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[[File:RedAmmo.png|link=Combat]] '''[[User:Fujihita/Archive|Fall 2014 Event]]'''
[[File:RedAmmo.png|link=Combat]] '''[[User:Fujihita/Archive|Fall 2014 Event]]'''
{| width=100%
{| width=100%
|[[File:Agat_c.png|link=Combat]] '''[[Winter 2015 Event]]'''
|[[File:Agat_c.png|link=Combat]] '''[[User_blog:Fujihita/Winter_2015_Event_road_map|Winter 2015 Event]]'''
*E1 Analyses and Strategies (Hard)
|<div style="overflow:hidden;width:90%;height:100px;align:bottom;">[[File:572.png|125x165px|right|link=Submarine So-Class]]</div>
|}<div style="color:navyblue;background:lightgray;border:solid 1px lightgray;border-radius:10px;padding:10px;margin:20px;margin-top:-3px;margin-bottom:0px;">
The calm before the storm, this is the easiest map (and possibly the only easy map) in this event. 1CL 5DD is the staple composition. Anti-submarine weapons will do the trick nicely. There's a LoS check pre-boss, it appears high LoS results in more ACDGI and low LoS results in more BEFHI. The LoS seems to be around '''42-49 effective LoS (old formula)'''.
It's recommended to have at least 4 sets of full ASW ships and 1-2 partial ASW ship for the final run. This leaves only two ships with radars/seaplanes to meet LoS requirement. In either cases, [[Ooyodo]] with 2x [[Type 0 Observation Seaplane]] and another DD with [[Type 33 Surface RADAR]] solved LoS issue.
To make matters worse, G node has surface ships. Our fleet relied on [[Yuudachi]] with surface equipment and Ayanami for surface damage. We went double line against G node during the first run. Afterwards, we adjusted the LoS (threw out a radar and put a surface gun in) and went north instead. Line ahead [[Submarine Yo-Class|Yo-class]]'s preemptive torp is bad but at least we were prepared for anti-sub warfare.
Another note: never, ever, go into night battle against a flagship submarine. Can't hit 'em at all.
{| class="wikitable"
|[[File:SS_Ka_Class2.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]]
! rowspan="2" | '''D'''
|[[File:SS_Ka_Class2.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class2.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]]
|Echelon (F)
|[[File:SS_Ka_Class3.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class2.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]]
! '''E'''
|[[File:SS_Ka_Class2.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]]
! rowspan="2" | '''G'''
|Line Ahead
|[[File:CL_He_Class3.png|link=Light_Cruiser_He-Class]][[File:Wa_flagship_card.png|link=Transport ship Wa-class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]][[File:SS_Yo_Class.png|link=Submarine Yo-Class]]
|Line Ahead (F)
|[[File:CL_He_Class3.png|link=Light_Cruiser_He-Class]][[File:Wa_flagship_card.png|link=Transport ship Wa-class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]][[File:SS_Yo_Class2.png|link=Submarine Yo-Class]][[File:SS_Yo_Class.png|link=Submarine Yo-Class]]
! rowspan="2" | '''H'''
|Line Ahead
|[[File:SS_Yo_Class2.png|link=Submarine Yo-Class]][[File:SS_Yo_Class.png|link=Submarine Yo-Class]][[File:SS_Yo_Class.png|link=Submarine Yo-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]]
|Line Ahead (F)
|[[File:SS_Yo_Class3.png|link=Submarine Yo-Class]][[File:SS_Yo_Class.png|link=Submarine Yo-Class]][[File:SS_Yo_Class.png|link=Submarine Yo-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]]
! rowspan="2" | <span style="color:red;">'''I'''</span>
|[[File:SS_So_Class2.png|link=Submarine So-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class2.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]]
|Line Abreast (F)
|[[File:SS_So_Class3.png|link=Submarine So-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class2.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class2.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]][[File:SS_Ka_Class.png|link=Submarine Ka-Class]]
{| width=100%
*E2 Analyses and Strategies (Hard)
|<div style="overflow:hidden;width:90%;height:100px;align:bottom;">[[File:Wo_fk.png|125x165px|right|link=Standard Carrier Wo-Class]]</div>
<div style="color:navyblue;background:lightgray;border:solid 1px lightgray;border-radius:10px;padding:10px;margin:20px;margin-top:-3px;margin-bottom:0px;">
This map is similar to World 3-3, but it's taken to 11. Possible compositions in this map are:
* 2CV 2FBB 1CLT 1DD for BCFHI, with B node is a fuel maelstrom
* 1CV 1CVL 2FBB 1CA 1CL for AFHI
* 1CL 5DD for ADEFI (?)
There is a LoS check preboss which we were able to pass with 1x [[Saiun]], 2x [[Type 0 Observation Seaplane]] and 1x [[FuMO25 Radar]]. Our fleet went with the first composition. For the first 6 kills, we followed this order: [[Hiryuu]], [[Kongou]], [[Kaga]], [[Kirishima]], [[Yuudachi]], [[Kitakami]].
