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Fleet Roster (Level 99(+))


Kongou Kai Ni C Banner
40585073 p0
Married and level 175!



Yamato Kai Banner Musashi Kai Ni Banner Nagato Kai Ni Banner Mutsu Kai Ni Banner Warspite Kai Banner
Nelson Kai Banner

Fast BB

Kongou Kai Ni C Banner
40585073 p0
Haruna Kai Ni Banner Kirishima Kai Ni Banner Hiei Kai Ni Banner Bismarck Drei Banner
Iowa Kai Banner Italia Banner Roma Kai Banner Richelieu Kai Banner Gangut Dva Banner


Fusou Kai Ni Banner Yamashiro Kai Ni Banner Ise Kai Ni Banner Hyuuga Kai Ni Banner



Hiryuu Kai Ni Banner Souryuu Kai Ni Banner Unryuu Kai Banner Amagi Kai Banner Katsuragi Kai Banner
Graf Zeppelin Kai Banner Kaga Kai Banner Akagi Kai Ni Banner Aquila Kai Banner Saratoga Kai Banner
Intrepid Kai Banner Ark Royal Kai Banner


Shoukaku Kai Ni A Banner Zuikaku Kai Ni A Banner Taihou Kai Banner


Ryuuhou Kai Banner Chitose Carrier Kai Banner Chiyoda Carrier Kai Banner Ryuujou Kai Ni Banner Junyou Kai Ni Banner
Shouhou Kai Banner Zuihou Kai Banner Hiyou Kai Banner Kumano Carrier Kai Ni Banner Suzuya Carrier Kai Ni Banner
Houshou Kai Banner Taiyou Kai Ni Banner



Prinz Eugen Kai Banner Myoukou Kai Ni Banner Nachi Kai Ni Banner Ashigara Kai Ni Banner Haguro Kai Ni Banner
Choukai Kai Ni Banner Maya Kai Ni Banner Kinugasa Kai Ni Banner Furutaka Kai Ni Banner Kako Kai Ni Banner
Takao Kai Banner Atago Kai Banner Aoba Kai Banner Zara Kai Banner Pola Kai Banner


Tone Kai Ni Banner Chikuma Kai Ni Banner Mogami Kai Banner Mikuma Kai Banner Kumano Kai Ni Banner
Suzuya Kai Ni Banner


Abukuma Kai Ni Banner Sendai Kai Ni Banner Jintsuu Kai Ni Banner Naka Kai Ni Banner Isuzu Kai Ni Banner
Ooyodo Kai Banner Agano Kai Banner Noshiro Kai Banner Yahagi Kai Banner Sakawa Kai Banner
Yuubari Kai Banner Nagara Kai Banner Natori Kai Banner Tenryuu Kai Banner Tatsuta Kai Banner
Kinu Kai Ni Banner Kuma Kai Banner Tama Kai Ni Banner Yura Kai Ni Banner Gotland Kai Banner


Kitakami Kai Ni Banner Ooi Kai Ni Banner Kiso Kai Ni Banner


Katori Kai Banner Kashima Kai Banner



Yuudachi Kai Ni Banner Shigure Kai Ni Banner Kawakaze Kai Ni Banner Ayanami Kai Ni Banner Ushio Kai Ni Banner
Akatsuki Kai Ni Banner Verniy Banner Akizuki Kai Banner Teruzuki Kai Banner Hatsuzuki Kai Banner
Fubuki Kai Ni Banner Murakumo Kai Ni Banner Hatsuharu Kai Ni Banner Hatsushimo Kai Ni Banner Satsuki Kai Ni Banner
Asashio Kai Ni D Banner Arashio Kai Ni Banner Ooshio Kai Ni Banner Kasumi Kai Ni B Banner Yukikaze Kai Banner
Shimakaze Kai Banner Amatsukaze Kai Banner Mutsuki Kai Ni Banner Kisaragi Kai Ni Banner Uzuki Kai Banner
Yayoi Kai Banner Mochizuki Kai Banner Suzutsuki Kai Banner Uranami Kai Banner Shiratsuyu Kai Ni Banner
Murasame Kai Ni Banner Samidare Kai Banner Arare Kai Ni Banner Kagerou Kai Ni Banner Shiranui Kai Ni Banner
Urakaze D Kai Banner Isokaze B Kai Banner Hamakaze B Kai Banner Tanikaze D Kai Banner Yuugumo Kai Ni Banner
Makigumo Kai Ni Banner Kazagumo Kai Ni Banner Naganami Kai Ni Banner Asashimo Kai Banner Z1 Zwei Banner
Z3 Zwei Banner Maestrale Kai Banner Libeccio Kai Banner Johnston Kai Banner Samuel B. Roberts Kai Banner
Jervis Kai Banner Tashkent Kai Banner Michishio Kai Ni Banner Kuroshio Kai Ni Banner Fumizuki Kai Ni Banner



