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ID = Get at (Number of sorties/construction)
Class = Should i Explain it to you? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Performance = Calculated by:

  • How many times i used it for sorties, S = very often, A = often
  • How well she kill on sorties, S = killer, A = normal, B = Last Hitter
  • Please note: i didn't put "Level Tab" cuz lazy to edit it, also it does changing every time she sortied ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, if you want to know what my level my kanmusu is, just do a simple calculation: ((Kai/Kai Ni Level) + Performance)
#ID List Class Performance
8 Verniy Banner DD A
10 Mutsuki Kai Ni Banner DD A
15 Kiso Kai Ni Banner CLT A
26 Kitakami Kai Ni Banner CLT S
31 Nachi Kai Ni Banner CA A
37 Sendai Kai Ni Banner CL A
38 Chiyoda Carrier Kai Ni Banner CVL A
42 Satsuki Kai Ni Banner DD S
52 Kasumi Kai Ni BannerBattle Card Marriage RingBattle Card Marriage Ring Glow DD S
57 Shigure Kai Ni Banner DD S
59 Ooshio Kai Ni Banner DD A
74 Kisaragi Kai Ni Banner DD A
76 Jintsuu Kai Ni Banner CL S
81 Chitose Carrier Kai Ni Banner CVL A
137 Akagi Kai Ni Banner CV S
143 Fusou Kai Ni Banner BBV A
154 Yuudachi Kai Ni Banner DD S
170 Yamashiro Kai Ni Banner BBV S
175 Maya Kai Ni Banner CA S
178 Kirishima Kai Ni Banner FBB S
212 Isuzu Kai Ni Banner CL A
214 Akatsuki Kai Ni Banner DD A
238 Asashio Kai Ni D Banner DD A/S
249 Haruna Kai Ni Banner FBB S
282 Zuikaku Kai Ni A Banner CVB S
291 Ooi Kai Ni Banner CLT S
338 I-168 Kai Banner SS A
366 Hiei Kai Ni Banner FBB A
385 Kongou Kai Ni C Banner FBB S
402 Mogami Kai Banner CAV S
450 Hyuuga Kai Ni Banner BBV A
463 Ise Kai Ni Banner BBV S
558 Junyou Kai Ni Banner CVL S
583 I-8 Kai Banner SSV A
584 Yukikaze Kai Banner DD S
601 Myoukou Kai Ni Banner CA S
643 Kinu Kai Ni Banner CL A
652 Kaga Kai Banner CV S
656 I-58 Kai Banner SSV B-A
726 Hiryuu Kai Ni Banner CV S
766 Ayanami Kai Ni Banner DD S
877 Ryuujou Kai Ni Banner CVL A
1063 Ushio Kai Ni Banner DD A
1113 Nagato Kai Ni Banner BB S
1225 Haguro Kai Ni Banner CA S
1371 Suzuya Kai Ni Banner CAV S
1440 Souryuu Kai Ni Banner CV S
1511 Abukuma Kai Ni Banner CL S
1546 Zuihou Kai Ni B Banner CVL S
1796 Yuubari Kai Banner CL A
2013 Mutsu Kai Ni Banner BB S
2415 Kawakaze Kai Ni Banner DD A
2420 Commandant Teste Kai Banner AV S
2422 Kashima Kai Banner CT S
2425 Akashi Kai Banner AR -
2429 Hatsuzuki Kai Banner DD S
2569 I-19 Kai Banner SSV -
2674 Saratoga Mk.II Mod.2 Banner CVB S
2690 Amatsukaze Kai Banner DD -
2691 Yamakaze Kai Banner DD A
2715 Sakawa Kai Banner CL A
2772 Mizuho Kai Banner AV S
3171 Pola Kai Banner CA A
3402 Shoukaku Kai Ni A Banner CVB S
3886 Choukai Kai Ni Banner CA A
3893 Tone Kai Ni Banner CAV S
4168 Z1 Zwei Banner DD A
4415 Taigei Banner AS -
4897 Z3 Zwei Banner DD A
4941 Katori Kai Banner CT A
5292 Arashio Kai Ni Banner DD S
5515 Uranami Kai Banner DD -
6315 Fubuki Kai Ni Banner DD A
6460 Chikuma Kai Ni Banner CAV S
6560 Kumano Kai Ni Banner CAV A
6620 Mikuma Kai Banner CAV A
6782 Ashigara Kai Ni Banner CA A
7056 Matsukaze Kai Banner DD -
7079 Ro-500 Banner SS S
7234 I-26 Kai Banner SSV A
7384 I-401 Kai Banner SSV S
7498 Teruzuki Kai Banner DD A
7384 I-14 Kai Banner SSV A
7555 Arashi Kai Banner DD A
7556 Noshiro Kai Banner CL -
7897 I-13 Kai Banner SSV A
8480 Naka Kai Ni Banner CL A
9690 Kamoi Kai Bo Banner AO B
9699 Taiyou Kai Ni Banner CVL A
9716 Italia Banner FBB S
9723 Roma Kai Banner FBB S
9753 Hagikaze Kai Banner DD A
9778 Akitsushima Kai Banner AV A
9798 Gangut Dva Banner FBB A
9836 Shimushu Kai Banner DE B
9866 Kunashiri Kai Banner DE B
9930 Etorofu Kai Banner DE -
10335 Yura Kai Ni Banner CL S
11073 Taihou Kai Banner CVB S
11074 Akitsu Maru Kai Banner LHA -
11473 Bismarck Drei Banner FBB S
11954 Hatakaze Kai Banner DD -
11967 Asashimo Kai Ni Banner DD -
11980 Amagiri Kai Banner DD -
11074 Richelieu Kai Banner FBB S
12049 Libeccio Kai Banner DD A
12062 Harusame Kai Banner DD -
