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Started: October 13th, 2013 Server: パラオ泊地 (Palau Anchorage)


Instant repair Instant construction Development material Improvement Materials
Fuel Ammunition Steel Bauxite Furniture box large
350 100 350 5 2 1 45,000 43,500 65,000 16,000 8,500

updated: 21.05.2019


Sakawa card 6-2 PLS.
Asashimo card RNJesus has denied me
Sortie and Event Log
Fall 2013 Event E-5 Map name

For those of you who wonder why I have such HORRIBLE Yasen PTSD, and why I go into paroxysms whenever you mention "hard events" this is why.

Holy hell. where to begin here. Just so people stop asking me why IBS was so bad, I'm going to go over everything here. My fleet wasn't terrible at the time, I had Kongou Kai2, which was our first battleship Kai 2, and I had both torp sisters to kai 2 as well. What made this event so bad? E-4, and for the love of god it was bad. It was 3 forced Night Battles before the boss, and all of them had elite and FS Chi-class Torp cruisers. SHA SHA SHA DON M*THERF*CKERS. YOU GOIN' HOME! On top of this, the boss node was ALSO forced yasen. Oh, and you needed Sanshiki or CLT DA to even really hurt the boss. Oh, and she had 2 floating fortress escorts that, if BOTH sunk, then you couldn't go to day battle with the boss, regardless of whether she was hurt or not. End of run. game over. Go home. Oh, and Boss regen. I believe it was 3% or so every hour, which means if you went to sleep for 7 hours, you came back to the bar regen'd enough for another kill. The Reccomended way to beat this map from WikiWiki? Suicide DD's. Not even kidding. It was the accepted norm.

Ironbottom Sound
Fall 2013 Event E-1 Map


Quite the fun event. Less of an "event" and more of a fun way to get people interested in Arpeggio. We got to use Arpeggio's 401, Takao, and Haruna, complete with the Super Gravity Cannons (AKA the Tsundere beam). This meant that the enemy FOG ships could also use them, which kinda sucked, but it wasn't as bad as a lot of people seemed to think. A lot of people cleared up to 5-2 at the time using just Iona, since she was an OP sub. As an aside, we didn't have formation choosing yet, so if you saw an Iona in PVP it was basically over. I don't think I won a single PVP while Iona was still in the game...

Kyuusoku Senkou~

Arpeggio X Kancolle
Bn 140423 on

Artillery Spotting!~

HarHarHar, this event. A laugh, except for the preboss node in E5, which is why I don't have Sakawa. In my hubris, I thought my fleet would roflstomp everything, including the bonus map. orz

Indonesian Islands
Bn 140808 on

AL/MI, despite what everyone else saying, was a great event

AL was ironically the most brutal. E-1 was a massive troll, with those subs having some seriously troll accuracy. This was also the first map where they introduced combined fleet mechanics, and the first event where they introduced ship locking based on maps. That was a huge pain, and led to a lot of grief in MI, where a lot of players had to use subpar CVL/BB's to pass. This was also the event where we first had fleet combined air battles. Oh, and BWS. Of all the things that make me salty, this event introducing BWS is probably the worst. The rest of it wasn't bad, since my CV's were all 99 at this point, and a level 99 Taihou, Hiryuu, souryuu, and Kaga make quick work of any air power the abyssals field.

Invasion of Midway
Bn 141114 on

Return of the BB Hime Wall
Operation of New guinea

Not quite as hard as AL/MI, I cleared everything including the EO in a solid 14 hours or so. E-4 ate me out of house and home due to sortieing way before most other people and not knowing the Akitsumaru branching rules. This event introduced some of my favorite ships like Aki and Pringles. Not much to say here, pretty much an apology for AL/MI being such a dick event.

Western New Guinea Campaign
Bn 150206 on

Return of the combined fleet

This event was surprisingly troll. this was also the first event to intrudoce difficulty that you could choose, as opposed to being stuck on hardmode if you were HQ80+. With the selection of difficulty, a lot of people who were unprepared still cleared the event, although not on HM. HM did give some nice equipment rewards though, and a snazzy medal if you cleared the last map on HM. I went normal mode on the last map, due to being tired and massive CV Demon wall in every preboss. She still scares me.

I should've gone HM if just to shoot for isokaze... orz

Operation Hailstorm

BB Name Level BBV Name Level
Yamato kai card Yamato 84 Ise kai card Ise Kai 82
Nagato kai card Nagato Kai 99
Mutsu kai card Mutsu Kai 98
Kongou kai2 card Kongou Kai-2 121
Haruna kai2 card Haruna Kai-2 99
Hiei kai2 card Hiei Kai-2 75
Kirishima kai2 card Kirishima Kai-2 99
Bismarck drei card Bismarck drei 140
Battleships / Aviation Battleships