U-511 Banner Ro-500 Banner I-168 Kai Banner I-504 Banner Maruyu Kai Banner


I-401 Kai Banner I-19 Kai Banner I-8 Kai Banner I-58 Kai Banner I-26 Kai Banner
I-400 Kai Banner I-13 Kai Banner I-14 Kai Banner



Mizuho Kai Banner Akitsushima Kai Banner Commandant Teste Kai Banner

Missing Kanmusus

A Short Introduction

Since my second month playing the game, I've been consistently in the top 500 at least, used to be in the top 100 and once in top 20. Also probably among the "firsts" to reach HQ level 120 on my server. Nowadays, I just take it easy and go for top 500 to remain eligible for some rewards.

I have participated in all events since Spring 2014 and cleared all of the event maps, on hard difficulty if available, with the exception of Spring 2014 E-5. I got "worried" after reading stories about how hard that map was supposed to be and decided not to bother with it. (No Sakawa T_T) Now, I'm certain I could've cleared that map back then too. Morale of the story: NEVER GIVE UP! Certainly not without having given it a shot yourself! Believe!

I'm always looking forward to the next event. It is one of the (now) few things that keep me playing KanColle. However, recent events have been too easy for teitokus like me. Hopefully the devs will do a "difficult" one again.

Beginner Tips(+Rants)

You will find just some basic points and common sense (with rants included) below.

  • Stay calm when dealing with "hard" maps and just keep trying.
    • Find something else to do to distract yourself a bit. Don't accidentally sink any of your ships though!
    • I hate people mentioning "sanity". They are either overreacting or plain under-prepared.
  • Get your ships adequately leveled.
    • This helps keeping resource consumptions down, as your ships are less likely to get hit and more likely to damage/kill enemies.
  • Keep a wide array of ships and ship types adequately leveled.
    • If you plan on clearing event maps on medium or hard difficulty, you'll most likely have to deal with the ship-lock game mechanic. Having several healthily leveled ships over the various ship types is a must.
    • Be careful not to spread your ship exp over too many ships while your HQ level is still relatively low, as you might find your girls to be under-leveled in some situations. When you get a higher HQ level, you might find yourself in a higher HQ level bracket, thus encountering stronger variants of enemies in certain maps.
      • I consider ships at the same level as your HQ level, with a margin of around 10 levels, to be adequately leveled. This is of course irrelevant if you've reached a high HQ level (>100).
  • Stockpiling 30-40k resources for small-scale events and around 50k resources for medium-scale events should be sufficient for any difficulty, given that you have an adequate fleet.
    • Events last for a couple of weeks, you can farm more resources during this period too.
    • I also hate people posting the current state of their resources on the web. There is no point doing this except for brag on the web. Oh well, who am I to stop these people.
  • Sparkling for every single sortie is not always wise and efficient.
    • This is naturally especially the case for heavier fleets. Sometimes it is just more efficient not to sparkle and take a couple of more attempts.

Bonus Rants!

I like to rant and criticize a lot. Popular opinions are not always the "good" ones, neither are mine.

  • KanColle takes no skill. I've seen people claim otherwise. They are wrong.
  • You can't get "pro" at this game, other than just be knowledgeable about the game mechanics.
  • Lastly, salt is mainly to be used on food, not to be spread around on the net.

KanColle Events

Archived Fleet Compositions & Equipment Setups (with Commentary)

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