10335 Ooyodo Kai Banner CL S
12134 Ark Royal Kai Banner CV A
12162 Aquila Kai Banner CV B
12253 I-504 Banner SS A
12273 Matsuwa Kai Banner DE -
12274 Sagiri Kai Banner DD -
12287 Yahagi Kai Banner CL S
12307 Warspite Kai Banner BB S
12313 Prinz Eugen Kai Banner CA S
12314 Hayasui Banner AO B
12317 Graf Zeppelin Kai Banner CV B
12707 Akizuki Kai Banner DD S
12715 Zara Due Banner CA S
12816 Kiyoshimo Kai Banner DD -
12916 Amagi Kai Banner CV A
13099 Fumizuki Kai Ni Banner DD -
13320 Yamato Kai Banner BB S
15313 Michishio Kai Ni Banner DD S
16965 Katsuragi Kai Banner CV A
17029 Unryuu Kai Banner CV A
17062 Yamagumo Kai Banner DD -
17087 Tsushima Kai Banner DE -
17095 Sado Kai Banner DE -
17134 I-400 Kai Banner SSV -
17398 Suzutsuki Kai Banner DD A
17407 Musashi Kai Ni Banner BB S
17759 Tama Kai Ni Banner CL S
18142 Asagumo Kai Banner DD -
18816 Uranami Kai Banner DD -
19447 Naganami Kai Ni Banner DD A
19793 Murasame Kai Ni Banner DD A
19862 Tatsuta Kai Ni Banner CL A
20959 Hiburi Kai Banner DE -
21027 Jervis Kai Banner DD S
21030 Daitou Kai Banner DE -
21244 Gambier Bay Kai Banner CVL -
21358 Tashkent Kai Banner DD S
21398 Intrepid Kai Banner CV S
21896 Iowa Kai Banner FBB S
23385 Arare Kai Ni Banner DD A
24422 Samuel B. Roberts Kai Banner DD S
24552 Hamakaze B Kai Banner DD A
25994 Fukae Kai Banner DE -
26184 Urakaze D Kai Banner DD A
27414 Hatsuharu Kai Ni Banner DD A
27500 Kuroshio Kai Ni Banner DD A
28095 Tanikaze D Kai Banner DD -
28324 Shiranui Kai Ni Banner DD A
28327 Kagerou Kai Ni Banner DD A
28628 Shiratsuyu Kai Ni Banner DD A
29396 Tenryuu Kai Ni Banner CL B
29549 Yuugumo Kai Ni Banner DD -
32935 Nagara Kai Banner CL -
32322 Kishinami Kai Banner DD -
34345 Isokaze B Kai Banner DD S
34351 Shinyou Kai Ni Banner CVL -
34435 Maestrale Kai Banner DD -
34482 Gotland Andra Banner CL S
34724 Nelson Kai Banner BB S
35091 Gotland Kai Banner CL -
38265 Minazuki Kai Banner DD -
38314 Makigumo Kai Ni Banner DD A
39033 Kazagumo Kai Ni Banner DD -
39282 Nowaki Kai Banner DD -
40414 Akigumo Kai Banner DD -
40428 Atago Kai Banner CA -
40446 Murakumo Kai Ni Banner DD -
40530 Maikaze Kai Banner DD -
40534 Hiyou Kai Banner CVL A
40747 Hamanami Kai Banner DD -
40773 Minegumo Kai Banner DD -
40800 Hayanami Kai Banner DD -
40983 Nisshin A Banner AV S
41407 Johnston Kai Banner DD S
41631 Takao Kai Banner CA -
42371 Kako Kai Ni Banner CA -
42389 Suzuya Carrier Kai Ni Banner CVL -
42873 Shouhou Kai Banner CVL A
43518 Kumano Carrier Kai Ni Banner CVL -
43773 Kuma Kai Banner CL -
44063 Natori Kai Banner CL -
45951 Takanami Kai Banner DD -
46461 Kasumi Kai Ni Banner DD -
46942 Hatsukaze Kai Banner DD -
47402 Akebono Kai Banner DD -
47442 Sazanami Kai Banner DD -
48829 Tokitsukaze Kai Banner DD -
48842 Ishigaki Kai Banner DE -
48861 Hachijou Kai Banner DE -
49095 Giuseppe Garibaldi Kai Banner CL -
51058 Colorado Kai Banner BB -
51324 Fletcher Mk.II Banner DD S
53346 Asakaze Kai Banner DD -
55078 Grecale Kai Banner DD -
55090 Okinami Kai Ni Banner DD -
55143 Duca degli Abruzzi Kai Banner CL S
55298 Janus Kai Banner DD A
55369 Mikura Kai Banner DE -
57154 Ryuuhou Kai Banner CVL A
55731 Hayashimo Kai Banner DD -
59048 Shikinami Kai Ni Banner DD A
59266 Perth Kai Banner CL -
59549 De Ruyter Kai Banner CL -
59648 Houston Kai Banner CA A
59767 Harukaze Kai Banner DD -
59870 Shinshuu Maru Kai Banner LHA -
59968 Akishimo Kai Banner DD -
59549 Atlanta Kai Banner CL S
61047 Hirato Kai Banner DE -
63826 Fujinami Kai Banner DD -
65795 Uzuki Kai Banner DD -
65953 Isonami Kai Banner DD -
66868 Mikazuki Kai Banner DD A
68195 Usugumo Kai Banner DD -
68239 I-47 Kai Banner SS -
68358 Kaiboukan No.4 Kai Banner DE -
68404 Matsu Kai Banner DD -
68559 Jingei Kai Banner AS -
69011 Helena Kai Banner CL -
69025 Ariake Kai Banner DD -
69092 Kasumi Kai Ni Banner DD -
69269 South Dakota Kai Banner FBB S
69433 Zuihou Kai Ni Banner CVL -
69698 Yashiro Kai Banner DE -
69786 Hornet Kai Banner CV -

