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The unsinkable

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Summer 2015 operation has left us all in awe. Facing overwhelming foes never before seen, the Kagerou-class destroyer miracle endured.

Heavy armor Seaplane Tender Princess in E3? No problem, leave it to one-hit-kill Yukikaze. Path blocker Aircraft Carrier Princess in E6? It'll be alright, a torpedo cut-in will take care of that.

What about Air Defense Princess the toughest and baddest of them all? Torpedo CI at 200 damage vs. 1-HP AD-hime. There is no miracle 1HP survival for the Abyssal, the unsinkable can only be in Kure!

Searchlight Hall of Fame

  • Akatsuki - excellent performance in E2, Fall 2014 Event E2
  • Kaga - triple Reppuu crafting spree

Akashi's forge

Destroyer division 6

Hibiki's bookshelf

Study bookshelf
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Exped Time Flag Fleet Drum Lvl
2 0:30 2 4XX
6 0:40 4 4XX
4 0:50 3 1CL 2DD
5 1:30 3 1CL 2DD 1XX
21 2:20 15 1CL 4DD Drum x3 30
37 2:45 50 1CL 5DD Drum x4 200
38 2:55 65 5DD 1XX Drum x8 250
11 5:00 6 2DD 2XX
35 7:00 40 2CV 1CA 1DD 2XX
12 8:00 4 2DD 2XX
36 9:00 30 2AV 1CL 1DD 2XX
15 12:00 8 2CV 2DD 2XX
16 15:00 10 1CL 2DD 3XX
23 24:00 5 CT 2DD 3XX

Inazuma's diary

Classroom set Desk
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EmergencyRepair Craft
C o n s t r u c t i o n
  • Noshiro: Construction recipe 4000/6000/6000/2000/20 flagship Z1
  • Yamato: Construction recipe 4000/6000/6000/2000/20 flagship Z1
  • Yuubari: Construction recipe 30/30/30/30 flagship Hiryuu (8 weeks of default)
  • I-8: Construction recipe 250/30/200/30 flagship Ayanami
  • Yahagi: Construction recipe 1500/1500/2000/1000/1 flagship Hibiki
  • Maruyu x3: Construction recipe 1500/1500/2000/1000/1 flagship Hibiki
  • Taihou: Construction recipe 4000/2000/5000/7000/20 flagship Amagi
  • Bismarck: Construction recipe 4000/7000/7000/2000/20 flagship Z3
  • I-401: Construction recipe 4000/6000/6000/2000/1 flagship I-58
  • Akitsu Maru: Construction recipe 4000/7000/7000/2000/1 flagship Yamato
D e v e l o p m e n t

Ikazuchi's desk

Admiral's study desk
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RedGunLight Sortie

  • Summer 2015 Event is over
New ships this event: Umikaze, Kazagumo, Libeccio, Kawakaze, Hayasui, Teruzuki, Tokitsukaze, Akitsu Maru x3

This is our base's first major campaign and it is the hardest event in history! And Admiral didn't plan to take on the battle seriously! He had personal agendas other than a flawless campaign. He set the goals clear from the start: we would ransack this event looking for new girls to complete the navy list (hint: library).

On the list were Tokitsukaze and Amatsukaze, the two girls we had been longing for since operation Kon (Fall 2014). Then when we heard of the new ship girl Umikaze, she immediately became the top priority (not only because Shigure insisted so but it was also because Admiral had some attachments with the name). Along with 6 other new girls, we had a long list of 9 comrades to look for in this vast and merciless battlefield.

Somehow, the Admiral was distracted from his duty during the entire operation. He often went out of office for long hours and without him we could only manage a few expeditions everyday. E1 and E2 weren't bad at all. We met our old nemesis DD-hime and CL-oni. Even the surprise BB-hime bullet-dance in E2 at the last moment did not hinder our advance.

Then E3 was the first blockage. Our base has a long tradition in aerial battle and our prized Carrier Divisions decimated all our past enemies. But right on the first sortie to E3H, we took a severe loss. We failed to achieve air superiority at boss and a great number of our elite pilots were shot down by Tsu-class Elite. It was a gruesome battle in which we had to field our capital ships--Yamato and Musashi--together for the first time in a special operation.

News of Umikaze's sighting in E4 weighed the Admiral's pride of a warrior against his love for us ship girls. We were glad he went through with his set goals. E4E was a breather but little did we know that our fast battleship fleet would spend over a hundred of sorties and 96 flawless boss battles to locate the missing girl.

E5M was a breeze. We came back to these summer beaches during our weary times between farming runs for a little dodge ball game with Harbour Princess. She gave us 3 Landing crafts to bolster our expedition team.

E6H decimated the main strength of our base completely. In one depressing evening, the First fleet girls sortied to boss 12 times without any luck. Our resources were gone, we had a fourth of what we started off with remaining. The Admiral went missing for the entire next day as usual. Alas, we got a breakthrough and cleared map on the first two sorties of the day.

