aka Farmuhan

  • I live in Malang
  • I was born on August 1
  • My occupation is Indonesia
  • I am Man and always Manly
Farmuhan Bushido

My Naval Base is in Saiki Bay Anchorage. This Naval Base lead by Admiral Farmuhan and his Supreme Flagship Fusou

As Admiral from Russia, The Ideology used is Communist but lead as Dictator in this Naval Base. Because Communist is dead, so i try to make a new one. it's Called Farmuhan Bushido

Farmuhan Bushido is the strategy that the fleet must High Level, Heavy Armed and Heavy Armored with Air Supremacy and can do Jack-all-trade at the same time

My Bushido in this naval Base separated all shipgirls into 4 kinds: 
Married Ships: The Ships who married Admiral
Elite Ships: The Ships who can do Farmuhan Bushido strategy perfectly
Sortie Ships: The Ships who already level 70 and/or above
Slave Ships: The ships who have level below 70 and they become slavery worker

This Bushido have law, The Admiral Farmuhan is their Law. The Admiral is allowed to commit sexual harassment and Violence to all Shipgirls who live in this base and all Shipgirls prohibited to refuse until Admiral's desire fulfilled

What a nice Naval Base that i make

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