Achievement List
Fall 2016
Map Difficulty
Fall 2016 Event E-1 Banner

Fall 2016 Event E-2 Banner Fall 2016 Event E-3 Banner Fall 2016 Event E-4 Banner Fall 2016 Event E-5 Banner

My First Event, with enough preparation and resource softcap, I managed to clear the event, most likely because of absurb damage from Nagato which gain x2.5 Post-cap damage in boss node and one shot Dyson with DA. They say the first event is the event where it was memorable and yes indeed for me.

Nowaday, people always told to new face that you should clear it on hard if the map is sub. But I blindly play this game, only know some of “meta” equipment setup and hardly had a community or friend to communicate to. My goal is only to clear the event, and I did it on All Easy. Dumb moment is I thought CV Hime was an installation and so I had to bring T3 Shell. I think E4 in this event is harder than E5, cuz I always got pre-boss taiha, while in E5 somehow I had an ease run.

My Farming target is Pola, Prinz, and Akizuki, I managed to grab Hatsuzuki while clearing and keep her because her background is Kinda look Rare. I wanted Prinz/Akizuki because when I realized she’s voiced by Ozawa Ari which her sound familiar with Chiyo from Nozaki-kun, and my mind told me “Must Get” her. With <10k Rsc, I farm Prinz/Akizuki crazily in E5 but sadly, until the end of event, I still not get her but happy with gotten only Pola.