Hiryuu was deployed with the following load out in slot order: [[Suisei (Egusa Squadron)]], [[Reppuu]], [[Suisei Model 12A]] and [[Saiun]].
Kaga went into battle with [[Tenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron)]], [[Reppuu (601 Air Group)]], [[Reppuu]], [[Suisei Model 12A]]
Yuudachi had AA Cut-in setup and Kitakami has Torpedo cut-in setup.
This composition allowed our carriers to shell heavily in daytime and Kitakami to preemptively cripple a Wo-class at boss, taking into account of the ammo penalty. As air power is limited in this set up, we ran into a major risk at boss against the opening airstrike.
However, this set up allowed us to pass F node against double Ru-class flagship easily as we have up to 4 ships capable of crippling Ru-class in daytime and Kitakami can also one-shot a Ru-class with her torp. High opening damage wiped the floor with the light ships and focused our shelling damage on the heavy hitters.
Things changed at boss in final form because the number of heavy hitters on the enemy side increased to 4. We swapped positions and put our Fast Battleships in the first two position following by the Carriers. This gave us the first strike in night battle and second shelling should the carriers are crippled by Wo-class.
In total, we needed 3 more runs on the last kill. We retreated twice at F node and twice did we fail to hit boss. We did 13 runs in total and used up a measly 35 buckets. All the hard works in World 3-3 paid up!
{| class="wikitable"
|Line Ahead
|Line Ahead
|[[File:CL_He_Class3.png|link=Light_Cruiser_He-Class]][[File:CL_Ho_Class3.png|link=Light Cruiser Ho-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]]
|Line Ahead
|[[File:CA_Ri_Class3.png|link=Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class]][[File:CT_Chi_Class3.png|link=Torpedo Cruiser Chi-Class]][[File:CT_Chi_Class3.png|link=Torpedo Cruiser Chi-Class]][[File:CL_To_Class2.png|link=Light Cruiser To-Class]][[File:DD_Ro_Class_4.png|Destroyer Ro-Class]][[File:DD_Ro_Class_4.png|Destroyer Ro-Class]]
|Double Line
|[[File:BB_Ru_Class3.png|link=Battleship Ru-Class]][[File:BB_Ru_Class3.png|link=Battleship Ru-Class]][[File:CA_Ri_Class2.png|link=Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class]][[File:CL_To_Class2.png|link=Light Cruiser To-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]]
|[[File:CVL_Nu_Class3.png|link=Light Carrier Nu-Class]][[File:CA_Ri_Class2.png|link=Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class]][[File:DD_Ro_Class_4.png|Destroyer Ro-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]]
! rowspan="2"|'''H'''
|[[File:CVL_Nu_Class3.png|link=Light Carrier Nu-Class]][[File:CVL_Nu_Class3.png|link=Light Carrier Nu-Class]][[File:CA_Ri_Class2.png|link=Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class]][[File:CA_Ri_Class2.png|link=Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]]
|[[File:CVL_Nu_Class3.png|link=Light Carrier Nu-Class]][[File:CVL_Nu_Class3.png|link=Light Carrier Nu-Class]][[File:BB_Ru_Class3.png|link=Battleship Ru-Class]][[File:CA_Ri_Class2.png|link=Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]]
! rowspan="2" |<span style="color:red;">'''I'''</span>
|[[File:CV_Wo_Class5.png|link=Standard Carrier Wo-Class]][[File:CV_Wo_Class5.png|link=Standard Carrier Wo-Class]][[File:BB_Ta_Class3.png|Battleship Ta-Class]][[File:CL_Tsu_elite_b.jpg|link=Light Cruiser Tsu-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]]
|Diamond (F)
|[[File:CV_Wo_Class4.png|link=Standard Carrier Wo-Class]][[File:CV_Wo_Class5.png|link=Standard Carrier Wo-Class]][[File:CV_Wo_Class5.png|link=Standard Carrier Wo-Class]][[File:BB_Ta_Class3.png|Battleship Ta-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]][[File:DD_I_Class_4.png|link=Destroyer_I-Class]]
{| width=100%
*E3 Analyses and Strategies (Hard)
|<div style="overflow:hidden;width:90%;height:100px;align:bottom;">[[File:602.png|125x165px|right|link=Light Cruiser Dwelling Demon]]</div>
<div style="color:navyblue;background:lightgray;border:solid 1px lightgray;border-radius:10px;padding:10px;margin:20px;margin-top:-3px;margin-bottom:0px;">
For this map, our ''Quick Response'' combined fleet was optimized for ABFHK route. Sometimes, we head CEFHK instead, hitting an extra fuel maelstrom node at E. Our main fleet consisted of 3CV 1FBB 1BB 1CAV, the second fleet consisted of 1CA 1CL 4DD. We utilized a variety of carrier techniques in this battle and made the changes at the last dance since we had studied ahead of time the enemy patterns we would be facing.
For the three boss kills, we ran with high emphasis on opening airstrike and overwhelming carrier shelling power, the load out of our carriers were:
*Hiryuu: [[Suisei (Egusa Squadron)|Egusa]], [[Reppuu]], [[Reppuu]], [[Fleet Command Facility]]
*Kaga: [[Suisei Model 12A]], [[Reppuu]], [[Reppuu (601 Air Group)]], [[Suisei Model 12A]]
*Shoukaku: [[Tenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron)|Tomonaga]], [[Reppuu]], [[Ryuusei (601 Air Group)]], [[Type 2 Recon Aircraft]]
Hiryuu has high innate firepower, allowing her to deal significant amount of damage with only Egusa. Additionally, her 3 plane slot is ideal for Fleet Command Facility as it has very little effect on her performance. Knowing the formula for calculating carrier shelling damage does not take into account of number of planes in slot, Kaga took two [[Suisei Model 12A]] on her smallest and second smallest slots.
The damage of opening airstrike, however, is affected by plane count. However, we need Kaga's largest plane slot for [[Reppuu (601 Air Group)]] and since she had already had 2 shelling planes, we put the Tomonaga Squadron and [[Ryuusei (601 Air Group)]] on Shoukaku instead. Shoukaku's evenly distributed plane slots fared better than Kaga and allowed more blue planes on her two medium slots. A [[Type 2 Recon Aircraft]] to further boost the opening airstrike on her smallest slots. All other slots are filled with [[Reppuu]] to achieve air superiority (AS) in every node.
Things changed a bit for the final battle as there are now two Wo-class flagship Kai at boss. The fighter power required to AS becomes 306. Since we would be facing even tougher enemies, we needed concentrated shelling power. So for the last run, the load out became:
*Hiryuu: [[Suisei (Egusa Squadron)|Egusa]], [[Reppuu]], [[Suisei Model 12A]], [[Fleet Command Facility]]
*Kaga: [[Reppuu]], [[Reppuu]], [[Reppuu (601 Air Group)]], [[Type 2 Recon Aircraft]]
*Shoukaku: [[Tenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron)|Tomonaga]], [[Reppuu]], [[Ryuusei (601 Air Group)]], [[Reppuu]]
Kaga became unable to participate in shelling but Hiryuu got an extra firepower boost necessary to cripple a Wo-kai or battleship at boss. Shoukaku carried the same general load out for opening airstrike and shelling power. With this set up, we relied heavily on the fact that Kaga would not get hit since we would lose air control without Kaga. Shoukaku was more expendable; we would be able to at least air parity with only Hiryuu and Kaga.
For the final run, we ramped up the scale and replaced Nagato with Yamato in fifth slot. The set up was [[Type 1 AP Shell|AP shell]], [[Prototype 51cm Twin Cannon|51cm cannon]], [[46cm Triple Gun Mount|46cm cannon]], and [[Type 0 Observation Seaplane|Obs plane]]. The FBB in fourth slot was Kirishima and she had a more accuracy-oriented load out with [[FuMO25 Radar]] and 2x [[41cm Twin Gun Mount|41cm cannon]]
[[Fleet Command Facility]] was an invaluable asset in this map. BB-hime pre-boss was especially merciless and we had to pull damaged ships out this way to get our boss kills. Since FCF uses the undamaged DD from top down, not counting the flagship of escort fleet, Shimakaze was positioned in second slot. She has high evasion, expendable and can tank hits if necessary. Shigure and Yukikaze were vital in our night battle fleet as we would rely on cut-in to bring down 170 armor boss. Yuudachi was the next tow ship should something happen to Shimakaze.
For night equipment, a [[Type 98 Recon Seaplane (Night Scout)|Night scout]] on third ship Nachi and [[Star Shell]] carried by flagship Shigure. Sendai on fourth slot and Yukikaze last slot.
The brainstorming was definitely worth it, we wiped the floor with boss fleet, final form, in day battle. AA cut-in from Yuudachi suppressed Wo-kai's airstrike. Both Late model DDs were sunk and Ta-class suffered light damage in a type-2-recon-contact bombing. Nachi double-attacked and crippled a Wo-kai. Our light fleet whittled down the other to medium damage in torpedo phase. Yamato crippled the light damaged Wo-kai, Hiryuu shelled Ta-class to smithereens and finished off the other Wo. Yamato added another shot dealing 100+ damage to boss before night battle. With star shell and night scout triggered, Shigure cut-in the crippled Wo-class, Nachi and Sendai finished off the boss before Yukikaze even had a chance to say "sha-sha-sha".
A comparison between ABFHK and CEHK routing.
*ABFHK has three pre-boss battles
*CEHK has two pre-boss battles and a fuel maelstrom
While this seems straightforward enough, the fuel maelstrom costs two-battle-worth of fuel so the fleet would end up at BB-hime node with ''less fuel'' compared to ABFHK. Since fuel affects evasion and lowered evasion spell trouble against BB-hime, we opted for another battle to have higher fuel level at BB-hime.

