aka Calamity Trigger

  • I live in Kagutsuchi
  • I was born on December 25
  • My occupation is successor of the Azure
  • I am Noel Vermillion

Just a guy who might just be starting to get into KanColle. I mostly snoop around correcting minor grammatical and spelling errors, "translating" voice lines and adding personalities to certain shipgirls that do not have a personality section on their article. I mostly play casually, usually doing mostly expeditions and stockpiling for events, and I absolutely love that fluffy, pugnacious Yūdachi.

If I'm not here, you'll probably see me editing on the Gun Wiki or editing my slideshow about trains of all sorts.


  • Destroyer(s): Fubuki, all three duckies, Amatsukaze, Yamakaze, Mutsuki, Yūdachi, Arashio, Kagerō, Shigure, Akigumo, Oyashio or Jervis. Sleep well, Bucky. Hope you can get revived sooner... or later. All three Akizuki-class kanmusu (or duckies) have cute chō-10cm-hō-chans (although Shimakaze's Rensōhō-chans are admittedly cuter), but what kills me is their reaction when they see anything luxurious (to them at least), which I find very cute. Amatsukaze may just be your generic tsundere (just like Takao from Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio or maybe Yamakaze) but she does have that cute heart-shaped smoke cloud (if only she was more commonly seen...). Yamakaze... actually looks good and is one of the best kanmusu designs I've seen, despite her okay stats. Mutsuki... is just cute. Yūdachi... poi poi poi (and this image). Need I say more? Arashio... "Ufufufufu". Shigure... look at that endearing smile on her non-Kai Ni artwork. A smile I would want to protect. Akigumo... mainly because of that voice of hers and... just listen to her Married Secretary Line when Kai'd. And Oyashio... well, it's a long story. Jervis is basically a mini Kongō, and because I friggin' love her, you get an idea. Let's just say I like her character. Shimakaze would be higher on the list if her outfit wasn't so revealing and Kagerō is a honorable mention probably because of some picture I found on Facebook which I found cute (source unknown).
  • Battleship(s): Nagato, Mutsu or Yamato. Nagato and Mutsu are very good complements to each other's personalities; Nagato is serious while Mutsu is flirty, while Yamato... is just fun to poke fun at because of her luxury. Bismarck comes a close second because of her serious personality, but not as good as Nagato's. Musashi would be higher on this list if her outfit... wasn't so revealing, and Iowa would be too if she could SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH.
  • Aviation battleship(s): Fusō or Hyūga. Well then, if Fusō says she's unlucky, at least she's being honest about it. Hyūga, on the other hand, was my very first battleship; she's been KOing strong enemies since then.
  • Fast battleship(s): Kongō, Haruna or Gangut. Kongō speaks okay "English", good personality, and most of all, "TEIIIIIIIIITOOOOOOOKUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!"; Haruna is humble, and loves to speak in third person, which is honestly quite cute. Gangut's voice sounds bloody awesome, and despite her only speaking basic Russian words like Zdravstvuyte and Khorosho, she sounds like she can kick some butt, the "Dva" replacing "Kai Ni", and the fact that she gains the name of Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya after her first remodel, AKA Gangut Kai, or as I like to call it, Gangut Odin. Hiei would be higher if she stopped screaming "HIEEEE" like a wimp when she got hit (though admittedly, her mistaking a chocolate for an armor-piercing shell is rather hilarious; and apparently, those chocolates are lethal enough to kill the Abyssal Fleet, and her cooking is hilariously bad to the point that there are so many running gags about it) and Kirishima would be higher if she didn't check her microphone so often, though I gotta admit, their singing voices are good.
  • Light cruiser(s): Ōyodo, Isuzu, Kinu, Yūbari, Agano, Yahagi or Abukuma. I don't care if Ōyodo says "sakusen" every two words. She's a good assistant. Isuzu is very effective as a kanmusu in game, and Kinu is probably a great person to hang out with (though I will admit, I will prank the hell outta her if she gives me Russian Roulette chocolates). Yūbari... has a friggin' mad scientist personality. And because she was my 32nd ship, she's been kicking head since then. Agano is just... cute. And effective. Yahagi's giggling is unforgettable, especially if you click her a lot; she was also my first Agano-class cruiser. And Abukuma... is hella cute. Really, really cute. I don't care if people say that she's on helium or some other gas. Her lines make her all the more cute. Especially since she is so top-tier.
  • Heavy cruiser(s): Atago, Maya, Chōkai, or both Aoba-class kanmusu. First off, Atago sounds exactly like Kongō. Almost. Couldn't have Ms. Tōyama come up with another voice for her? Anyway, from all the stuff I see, she seems to be a good ship for combat, unless I'm wrong. If only she could stop giggling like a little child... and stop saying "pan paka pan" so often. Maya is another one of these laid-back characters from what I see (but she's been kicking head in my fleet since then), Chōkai... is just effective, and Aoba and Kinugasa... are cute. Like their tones of voice and speech patterns.
  • Torpedo cruiser(s): Kiso. A departure of personalities; basically, a friggin' female pirate. Kitakami would be higher on this list if her personality wasn't so unpredictable and Ōi would be too if she wasn't so attached to Kitakami to the point where it gets annoying. But pissed off Ōi in the English dub is best Ōi.
  • Aviation cruiser(s): Kumano. Another generic lady-like friendly character... who loves sandwiches. Wonder why she squeals like a dolphin...
  • Light carrier(s): Zuihō. Hmm, another one of the Admiral's potential... y'know. Wonder why she likes tamagoyaki so much.
  • Standard carrier(s): Zuikaku, Akagi or Kaga. Another departure from the other personalities of the rest, by not taking things seriously. Akagi is cheerful, just like Kongō, but what takes the cake is her gluttony, just like in game. Even her idle line shows it. Kaga is a good counter to Akagi, being the polar opposite. Apparently, Kaga is kinda cute in that she can tolerate Akagi's bullcrap during that curry contest...
  • Submarine(s): I know this is cheating because this character isn't exactly from Kantai Collection: I-401 Iona. I am fully aware that there is an I-401 (Shioi) in Kantai Collection, but, Iona, IMO, looks better than Shioi. Hopefully Kadokawa can have another Kantai Collection × Arpeggio of Blue Steelcrossover. But if there was a submarine I like from Kantai Collection, it's either I-58/Goya, I-14/Iyo or I-400/Shion; for Goya, it is likely due to this video. For Iyo, it's her departure of personalities from other submarines, has a great seiyū, and the fact that she reminds me of a certain railroad, as I am a railfan who does go into details about Japanese trains among other things. For Shion, it's that angelic (ish?) voice that she has combined with her personality.
  • Seaplane tender(s): Commandant Teste. The only ship that literally says "I love you" when you marry her.
  • Escort Ship(s)/Coastal Defense Ship(s): Shimushu or Sado. Three words for Shimushu: Just. Damn. Cute. For Sado, here's something this guy said: "she's a more energetic and lolier version of Maya".
  • Auxiliary(s): Akashi. Complements Ōyodo well, with a great seiyū, and a legitimately sad sinking line (if she ever sank, I would cry just hearing the line). She's also honest in that she... can't really fight.
  • In-game music piece(s): 敵超弩級戦艦を叩け!(Battling the enemy's super dreadnaught!). A grim sounding piece integrating parts of 我、夜戦に突入す! (Rushing into the night battle!), which makes it sound all the more grim; 砲雷撃戦、始め!(Cannons and Torpedoes, Fire!) comes a close second due to its catchiness, and 提督との絆 (Our bond with the Admiral) comes close as the lyrics have actual meaning; who knew the Kongō sisters have such good singing voices.
  • Anime music piece: 帰還 (Return) by Shiena Nishizawa, 吹雪 (Fubuki) by Shiena Nishizawa or 海色 (みいろ) (Miiro) by AKINO (from bless4). Return is a good piece for a movie, showing the sadness of Fubuki's sinking; sleep well. Fubuki, well... is a catchy piece with a catchy tune. And Miiro... is upbeat.
  • Unofficial music piece(s): 銃爆 (Jūbaku/Gunshot) by Kinema 106, and sung by kalon., Kumano's image song; this is the main version. Upbeat, and tells her story very nicely, even though I have no transcription of the lyrics. Not. Very nice key, and is probably kalon. and Kinema 106's most famous song. There is also a second version of Jūbaku, an orchestral version; the lyrics, honestly, have more of an impact on the orchestral version, and listening to it almost made me well up in tears due to the lyric transcriptions, along with the very atmospheric tempo and music key.