The final battle was brutal even on Easy difficulty. Or so it should have been. Finally, the Admiral revealed what he had been up to all this time. He proposed to Inazuma and already got the document ready. Perhaps only Inazuma herself was surprised, we all knew he was struck by lightning and fell head over heel with his first secretary from the start; it was only a matter of time.

Or was it just her usual reaction, no one knows for sure...

They got married in the middle of the most hellish battle ever and he asked her on a very special kind of honeymoon spot none of our regular expedition-runners would ever dream of going to. He trusted in her hidden strength and the strength of their bond. And so, she went to the very core of hell itself. She went face-to-face with Air Defense Princess and delivered a devastating torpedo cut-in and one-shot the...Battleship Princess.

She came back sparkling and untouched. It took a miracle ship later to finish the job. But, for the new-wed couple, it was the memory that counts.

  • A Couple's First Quest cleared (too many tries, so much compass)
  • Spring 2015 Event is over (See road map for more details)
  • Destroyer Division Six anti-submarine patron quest cleared (2 tries - too strong)
  • Reppuu retraining quest completed (Reppuu (601 Air Group) get)
  • 601st Naval Air Group sortie quest cleared (1 try)
  • Winter 2015 Event is over
New ships this event: Unryuu, Yamagumo, U-511, Katori, Amagi, Hatsukaze, Asashimo, Kiyoshimo, Urakaze and three extra Maruyu

The first event to have difficulty selection and Hard mode event is sick. E1 was easy, E2 was moderately difficult, E3 was quite manageable, E4 was a bit sickening at CV-hime and E5 was excruciating. It appeared that we did not have enough ammunition to proceed with E5 Hard last dance. When the decisive call from Admiral to start over on Easy got to us, it was the single darkest moment of our fleet. We barely had enough resources for E5 Easy and we managed it with last bullets.

Admittedly, the rush down was too easy as the preemptive strikes crushed pre-boss escort fleet in T-green and Akizuki single-handedly stripped Aircraft Carrier Princess of shelling power. It was a quadruple S-rank on every node in the last run. We finished off boss even before the second fleet got to shell.

  • Elite Second Carrier Division sortie quest cleared (3 attempts - pure luck)
  • Battleship Squadron in the Northern Waters sortie quest cleared
  • Sixth Squadron in the Southwestern Waters sortie quest cleared
  • World 5-3 cleared
Fleet used, one and only for all attempts. Kitakami: Double attack setup, Kongou: 2 main guns, radar and boiler, Nachi: same load out as Kongou, Haguro has Night scout instead of radar, Shigure: 5th slot has ASW gears, and Yuudachi double attack + radar/star shell setup for the last slot.

Searchlight was abandoned in favor of boilers because searchlight causes the bearer not only to be attacked more often but also to get hit more often as well (lowered evasion). It does not work well as we want everyone to survive till boss. Not to mention shenanigans from RnG seems to lead to more frequent Ri-class cut-in when searchlight was equipped. See four straight easy boss kills without seeing a single cut-in when the cursed searchlight was shoveled over board.

Echelon/Double Line formation pre-boss. Line Abreast boss node when 2/3 heavy ships had taken moderate damage, Double Line otherwise. Echelon appears to grant better cut-in resistance at the cost of accuracy. Support expedition in last dance. They killed the boss, they are the boss!

  • World 5-2 cleared
  • Second Carrier Division sortie quest cleared (1 attempt)
  • Destroyer Division 30 (1st Gen.) sortie quest cleared (2 attempts)
Straight up night double attack setup for elite DDs, damecon on Mutsuki and Kisaragi along with boilers. Flagship carries Searchlight. Kirasagi sank at boss and expended a damecon but they managed S-rank victory and quest clear. Sparkling is not necessary for weaker DDs but it is recommended for stronger ones
  • Fall 2014 Event is over
A long list of newcomers in this event: Suzuya, Akizuki, Akigumo, Prinz Eugen, Nowaki, Hayashimo, Harusame, Ooyodo, Naganami, Asagumo, Maikaze, Taigei, extra Maruyu and extra Mikuma.

In general, the event is one of the easier events—although, personally, not much can be said since it is our fleet's first major event. There are a lot of says go into the second, E2, and the fourth map, E4, since they gave us the most troubles. E1 was a give-away map and E3 could be cleared easily, but not quite as farmable as E2 or E1.

  • New Mikawa Fleet sortie quest cleared (11 tries)
Strategy involves a sacrificial ship carrying Type 0 Seaplanes, attempting to gain a successful recon check. Around 47-54 effective LoS is recommended.

The key point to achieve victory at boss node is to survive Wo-class's opening airstrike with minimal damage. A successful recon check significantly lessens the otherwise devastating bombing damage (with up to 3 ships in red) and gives bonus accuracy and in shelling phase. Cut-in setup with 2x main gun and 1x secondary gun on high luck ships to maximize night battle capability. Double attacks deal scratch damage to Ru-class and Wo-class. Anti-air guns and radars do nothing against Wo-class's airstrike and the fleet doesn't have enough firepower to take care of boss this way.

Akatsuki's shoebox

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