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Combined fleet

007 3

We have a new Reppuu queen!

Cf c Highlight

In an amazing streak of luck, Carrier division 1, Fleet carrier Kaga has led the daily crafting team to unbelievable breakthrough, accomplishing a months worth of plane development in one morning.

Three Reppuu (Strong Gale) were finished within mere four attempts.

An honorable mention in the Combined Fleet board for the new Reppuu Queen is all but a small reward to the long list of achievements she had attained in crafting and in battle.

On an unrelated note, the previous title holder was Akagi.

Searchlight Hall of Fame

  • Akatsuki - excellent performance in E2, Fall 2014 Event E2

Destroyer division 6

Hibiki's bookshelf

Exped Time Flag Fleet Drum Lvl
2 0:30 2 4XX
6 0:40 4 4XX
4 0:50 3 1CL 2DD
5 1:30 3 1CL 2DD 1XX
21 2:20 15 1CL 4DD Drum x3 30
37 2:45 50 1CL 5DD Drum x4 200
38 2:55 65 5DD 1XX Drum x8 250
11 5:00 6 2DD 2XX
35 7:00 40 2CV 1CA 1DD 2XX
12 8:00 4 2DD 2XX
36 9:00 30 2AV 1CL 1DD 2XX
15 12:00 8 2CV 2DD 2XX
16 15:00 10 1CL 2DD 3XX