Memorable moment in Fall 2016 is the OST is good especially the E5 Boss one, when I do LD in E5 in college, I got pumped up from OST. Also seeing people stuck on E4H Ru-Wall somehow made me challenged in the future. And last, the LBAS Def Route Unlock Mechanic is interesting, as people believed that getting just one plane survived and pass your base plane wall, it will not count but then realized that wasn’t the case.

Winter 2017
Map Difficulty
Winter 2017 Event E-1 Banner EventMedal-Easy
Winter 2017 Event E-2 Banner EventMedal-Normal
Winter 2017 Event E-3 Banner EventMedal-Easy
My 2nd Event, with enough resource than softcap, and realized it was only small event, I tried some impossible task, that is to “Get First Epeen”. Also from here, I tried to join community like reddit/wikia.

Skipping to E3, the annoying part is to A rank with accumulated 2 dissambled saiun transported, and if you get taiha before the boss, the item is lost and you had to scrap another saiun. Frustrated after losing 4 saiun and had to craft it again, but then finally A rank the boss. Next is S rank the boss again for debuff, the hard part is CA Hime is so tank, but my girls can do it anyway. The harder part, Phase 2, got constant pre-boss taiha and cannot sink the boss made me crazy. Also, without enough knowledge in the game such as Lack of LBAS plane, Never Heard of Ship Lock, Never Heard of Support Expedition, force me to drop to easy with my mind told me to Farm Hitomi.

Memorable moment in this event is when it’s so buggy, first is you can fight same node twice, and second is non-locked LD Form. So confused at first when Frontliner went and sunk the boss in non-LD form but the map wasn’t cleared.

Spring 2017
Map Difficulty
Spring 2017 Event E-1 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Spring 2017 Event E-2 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Spring 2017 Event E-3 Banner EventMedal-Easy
Spring 2017 Event E-4 Banner EventMedal-Normal
Spring 2017 Event E-5 Banner EventMedal-Easy
3rd Event, with experience from winter 17 in mind, try my best to challenge once again, Last map Hard. My derp moment is even though I realized T96 LBAA is craftable, but since I’m stupid enough not to realize the power of LBAS, I don’t bother to craft it.

I try E1 and E2 Hard cuz why not and sounds beatable, and E3 I had to pick easy cuz stupid mindset that told “Don’t waste so much resource on earlier map”. And I regret(2019) until now that I don’t pick E3 Medium+ cuz “It’s only a better version of Daihatsu, normal Daihatsu is enough” and ignoring the fact that I don’t really care about LBAS Plane. But most importantly, in E5, somehow I was able to beat Phase 1 with 2 dyson and I can’t remember how(data in kc3 deleted) but then the real boss showed up in phase 2. 1 out of 15 run I only get to boss, and it driving me crazy almost make me want to give up. Even though I reached LD, but I nowhere can see able to kill the boss, and so I gave up cuz shitty LBAS and drop to Easy. And here even though I possibly can clear medium, but I prioritize italia over 54 Hayabusa, and thus made me my second regret cuz I still don’t know LBAS mechanics.

At this point of event, this event made me realized that I should farm for ships rather than clearing on higher diff for reward and be 0 Epeen Teitoku. Also got Akitsushima and Teruzuki here.

Summer 2017
Map Difficulty
Summer 2017 Event E-1 Banner EventMedal-Easy
Summer 2017 Event E-2 Banner EventMedal-Normal
Summer 2017 Event E-3 Banner

Summer 2017 Event E-4 Banner

Summer 2017 Event E-5 Banner EventMedal-Normal
Summer 2017 Event E-6 Banner

Summer 2017 Event E-7 Banner

4th Event, with mindset that I should farm ships like crazy and seeing how many non-IJN ships drop here, I had this mindset “fuck this event, I should farm” thus made me clear on medium- on some map.

Although E1 I can beat it on Hard, but my mind told me just want to farm, and there, I farm all the SS available for my collection. Maybe the memorable farming is on E5 and E7, cuz I had to farm in the non-boss node which roll no drop with <1% drop and containing installation with PT imp on E7, wasted all my luck there. Finally, I got Warspite, Prinz, Graf, Luigi, Aquila, Amagi, Akizuki from this event and though I might not get lucky later. What annoying in this event is Absolutely E7, where you had 4 Pre-boss Hime waiting for you before boss node. I saw many people gotten crazy while clearing E7H, cuz I know 3 BB Hime + 3 PT Imp wall in double line is absolutely disgusting. To be honest, my biggest regret is in this event, cuz that mindset drove me make me losing so much LBAS plane that I know rarer than most of the girls. But then this regret is compensated by Early Fall 2018 cuz I had to use all my EU Ships To clear it, yes…all EU ships, none of it has not been locked, but I still happy gotten my hand spitfire mk.v and more M22A although losing so much spitfire variant.

