aka Dustii

  • I live in California
  • I was born on August 11
  • My occupation is Destroyer Daycare Manager
  • I am Guided Missile Cruiser (Male)
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===About the Admiral===
User:Dustii-chan/Fleet|The Fleet
Dustii hails from the west coast of the United States and has an affection towards naval vessels thanks to Mare Island, which is near where he grew up. Outside of handling admiralty duties, he enjoys writing and playing a number of strategy games. One of his favorite foods is in fact Japanese curry.
User:Dustii-chan/Plans|Naval Armament Supplement Plans
===About the Fleet===
Established on December 12th, 2016, Admiral Dustii's fleet began operations in the Bismarck archipelago. The fleet participated in the opening actions of [ Operation "Hikari"] and operated throughout every major operation following it, completing each one. Many battle honors were achieved during the year of 2017, and the fleet continues to grow stronger as it prepares to engage more elite forces in future operations.
==Notable Shipgirls==
===Starter Ship===
{{ShipBattleCardKai|Inazuma/Kai}} ''"I want to win the war, but I also want to save lives... Is that weird?"''
*'''"'''Inazuma may not be the strongest shipgirl, but she certainly has one of the strongest wills when it comes to saving others.'''"'''
===Provisional Marriage===
{{ShipBattleCardKai|Ashigara/Kai Ni|layers=ring ring_glow|caption=}} ''"To truly pull out my full strength… You are… you're the first to do so!"''
*'''"'''Ashigara stands as the most elite member of Dustii's fleet and has seen action in every operation. Needless to say her selflessness and sacrifices earned her high praises.'''"'''

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