CV Name Level CVL Name Level
Kaga kai card Kaga Kai 99 Chitose CVL kai2 card Chitose CV Kai-2 78
Akagi Kai Card Akagi Kai 83 Chiyoda CVL kai2 card Chiyoda CV Kai-2 88
Hiryuu kai2 card Hiryuu Kai-2 99 Hiyou kai card Hiyou Kai 66
Souryuu kai2 card Souryuu Kai-2 99 Junyou kai2 card Jun'you Kai-2 92
Zuikaku kai card Zuikaku Kai 69 Shouhou kai card Shouhou Kai Pfft, as if.
Shoukaku kai card Shoukaku Kai 7 (<3) Zuihou kai card Zuihou Kai 69
Taihou kai card Taihou Kai 139 Ryuujou kai2 card Ryuujou Kai-2 83
Unryuu kai card Unryuu Kai 80 Ryuuhou kai card Ryuuhou Kai 50
Amagi kai card Amagi Kai 67 Houshou kai card Houshou Kai Pfft, as if.
Standard Aircraft Carriers / Light Aircraft Carriers

CA Name Level CAV Name Level
Prinz Eugen kai card Prinz Eugen Kai 107 Tone kai2 card Tone Kai-2 84
Myoukou kai2 card Myoukou Kai-2 72 Chikuma kai2 card Chikuma Kai-2 Soon(tm)
Nachi kai2 card Nachi Kai-2 Those bangs...No thanks Mogami kai card Mogami Kai Scrapped
Ashigara kai2 card Ashigara Kai-2 65 Mikuma kai card Mikuma Kai 31
Haguro kai2 card Haguro Kai-2 87 Suzuya kai card Suzuya Kai 80
Furutaka kai2 card Furutaka Kai-2 65 Kumano kai card Kumano Kai 42
Kako Kai Card Kako Kai Scrapped after quest
Kinugasa kai2 card Kinugasa Kai-2 75
Aoba kai card Aoba Kai Scrapped after quest
Takao kai card Takao Kai 47
Atago kai card Atago Kai Scrapped
Maya kai2 card Maya Kai-2 77
Choukai kai2 card Choukai Kai-2 71
Heavy Cruisers / Aviation Cruisers

CL Name Level CLT Name Level
Sendai kai2 card Sendai Kai-2 79 Kitakami kai2 card Kitakami Kai-2 99
Jintsuu kai2 card Jintsuu Kai-2 WIP Soon(tm) Ooi kai2 card Ooi Kai-2 99
Naka kai2 card Naka Kai-2 52 Kiso kai2 card Kiso Kai-2 99
Ooyodo kai card Ooyodo Kai 70
Yuubari kai card Yuubari Kai 43
Isuzu kai2 card Isuzu Kai-2 75
Nagara kai card Nagara Kai Scrapped
135px Yura Kai Scrapped
Natori kai card Natori Kai Scrapped
Kinu kai card Kinu Kai Scrapped
Abukuma kai card Abukuma Kai Scrapped
Agano kai card Agano Kai 35
Noshiro kai card Noshiro Kai 35
Yahagi kai card Yahagi Kai PLS
Tenryuu kai card Tenryuu Kai 50
Tatsuta Kai Card Tatsuta Kai 56
Kuma Kai Kuma Kai Scrapped
Light Cruisers / Torpedo Cruisers

DD Name Level
Yuudachi kai2 card Yuudachi Kai-2 117
Shigure kai2 card Shigure Kai-2 87
Верный card Верный 122
Z1 zwei card Z1 zwei 20 (Zwei soon)
Z3 zwei card Z3 zwei 1 (soon, shipboi(
Ayanami kai2 card Ayanami Kai-2 84
Yayoi kai card Yayoi Kai 58
Uzuki kai card Uzuki Kai pyon
Fubuki kai2 card Fubuki Kai-2 WIP Soon(tm)
Amatsukaze kai card Amatsukaze Kai 104
Tokitsukaze kai card Tokitsukaze Kai 35
Harusame kai card Harusame Kai 32
135px Hayashimo Kai 15
Kiyoshimo kai card Kiyoshimo Kai 15
Yukikaze kai card Yukikaze Kai 78
Asagumo kai card Asagumo Kai 1
Shimakaze kai card Shimakaze Kai 58
Nowaki kai card Nowaki Kai 42
Akizuki kai card Akizuki Kai 87

SS(V) Name Level SS(V) Name Level
I-58 kai card I-58 Kai 78 I-58 card I-58 Many copies
I-8 kai card I-8 Kai 82 I-8 card I-8 2 copies
I-19 kai card I-19 Kai 98 I-19 card I-19 Many copies
I-168 kai card I-168 Kai 87 I-168 card I-168 SO MANY COPIES
Ro-500 card Ro-500 Soon, Garuru~
Maruyu kai card Maruyu Kai 35
Submarines / Aircraft Carrying Submarines

Misc. Name Level Misc. Name Level
Katori kai card Katori Kai 54 Akitsumaru kai card Akitsu Maru Kai 38
Taigei card Taigei 20 Chitose A card Chitose A 15
Akashi kai card Akashi Kai 35 Chiyoda A card Chiyoda A 22
Auxiliary Ships

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