Overall, this event was enjoyable, got my hand almost the drop I wanted and at this point I reached >85% kandex. OST was good, comparable to Fall 2016 cuz the pre-boss and boss giving off that ゴゴゴ aura.

Fall 2017
Map Difficulty
Fall 2017 Event E-1 Banner

Fall 2017 Event E-2 Banner

Fall 2017 Event E-3 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Fall 2017 Event E-4 Banner EventMedal-Normal
5th Event, because I had almost all the ships, now for once I changed my mindset again and try to clear map with higher difficulty for reward and try again to get my First Epeen. At this moment, I only had 6 nishimura Fleet, with Asagumo missing from fleet.

Skipping to E3, I kinda struggle with the buffed Ne-class and somehow stuck on this map, until ranting into my local community ”Is it worth to clear this map just for some LBAS ASW that I would never use it anyway?” before giving up, I ought just want to try it once more, and surprisingly my hatsuzuki killed CV Hime for 180~ damage because I thought she would never bring her down due to weak yasen but I realized all ozawa fleet received post-cap damage, so happy I got my Toukai 901 and decided not to give up cuz nowadays sub pre-boss kinda annoying. E4 is the interesting part, and I remember how hell it was to S rank Z6 with annoying long-ass route. I tried to tackle E4 quickly because 2 days after I had to do some 1 day research for my college task even though I know it’s not significantly affect my result in skill increase. But somehow Z6 doesn’t want me to S rank it, and at the final run after getting Green-T I gave up because pressured by college and unable to kill even in green T. But now I realized how stupid it was, I was like had 100k+ resource, and 12 days of event, but because I want to clear before I went to research, I had to drop to Medium for no reason.

From this event, I now realized that ”unless the college is significantly affect my study result, I won’t let college interfere with my KC anymore.” And I learnt how to keep my mind cool under pressured situation. Also the OST made me Sleepy AF, just want to clear it early.

Winter 2018
Map Difficulty
Winter 2018 Event E-1 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Winter 2018 Event E-2 Banner EventMedal-Normal
Winter 2018 Event E-3 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Winter 2018 Event E-4 Banner EventMedal-Easy
Winter 2018 Event E-5 Banner EventMedal-Normal
Winter 2018 Event E-6 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Winter 2018 Event E-7 Banner EventMedal-Casual
6th Event, Not so much to say except best map for farming while ending KC Phase 1. It’s harder to choose between 4 16Inch Mk.7 or 1 51cm Gun, but mind choose Iowa.

What surprised me is that dev decided to bring back leyte 1 MO map to leyte 2, shown significantly similar on E3, the same but easier. Maybe the real event here is E4H,E6,and E7. I saw bunch of people doing E4H facing with ru-wall, but meh I choose easy cuz I just want jervis. For me, E6 is so far an annoying map, I don’t use SS(V) comp until I realized it was a bad idea not using them.. I got constant taiha on node 1 and 2(Phase 3) even with the ship sparkled.. it’s driving me crazy that E6 ate much resource that almost wanted to give up, but farming on E6 Casual resetting is absolutely stupider idea. I know I can cleared E6 with my CA(V) snipe the boss, and yes that’s how I clear E6, healthy CA(V) sniping the boss. Also got Tashkent here. On E7, even though I want to tackle in hard, but 11 range LBAS for BB Water and 1 taitei made me think thrice and finally logical answer came to mind that I should farm 4 16inch mk.7 rather than some yamato-class gun.

Maybe my slight regret here is I try to farm 3rd iowa without enough proof that she drop more than 2x rather than farm maruyu in E1. But anyway, it was an enjoyable event and I farm enough maruyu to reach ~40 luck for kitakami, abukuma, and myoukou.

Early Fall 2018
Map Difficulty
Early Fall 2018 Event E-1 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Early Fall 2018 Event E-2 Banner EventMedal-Normal
Early Fall 2018 Event E-3 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Early Fall 2018 Event E-4 Banner EventMedal-Normal
Early Fall 2018 Event E-5 Banner EventMedal-Hard
7th Event, to bad spring is skipped because KC went to Phase 2. But what I enjoy here is unexpected Summer CG for my wife(Kasumi) and abyssal in CG made me so much relaxing moment. Also Got my First Epeen here.