My stats

  • Server: Shortland Anchorage
  • HQ Level: 101
  • Secretary: Yūdachi Kai Ni
Shipgirls I own or have once owned

Nicknames of ships I give nicknames to will be in brackets.


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Random images

  • Dōse Minna Mutsu Ni Naru.
  • Holy shit, that Kai Ni art though. Konishi never fails to impress.
  • Oh, good grief.
  • Oh my. That's kinda cool, I guess...
  • Mad.
  • 777.
  • Picture of the last few hours of this game being on Flash.
  • My final screenshot to bid farewell to the Flash era of Kantai Collection.

The office

Sakura flooring
Mutsuki's Wallpaper
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Anchorage counter bar
4th Anniversary Wall Scroll
Submarine Carrier Drawer
Kongou's tea set
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Them English Dub Quotes

Apparently, I decided to watch the English dub from the Kancolle Anime, even though I already finished watching the series in Japanese months ago. It's okay, to be honest, but the voice actresses decided to change quotes, and sometimes the meaning of the sentence; this causes some sentences to end up being somewhat funny.

  • "What in the hell do you think you're doing, insect?!" - Amber Lee Connors as Ōi
  • "Smoochie, smoochie... oh, Commander, oh my love – hold up. When did the commander get boobs that are so squishy?" - Alexis Tipton as Kongō
  • "Uh, um... awesome. Go get 'em, champ..." - Felecia Angelle as Fubuki
  • "Oh, who's a cutie-patootie? Did you guess you because the answer is you, Mr. Furface? You're a softie like me–" - Elizabeth Maxwell as Nagato
  • "But how about that Nagato? Such a total softie!" - Morgan Garrett as Mutsu
  • "Hey Naka, why don't you come over here and then–" - Kristi Rothrock as Ashigara
  • "Oh no, Admiral, we can't! I mean, after dinner dessert, you'll ruin your appetite!" - Alexis Tipton as Kongō
  • "Uh, yeah. I'd die of happiness... *euphoric laughter*" - Felecia Angelle as Fubuki
  • "Wow, that's some seriously loud daydreaming." - Leah Clark as Yūdachi
  • "How dare you look at Kitakami! Stupid Abyssal, I WILL CRUSH YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! Die, insect! Nngh!" - Amber Lee Connors as Ōi
  • "Oh, wow, Kitakami is beyond adorable right now! No, even adorable doesn't properly describe the intense level of cuteness we've just achieved! But then, what should I call it? How can I describe my love? I know, it's moe! From here on out, this level of cuteness shall be dubbed as moe!" - Amber Lee Connors as Ōi
  • "*euphoric laughter* Ad-miral, no, don't, not fair! Please stop, you know how ticklish I am! *continues euphorically laughing*" - Alexis Tipton as Kongō
  • "Yeah! Promise never to do that again!" - Monica Rial as Akatsuki
  • "A pot. Formerly." - Camille Liedtka as Inazuma
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