There are currently 453 quests in total as of Feb 7th 2020 (Not including the seasonal and event quests)


  • As some of you might have noticed, QC written here don't alway list all of the rewards given from that specific QC (For example, QC29 does give you Action Report and New Model Gun Mount Improvement Material as rewards too but they are not listed in the reward section). Just for you know, I will omit the listing of that reward if :
  • Of course, there are several times I actually outright wrote all the rewards, regardless of them being old or not.
  • If you want to look for all the quests that give a specific old item or equipment (i.e Looking for all the quests that give Medal), check out Quests that give old items and equipment (Either one-time or repeatable) section.
  • Lastly, if the QC gives a brand new equipment or item (as in first-time debut) that can't be obtained by any other means at the time. It will alway be listed in the reward section no matters what, so don't worry about missing them.


  • There are many quests in KC that give you different rewards, resources and materials. Just by looking at the number of the quests that KC currently has right now, some people might intend not to finish most of them because it's too long and boring.
  • However, do note that there are some quests that give you very good equipment/materials that will aid you a lot later on. These rewards are often given out after you finished a certain long and annoying quest chain (Which consists of a bunch of quests connected to one another). Therefore, I'm gonna explain those quest chains in details in this blog.


In order to finish all of the quest chains down here with ease, you will need a certain preparation first.

  • Map unlocked up to 6-5
  • Ship's level needs to be a bit " decent " (At least in Kai form, Kai Ni is even better !)
  • Some good equipment as well (Upgraded is even more helpful !)
  • Lastly , you will need luck (Like always, you need patience, may the RNG be with you !)

Now, after finishing all of the above things, let's tackle them shall we ? But before doing so, I want to tell you guys one thing : I have already set all the quests in the correct order, if you do the quests that are listed here from the top to bottom one by one, consecutively, you should be able to proc the next quest and go all the way to the last quest that will give you the reward with no problem.


  • Quest F39 is having a glitch, if you completed quest D9 before quarterly reset, this quest won't show up in that week. You have to wait for next week (Few days after quarterly reset), complete D9 again to trigger F39 manually.
    • Quest Bq8 shares the same behavior, you have to clear Bw1 after quarterly reset to trigger Bq8.
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