From here, I now learnt the hard way to ship lock planning, that is: don’t use expected-historical early, send mediocre stat ship, and only use historical when they only fit on one map, For example, I use kamikaze on E2, and Akagi on E3 when I think I won’t use her in E4/E5. I had to do early run because of my resource reaching Hardcap for fuel/ammo and I usually wanted them to waste somewhere(made me stretchy when I waste them). For me, E3 is kinda easy, hard part is where your CV with Cut-In need to snipe the boss. As for E5, when I saw frontliner streaming, I think to myself that this is where I can get my First Epeen, and the only hard and annoying thing is Phase 2, where Tanaka with his intelligence put some High-Armored Boss mixed with Installation and PT Imp, made this map 2nd hardest than summer 17 for me(I know summer 2015 is harder). Because of that, for TCI ships, It’s really annoying because WHEN YOUR SHIPS DOESN’T HIT THE BOSS, SHE WILL HIT INSTALLATION WITH SINGLE ATTACK WITH NO BONUS DAMAGE And it’s ABSOLUTELY ANNOYING. It driving me crazy, and even at the college, instead of pay attention to the lecturer, I’m thinking about strategy “how to beat the boss”, what ship should I bring, what equip shall I use. But thanks to Richilieu, she hit the boss at day for ~490 HP, bringing her down to 2 HP, and start at night with summer harbor and Henderson taiha while my anti-installation ships bring them down and finally pudding TCI the boss, clearing Phase 2. At this moment, I know my clear rate for E5 is roughly 98%, thus getting me closer to my 1st First Class Medal. LD is cleared with CTF and ayanami TCI the boss for ~400.

Overall, this event was enjoyable, relaxing OST that made me feel relaxed when under pressure, fresh CG which made my eyes not sleepy. And so happy got new fresh Art with Maestrale and Gotland with her young seiyuu. One lesson learned: never cap your resource right before event.

Winter 2019
Map Difficulty
Winter 2019 Event E-1 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Winter 2019 Event E-2 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Winter 2019 Event E-3 Banner EventMedal-Hard
8th Event, probably the easiest event I experienced so far. First, Absurb Damage Bonus, the damage bonus is range from 1.3-2.0x, which made boss armor/her hime-class escort feels like paper. Second, Variety Historical Ship, with multiple Historical with their damage bonuses, made this event clearable by at least 3 month newface, even though previous event(winter 2018) had 1.8/2.4x damage multiplier, but It was limited to 3~4 ships while here more than 4. Third, Nelson/Nagato Touch Mechanic, this mechanic is greatly give increased chance to kill the boss, giving 3 shot in one turn to kill up to 3 Boss Escort, greatly increase the chance for fleet to hit the boss. Fourth, Historical damager Friend Fleet, even though it’s an undeniable fact that you can still roll DE fleet, but regardless, Friend fleet here can easily clean up boss escort with their setup and damage bonus. Fifth, 0% Ammo modifier, this give the fleet 100% damage at the boss, increasing chance to deal big damage to the boss. Even though those factor I found is significantly increase the chance to clear the event on Hard difficulty and what made them easy, but my local community somehow got triggered by me for saying it easy and they want their first/more Epeen(even though they cleared it and one of them triggered about cannot kill it in LD and somehow post “Chipping is harder than LD”). And an undeniable truth is the event was so easy that Hard clear rate is almost same/surpass as Easy.

E1 is challenging without 1.3-1.5x historical ship though, breaking into those 230 armor without TCI and historical ship indeed is a real challenge itself. E2 is pre-boss>boss, boss only had 118 Armor and ~200HP, which made her vulnerable to 160+ Yasen stat ship that can one shot her if they snipe(assuming not chuuha). For me, E3 is definitely easier than Older EO event Hard map, if I had to compare, it’s the level of E3 Early Fall 2018 Hard mode. The only Annoying part in E3 is double SS Loli Hime, which slightly reduce fleet power due to bringing OASW. But regardless, my LD was that somehow for no reason my mind told me to give isokaze TCI and luckily she snipe the boss with 2 escort alive for 848 dmg from 828 hp, bringing her down at 2nd Attempt of LD and getting my 2nd Epeen Medal.

