Appointed on: 2015/05/02

Signature badge 2018.04.19

Achieved 100% Kai Ni for the first time on 2016/07/20.
Reached HQ Level 120 on 2018/01/17.

Event history Edit

Spring 2015: Started during the event. Cleared up to and including E-3.
Summer 2015: Sendai rekt AD Hime after a long war of attrition. Mission completed
Fall 2015: Sendai defeated DD Oni without major problems. Mission completed with honours
Winter 2016: Abukuma sent CA Hime back to the bottom of the ocean. Mission completed
Spring 2016: Prinz Eugen defeated Central Hime at long last. Mission completed
Summer 2016: Zuikaku defeated CA Summer Hime in a one-sided slaughter. Mission completed at daytime
Fall 2016: Prinz Eugen nuked Abyssal Jellyfish Hime. Mission completed
Winter 2017: Kitakami had a threesome with Twincest Hime (Don't tell Ooi!). Mission completed with honours
Spring 2017: Kiso defeated Northern Water Hime after the fleet broke through the Nu(ke)-class hell. Mission completed with honours
Summer 2017: Yuudachi proved that she can also wreck havoc outside of the Solomons and delivered a bunch of oxygen torpedoes to European Hime with a Yasen TCI. Mission completed
Fall 2017: E-4 fleet changing and all that stuff annoyed me so much that I stopped caring after clearing E-3 hard. Mission Failed
Winter 2018: Musashi blasted both the BB Water Demon and Crane Hime to oblivion, becomming the indisputable MVP. Mission completed
Early Fall 2018: Abukuma slammed her TCI into Euro Water Hime's face and ended things on an anticlimatic note after the 2nd boss forced the Admiral to lower the difficulty of the operation to medium. Mission completed
Winter 2019: Yuudachi brought the sundown upon Sun Hime with a well-placed TCI. Mission completed
Spring 2019 Samuel B Roberts made the Abyssal Pacific Princes submit through a large slap with a TCI. Mission completed with honours
Summer 2019 After a desperate struggle Jervis was able to subdue Anzio Hime with a well-placed TCI. Mission completed with honours

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