigara
  • Married Ship : Hiei
  • Most Favourite Ship(fall in love) : Nagara
  • Most Favourite Class : CL Nagara Class
  • Sunk ship : Ryuujou(get her back and already in second remodel), Yura(get her back and already remodel), Furutaka(get her back and already in second remodel) and Hachi(Have a backup to replace her)
-Lowyat- 2015-09-07 19-21-57 21

She is gorgeous! VICTORY!


My favourite class! All of them are charming in their own way! - Badass Nagara - Busty Isuzu - Shy but powerful Natori - Charismatic Yura - Funny Kinu - Cute Abukuma

21.flv snapshot 01.06 -2016.01.11 06.05.50-

My first married ship!

Map-Clearance ProgressEdit

  • World 1 = Cleared
  • World 2 = Cleared
  • World 3 = Cleared
  • World 4 = Cleared
  • World 5 = Cleared
  • World 6 = Currently in 6-4, probably will not finished in short time.

Event ExperienceEdit

  • Winter 2015 : 2/5 maps completed
  • Spring 2015 : 6/6 maps completed (Finish the event)
  • Summer 2015 : 6/7 maps completed
  • Fall 2015 : 5/5 maps completed (Finish the event)
  • Winter 2016 : 3/3 maps completed (Finish the event)
  • Spring 2016 : 7/7 maps completed (Finish the event)
  • Summer 2016 : 4/4 maps completed (Finish the event)
  • Fall 2016 : 5/5 maps completed (Finish the event)
  • Winter 2017 : ?

My Base Kanmusu's Nickname Based On The Players and Myself (LOL section)Edit


  • Fubuki : The Winter Soldier (Bucky and Blizzard combination, get it?)
  • Shirayuki: Snow White
  • Hatsuyuki: The Hikikomori Princess
  • Miyuki: The Unlucky-but-Cool AF Girl
  • Murakumo: The tsundere who wields the long spear
  • Isonami: The Wavy Ponytail Nice Girl
  • Ayanami: Destroyer's Ace (Looks at her DD stats) and Demon God Ayanami
  • Shikinami: The girl who always thinks that she being forgotten in the base (Heck she is one of the veteran expeditioner)
  • Oboro: Crab Girl
  • Akebono: Tsundere Queen
  • Sazanami: Passionate Maid
  • Ushio: Ditzy-Busty Girl
  • Akatsuki: Self-Proclaimed Lady
  • Verniy: Mother Russia (Need to say anymore?)
  • Ikazuchi: Thunder Veteran and Reliable Girl
  • Inazuma: Lightning Clumsy Kid
  • Mutsuki: January Cat
  • Kisaragi: February Sexy Lady
  • Yayoi: March Expressionless Girl
  • Uzuki: Lightbulb April Rabbit (Don't get mad guys)
  • Satsuki: Miracle May(Absolute beast in my fleet during sortie even though her stats is not so good)
  • Minazuki: Sweet Girl of June
  • Fumizuki: July Ultimate Jailbait
  • Nagatsuki: Wake Me Up..... When September Ends!
  • Kikuzuki: Tiny Granny
  • Mikazuki: The Humble Girl (I guess)
  • Mochizuki: Hikikomori with megane - Total perfection
  • Hatsuharu: Pantene Model (Her Hair!)
  • Nenohi: New Year Girl
  • Wakaba: FBI Agent in Disguise
  • Hatsushimo: The Young Rambo and The First Teacher (She's the first one who gives the job specs)
  • Shiratsuyu: The "Number One!" Girl
  • Shigure: PTSD Yandere Torp Queen and Shigure of Sasebo
  • Murasame: The Cabaret Girl
  • Yuudachi: Nightmare of Solomon (Need to say more?)
  • Harusame: Drum Girl
  • Samidare: Graceful but Clumsy Girl
  • Kawakaze: Energetic Young War Machines (Slamming to her first event without max mod in Fall is a good achievement)
  • Suzukaze: Retired Expeditioner (For now in my fleet)
  • Asashio: Class President
  • Ooshio: The Positive Girl
  • Michishio: Appreciative Tsundere Girl (That "Domo! Arigatou....." though)
  • Arashio: Yandere Middle Schooler
  • Asagumo: Error-Chan in action
  • Yamagumo: Sleepy Girl (Waiting for her to finish her lines are painful as hell)
  • Arare: Robotic Girl (who is not rare at all)
  • Kasumi: Tsundere Anti-Air FS Destroyer
  • Kagerou: Insomniac and Energetic Girl
  • Shiranui: Bad ass Middle-schooler yet Commander in Battle
  • Kuroshio: Clinging Village Girl with Deep Accent
  • Oyashio: Sexy Whisperer Girl
  • Hatsukaze: Passionate Bucket Gainer (My Bucket-Gainer Expeditioner FS DD)
  • Yukikaze: The Grim Reaper and Yukikaze of Kure
  • Amatsukaze: The Small Tanky Girl (Highest Armor DD) and Boiler-Chan
  • Tokitsukaze: Alarm Clock Doggy Girl
  • Urakaze: Seductive Girl (Yeah, she has a nice figure)
  • Hamakaze: The girl who face puberty too early (Seriously? that asset....)
  • Tanikaze: "Get damaged and you go to jail" Girl
  • Nowaki: Tomboyish-looking DD (but have a cute voice!)
  • Arashi: Kamen Rider Girl! and Midway Weaklink (have a boyish tone)
  • Hagikaze: Hatoko Twin (Her VA voice is exactly same for this ship)
  • Maikaze: The Dancing Girl
  • Akigumo: The Mangaka
  • Yuugumo: The Curvy Girl (Full of Eroticism)
  • Makigumo: Spooky Megane Little Girl (Her uniform sleeves looks spooky to me..)
  • Kazagumo: Cautious Girl (Mainly about her sister
  • Naganami: Gorgeous Multicoloured Hair Girl (That hair is majestic)
  • Takanami: The Pessimistic Girl with Derp face. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  • Hayashimo: The Bartender
  • Kiyoshimo: The BB Wannabe
  • Asashimo: Loli Kurumi
  • Shimakaze: The Speed-Freak Lonely Girl
  • Z1: Reverse Trap Girl
  • Libeccio: The BB Wannabe 2.0
  • Teruzuki: Sexy AA Black Widow
  • Hatsuzuki: Young AA Master
  • Kamikaze: The Oldies who is ready-to-die for her country anytime.
  • Asakaze: Cute Little Girl who loves Ahegao (That damage face though).....