Inazuma's diary

EmergencyRepair Craft
C o n s t r u c t i o n
  • Noshiro: Construction recipe 4000/6000/6000/2000/20 flagship Z1
  • Yamato: Construction recipe 4000/6000/6000/2000/20 flagship Z1
  • Yuubari: Construction recipe 30/30/30/30 flagship Hiryuu (8 weeks of default)
  • I-8: Construction recipe 250/30/200/30 flagship Ayanami
  • Yahagi: Construction recipe 1500/1500/2000/1000/1 flagship Hibiki
  • Maruyu x 3: Construction recipe 1500/1500/2000/1000/1 flagship Hibiki
D e v e l o p m e n t
LandingCraft Ship
  • Elite Second Carrier Division sortie quest cleared (3 attempts - pure luck, nuff said)
  • Battleship Squadron in the Northern Waters sortie quest cleared
Coming soon
  • Sixth Squadron in the Southwestern Waters sortie quest cleared
Coming soon
  • World 5-3 cleared
Fleet used, one and only for all attempts. Kitakami: Double attack setup, Kongou: 2 main guns, radar and boiler, Nachi: same load out as Kongou, Haguro has Night scout instead of radar, Shigure: 5th slot has ASW gears, and Yuudachi double attack + radar/star shell setup for the last slot.

Searchlight was abandoned in favor of boilers because searchlight causes the bearer not only to be attacked more often but also to get hit more often as well (lowered evasion). It does not work well as we want everyone to survive till boss. Not to mention shenanigans from RnG seems to lead to more frequent Ri-class cut-in when searchlight was equipped. See four straight easy boss kills without seeing a single cut-in when the cursed searchlight was shoveled over board.

Echelon/Double Line formation pre-boss. Line Abreast boss node when 2/3 heavy ships had taken moderate damage, Double Line otherwise. Echelon appears to grant better cut-in resistance at the cost of accuracy. Support expedition in last dance. They killed the boss, they are the boss!

  • World 5-2 cleared
  • Second Carrier Division sortie quest cleared (1 attempt)
  • Destroyer Division 30 (1st Gen.) sortie quest cleared (2 attempts)
Straight up night double attack setup for elite DDs, damecon on Mutsuki and Kisaragi along with boilers. Flagship carries Searchlight. Kirasagi sank at boss and expended a damecon but they managed S-rank victory and quest clear. Sparkling is not necessary for weaker DDs but it is recommended for stronger ones
  • Fall 2014 Event is over
A long list of newcomers in this event: Suzuya, Akizuki, Akigumo, Prinz Eugen, Nowaki, Hayashimo, Harusame, Ooyodo, Naganami, Asagumo, Maikaze, Taigei, extra Maruyu and extra Mikuma.
In general, the event is one of the easier events—although, personally, not much can be said since it is our fleet's first major event. There are a lot of says go into the second, E2, and the fourth map, E4, since they gave us the most troubles. E1 was a give-away map and E3 could be cleared easily, but not quite as farmable as E2 or E1.
  • New Mikawa Fleet sortie quest cleared (11 tries)
Strategy involves a sacrificial ship carrying Type 0 Seaplanes, attempting to gain a successful recon check. Around 47-54 effective LoS is recommended.

The key point to achieve victory at boss node is to survive Wo-class's opening airstrike with minimal damage. A successful recon check significantly lessens the otherwise devastating bombing damage (with up to 3 ships in red) and gives bonus accuracy and in shelling phase. Cut-in setup with 2x main gun and 1x secondary gun on high luck ships to maximize night battle capability. Double attacks deal scratch damage to Ru-class and Wo-class.

Anti-air guns and radars do nothing against Wo-class's airstrike and the fleet doesn't have enough firepower to take care of boss this way.

Ikazuchi's anchor

RedAmmo Fall 2014 Event

Agat c Winter 2015 Event

Akatsuki's shoebox

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