Overall, this event was enjoyable, although easy, it was fun, What i learnt is now keep cool when facing a liar. finally my Ship Collection is reaching 100% with Johnston and Hayanami come, although I don’t own them all, they all inside the library. OST so far is good, but nothing compare to Fall 16 and Summer 15’17, but still good anyway, too bad vocal part only at start and the end. This event for being Easy made me think that next event ought to be REALLY hard, and it should be interesting to see veteran people from this event with their first Kou Medal, facing a “Harder” Event than this, can’t wait for this.

Spring 2019
Map Difficulty
Spring 2019 Event E-1 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Spring 2019 Event E-2 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Spring 2019 Event E-3 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Spring 2019 Event E-4 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Spring 2019 Event E-5 Banner EventMedal-Hard
9th Event, with 2nd Kou acquired from Winter 2019, i think i had a grasp about how my fleet look like and how hard is "Hard" difficulty then i ought to try for the first time all hard on medium scale. not like i had any other choice because the good rewards are locked in Hard, and also looking at Fletcher's Farm sounds "exciting"

E1 is just a free map with dev introducing the new Menancing version of tsu, tsu-flagship with higher FP than a Ru/Ta-class Battleship and also high evasion and AA, make it a new annoying variant dev ever introduce. E2 is also a new way of dev saying "good luck passing that" by introducing 2-5 air raid node which are mandatory to pass it to reach the boss, the boss itself is quite easy to break with heavy fleet(also FF helps a lot) but breaking though the air raid node itself is a cancer, whoever design this please kys. E3 i'll say the most standard map design, with introduction of new installation; Imouppo. Although quite standard, but their armor value is not to underestimated, on hard 277+ armor is standard in here, might be dev decided to put some high value armor to increase powercreep i guess? E4 is literally cancer on Chipping phase, bauxite drain and bucket drain is high there, FF help chip a lot, but it's really a pain in ass to chip without FF. Also fletcher on E4 with average of 1% drop rate is cancer enough because the existence of This Stupid TankBattleship Water Demon Kai Bannerand mixture of installation bosses. E5 for me one of the hardest map on medium scale(at least before FF) because the only tactic to clear it is only two: be luck TCI snipe at boss or a good touch & day battle wiping at most 3-5 boss escort in main fleet. There are two irritating factors on this map: 2 RE-Elite and 2 Dyson Kai Variant III, at best you are guaranteed with one-two chuuha or one taiha on opening torp phase, and that dyson with 260 armor holy, need a crit on touch to be able to penetrate them. One of the most frustating i find is the dev Delaying E5 FF for a long time that they decided to prolong the event.

Overall, this event is really fun, challenging(i find many people struggle on this event, at least before the presence of FF), and ONE OF THE BEST OST that i waited for 1 years(after summer 2017) finally paid off. Cleared this event on all hard also mean a new achievement for myself

Summer 2019
Map Difficulty
Summer 2019 Event E-1 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Summer 2019 Event E-2 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Summer 2019 Event E-3 Banner EventMedal-Hard
10th Event, 4th Kou, tbh i'm looking forward for summer event since summer events usually identic with "Hard Event". But once dev announce that it was going to be small scale, kinda dissapointed and nothing to expect. And that dissapointment is proven on the event itself, E1 is just a nerf version of French BB Hime (which absolutely tough on Early Fall 18). E2 is kinda unique since they put toughest enemies so far to break with its absurb armor and little ships poll damage bonus (Only Gaijins). But regarldess, it's fun to break E2 rather than E3. E3..kinda pushover i must say, hard one to kill is henderson, but the boss itself kinda squishy so nothing to expect, especially with FF kinda blow up the boss and their escort. Nothing to say about OST since it's just a remix, overall, dev excuse to put little effort in event.
Fall 2019
Map Difficulty
Fall 2019 Event E-1 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Fall 2019 Event E-2 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Fall 2019 Event E-3 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Fall 2019 Event E-4 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Fall 2019 Event E-5 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Fall 2019 Event E-6 Banner EventMedal-Hard
11th Event, 5th Kou, At this point i already gotten used to clearing All Hard, now my only goals is to clear All Events Scale (1-7 Map) on ALL HARD, with this event being the only 6 maps event this year, this made me only need to clear 7 Maps & 4 Maps.