Light Cruiser/Training Cruiser/Torpedo CruiserEdit

  • Tenryuu: Chuunibyou with Sword Girl
  • Tatsuta: Dangerous Imouto
  • Kuma: Adorable Bear
  • Tama: Catwoman (Literally)
  • Kitakami: Super KTKM sama (Torp Cut-in Shishou)
  • Ooi: Crazy Psycho Lesbian Killer
  • Kiso: Captain of the Pirates
  • Nagara: My Love!, The Athletic Girl and Queen of my Fleet
  • Isuzu: "Expert in Specialised Field" Girl (AA/ASW prominent CL)
  • Natori: Shy but Powerful Girl (Her attitude doesn't reflect her stats)
  • Yura: Rapunzel
  • Kinu: Funny Goblin Girl
  • Abukuma: Delicate but Noisy Girl (Cheat Code of KC)
  • Sendai: Night Battle Ninja
  • Jintsuu: Indomitable Samurai
  • Naka: Sweet Idol
  • Agano: Sparkling Girl who dazzles when in need
  • Noshiro: Strict Girl and Almost fits to be a bear (Kanji things)
  • Yahagi: High Spirit Girl
  • Yuubari: Techno Geek and Anime Lover Girl
  • Ooyodo: Quest Girl who loves to Command
  • Katori: The Strict Teacher
  • Kashima: The Attractive Teacher

