• I live in United States
  • I was born on January 8
  • My occupation is しれぇ, Teitoku, Kanmusu Slave
  • I am Male

Life-Changing MomentsEdit

[[Category:Qunow Grammar Police]] ~ EchoHolic

Life StoryEdit

>joined to share salt
>randomly edits things for almighty purpose of perfect English (read oh so mighty with a subtle sense of sarcasm)
>still editing
>where's my noose knot?


>5:00AM once more
>reaches 100 edits on wiki

still no pudding

>7:00PM for once
>200 edits on wiki
>lurk moar ayy lmao
>tfw you realize there are mistakes on OPPRESSIVE GRAMMAR

10/10 would continue :^)

>Winter 2016 E-1

gg no re

E1 1hr nutshell

>superior luck

>Winter 2016 E-2 ⟶ E-4

-EuScythe- 2016-02-29 15-54-22 27

>superior luck pt.2‎

-EuScythe- 2016-02-29 15-53-32 22

>superior luck pt.3

Dear self, reminder to not close eyes at 8:30 and miss the last 2.5 kills for E-4 by taking a nap. Drink coffee. Get Warspite. Eat pudding. Time management.

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