E1 is as your usual easy-to-beat-if-you-play-long-enough, same as E2 and E3. While E4 is indeed hard, but it's not really with FF/with big damage bonus. E5 is a nuisance because dev forces you to use Nagatouch with double Hard-ass CV which harder to one/two-tap than BBH Kai (Refer to Colorado Event), many people dropped to medium since it doesn't worth the trouble, but i still clear it for achievement sake. E6 what to say, kinda FeelsWeirdMan because you got this insane dmg bonus from Kirishima/Hiei/Yuudachi/Ayanami which can one tap boss with only one crit. Regardless, fun event, moderate difficulty, but kinda dissapointed the OST only give "dark vibe" and not worth to listen again.

Hinamatsuri 2020
Map Difficulty
Hinamatsuri 2020 Mini-Event E-1 Banner EventMedal-Hard
12th Event, 6th Kou, Actually this doesn't seems like an Event at all, it's just dev excuse for not bringing winter 2020 event, and instead we got this. But for me, i don't care since it's one map only and it's my chance to complete all maps type (1-7) map. The difficulty is not that different from the Fall 19 E5H, but i'd say its "Slightly Harder". Seen many 0 kou-ers try to beat this map alone but doesn't seems quite it's "free kou event" yet. OST is just a remix so let's skip that part and i'm just glad i beat this map fast.
Rainy-Summer 2020
Map Difficulty
Rainy-Summer 2020 Event E-1 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Rainy-Summer 2020 Event E-2 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Rainy-Summer 2020 Event E-3 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Rainy-Summer 2020 Event E-4 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Rainy-Summer 2020 Event E-5 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Rainy-Summer 2020 Event E-6 Banner EventMedal-Hard
Rainy-Summer 2020 Event E-7 Banner EventMedal-Hard
13th Event, 7th Kou, Finally, a proper Large Scale-7 Map Event. The only thing worth mentioning early is that Devs finally decided to put FF on last map earlier than usual (usually they put on one week before events end) so definitely an improvement.

E1 is tough without historical ships, but with it its just pushover even with 200+ armor. E2 is easily sniped boss with tanky escort. E3 is E1 in disguise. E4 actually quite tough but with zuihou/931 nuke it's easy tbh. E5 its your farming spot map even though it's Extra Operation. E6 is tough, with 355 Armor, it's on Fall 19 LD Level with less escort dmg bonus but still the same on main (Kirishima/Hiei). Interesting part happened in E7, where P1 the boss is easy but the pre-boss is extra annoying with my 70% double vanguard rate. Unlike P1, P2 is the boss itself its hard, and i mean, really hard because no insane dmg bonus, especially for BB, no AP/T3 Shell bonus which mean less dmg on touch and forces you to go with touch (you can use touch on p2, but not as effective as non-touch/P3). Well, P3 is the toughest one yet i've seen in event, since even with dmg bonus, there's no way you can one-pan/two-pan the Hime-wall without Crit. Also that annoying DD Ball (Na-Elite/Flag II)destroy your ships like crazy = less dmg. Only your ships? no, your LBAS too they'll wiped out your LBAS wave so LBAS deal shit dmg. 388 Armor mean your TCI will do nothing big unless critted. Literally this event need you to crit to clear, otherwise it's very tough. With all that, this is the first event that cleared with double waifu (Kasumi). Very happy with the result and might gonna do the same on next Event. Replay in case you're wondering and to assert dominance

Overall, very fun event, amazing OST which instantly goes to my Top 3 KC OST.

Very Lucky B41 Run With

Lv.65 Choukai Kai Ni Banner
Lv.26 Aoba Kai Banner
Lv.26 Furutaka Kai Banner
Lv.26 Kako Kai Banner
Lv.26 Kinugasa Kai Banner
Lv.37 Yuubari Kai Banner


100% Ship(Library) Collection Acquired
Wanted List
List Reason Extra Reason Rank Capture Status Capture Date

List Difficulty Checklist Completion Date
Clear Event (Last Map Hard) With Double Waifu Clear SSS Rainy-Summer 2020
Clear [ALL MAP TYPES (1-7 MAPS)] ON ALL EventMedal-Hard
Small Scale (1 Map)
S Hinamatsuri-Mini Event 2020
Small Scale (2 Map)
Small Scale (3 Map)
Winter 2019
Medium Scale (4 Map)
Medium Scale (5 Map)
Spring 2019
Large Scale (6 Map) SSS Fall 2019
Large Scale (7 Map) Rainy-Summer 2020

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