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A Few WordsEdit

Code SnippetsEdit

Free Verse (maybe?) in PerlEdit

use strict;
use warnings;
use feature qw(say);
$_ = <<"END";
I don't like you, Kaga; no, really, I don't.
I can't stand it whenever I have to set you as secretary ship
And have you loiter around in my office.
I can't stand seeing your face in any sortie I go.
Your voice when you dish out pain to those Abyssals is annoying.
But—damn it!—why must it be
That your stats and ability would be so heavenly
It's like marrying a rich girl for the money
It's not love, just out of necessity.
So I must let your undesirable character slip
And treat you as a valuable ship.
Be glad, Kaga, that you are so useful
Else it's the scrapyard, or modernization food.
say $_;

(view results here. This is purely for entertainment, no dislike towards the fans. :3)


function opinions(item) {
    var isGoodMood = Math.random() > 0.85;
    if (typeof( != "string") {
        throw new TypeError("I have no opinions about that");
    } else if ((["Kongou","Hibiki","Inazuma","Shimakaze","Kaga"].indexOf( >= 0) && !isGoodMood) {
        throw new OverratedException( + " is an overrated character");
    } else if (["Fubuki","Houshou","Akatsuki","Ikazuchi"].indexOf( >= 0) {
        console.log( + " a good, " + + " a very good");
    } else {
        console.warn( + " is just fine");
function OverratedException(e) {
    this.message = e; = "OverratedException";

The Collection of PlaquesEdit

NPC Compass1a NPC compass2a
“Our lords, and our eternal mistresses
There is no god but RNG-sama and the Compass-chans are her prophets”
NPC compass3a NPC compass4a
“Perfection in this game needs too much knowledge at the start to be effective
“Or rather, you can't reach perfection as [RNG-sama] can f[**]k up as much as it wants”

Emote kisaragi
KanColle teaches that weddings are expensive,
“but you can grind whoever you want even without marrying them.”

“when everything is going your way, Tanaka presses the 'F[**]k You' button
“and verily, thou shalt be f[**]ked.”

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