Heavy Cruiser/Aviation CruiserEdit

  • Furutaka: Searchlight Girl
  • Kako: Laid-Back Girl (who possess dangerous Chidori techniques)
  • Aoba: The Journalist
  • Kinugasa: The Absolute Hammer (Same like Satsuki, A beast in my team)
  • Myoukou: Game Changer Onee San (Knows how many times her Torp Cut in indeed saves many vets ass in recent event?)
  • Nachi: No-Nonsense Girl (War Tactical is her forte, don't talk to her about other topics)
  • Ashigara: The Hungry Wolf
  • Haguro: The Dangerous Cry Baby (Same like Natori, her attitude doesn't reflect the stats)
  • Takao: A Good Backup Onee San (Good stats without Kai Ni) and The Refined Middle Age Lady
  • Atago: The Busty DJ (Panpakapakapakapakapan!)
  • Maya: Air-Traffic Controller Girl(who is also a tomboy)
  • Choukai: The Calculative Girl and also A Silent Killer 
  • Mogami: Haiku Girl
  • Mikuma: Special-or-not Girl (LSC Ships? Why?)
  • Suzuya: The girl who tend to be sexual.
  • Kumano: The Dolphin Hime Sama
  • Tone: Retro-but-Immatured Onee San
  • Chikuma: Dependable Imouto
  • Prinz Eugen: The Cute Foreigner
  • Zara: The Fashionable Girl (That name and indeed she is stylish)
  • Pola: The Drunkard 3.0 + Lifeless Girl

Fast Battleship/Battleship/Aviation BattleshipEdit

  • Kongou: English-Born Returnee and The Respectable Icon (She is the oldest ship btw)
  • Hiei: The Deadly Cooker, My Wife! and Hero of the Fleet
  • Haruna: The Angel of the Fleet
  • Kirishima: The Microphone-Obsessive Girl
  • Italia: The Spaghetti Girl who has a Great Vision (Her very long range)
  • Nagato: Big 7 and The most spectacular Vessel of IJN (The Great Flagship)
  • Mutsu: Big 7 and Explosive Girl (Literally, yup)
  • Fusou: Unlucky but Powerful Girl
  • Yamashiro: Unlucky 2.0 and Ultimate siscon ship
  • Ise: Katana Master (Refer to Fubuki Ganbarimasu for details)
  • Hyuuga: Seaplane Bomber Master (She always needs Zuiun)
  • Iowa: An American Girl who is bad in English
  • Warspite: Mighty Queen from Brittania (Rule Brittania!!)

Aircraft Carrier/Light Aircraft CarrierEdit

  • Akagi: The Bauxite Queen and The Pride of 1st Carrier Division
  • Kaga: The Stoic Girl and Air Superiority Queen
  • Souryuu: The Dive Bombing Dragon
  • Hiryuu: The Torpedo Bombing Dragon
  • Shoukaku: The Unlucky Crane but can destroy the enemy easily (Highest FP of CV)
  • Zuikaku: The Lucky Crane and Untouchables (Her evasion is godly!)
  • Unryuu: The Hermit (Fubuki Ganbarimasu reference)
  • Katsuragi: Inexperienced Girl but performs well when in need
  • Saratoga: Graceful Marilyn Monroe Reincarnation
  • Houshou : Mother of Carriers
  • Ryuujou : The Flattop Dragon 
  • Shouhou: The Unexpected Yamato Nadeshiko
  • Zuihou: The Expert Chef in Egg-based Cooking
  • Hiyou: The Elegant Lady (Akatsuki, take note)
  • Junyou: The Drunkard
  • Chitose: The Drunkard 2.0
  • Chiyoda: The Tsundere Siscon
  • Ryuuhou: The Graceful Phoenix


  • I-8: The Nerd who loves to speak Germans
  • I-19: The Dirty Jokes Girl
  • I-58: Orel Master
  • I-168: The Up-to-date Girl and The Sniper of the sea
  • Maruyu: The Fragile Girl but try her best when being called
  • Akitsumaru: The Most Relax Girl but perform well when sortie
  • Akitsushima: The Fragile Girl 2.0 but has a good sight (High LOS plane that she gives)
  • Akashi: The Amazing Mechanics
  • Hayasui: The Supplier when the trouble comes
  • Taigei: Submarine Mother
  • Commandante Teste: Vigilante French Girl
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