Admiral Note Edit


Hello, I will be one those editors whom dedicated on that "historical" note. It will not be much, but I will try to make it as clear as possible for new/veteran admirals to understand more about the Kanmusu.


2013 OperationsEdit

Was a fresh recruit in the Admiralty. Although just a month before the Fall Event, however I learn quickly as much as possible despite the limitations the KC wiki has to offer at that time... In that moment, it's all trial and error. Blood, Tears and Sweat.

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Ironbottom Sound Operations was the first and consider the most brutal of all operations I've face, what's more this is my first... Heckle it is like a fresh recruit being thrown into the hellfire itself

Sad to say, the experience was so bad that I barely remember this save for the few records I had somewhere.

3/5 Maps completed. 4th Task was fully postponed after the HP boss regen return back to full...

Shipgirls rescued: 

Kirishima Banner I-19 Banner Noshiro Banner

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Ah, the Blue Steel Operation. I'm more prepared in this event now thanks to the painful lessons from the previous event which I learn stuff that is important... Stocking as much as resources and repair buckets for the big operation.

Iona is MVP in this operation :)

Shipgirls Rescued

I-401 Banner

2014 OperationsEdit

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No or limited logs about the Deep South Operation. But I do know that I participate this operation anyway...

Around this time, the deployment of seaplanes become important somehow. Tone whom one of my old members that time get her Kai Ni.

3/5 Maps completed. ExOps were a new addition and I'm still unprepared for this map... Sakawa-chan can wait.

Shipgirls Rescued:

Amatsukaze Banner Akashi Banner Naganami Banner Kumano Banner

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The Summer 2014 Event aka Battle of Midway or AL + MI Operation is the first large operations I taken to the task, as well as the introduction of the shiplocking which kinda an underestimation until the ExOps.

I was slightly cocky at this time that become my fatal flaw itself...

5/6 Maps complete. Attempted to clear the 6th one, but was proven not worth it due to low resources...

Fleets Deployed:Edit

Northern Invasion Force (E-1)Yubari (FS), Fuso, Maya, Chikuma, Ryujou and Hiyou
Dutch Harbor Attack Force (E-2)Murakumo (FS), Maya, Chikuma, Makigumo, Chiyoda and Ryujou
BattleFleet Typhoon (MI Operations)Akagi, Kaga, Hiryu, Soryu, Haruna and Kirshima [Main Fleet]
Yudachi, Jintsu, Naka, Myoko, Haguro, Tone, Verniy, Satsuki, Nagatsuki and Ayanami [Escort Fleet]
Vanguard Fleet (E-6) Mutsu (FS), Nagato, Kongou, Hiei, Shoukaku and Zukiaku

Shipgirls Rescued:

Harusame Banner Akitsu Maru Banner Hayashimo Banner Ooyodo Banner Tokitsukaze Banner Unryuu Banner

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Operation Kon is I think one of my easiest operations I done. Perhaps I was more prepared than usual and perhaps the sightings of a German Heavy Cruiser gave me a strong motivation as well.

2nd Operation to be completed. In fact.

Fleets Deployed:Edit

Battlefleet Jormungand [E-1]
Fuso, Nagato, Chikuma, Myokou, Maya, Unryuu [Main Fleet]
Ushio, Yuudachi, Verniy, Ayanami, Makigumo, Naka [Escort Fleet]
[E-2] Same as the Escort Fleet used in E-1, changing from Naka to Jintsu
Battlefleet Leviathan [E-3]
Akitsu Maru (FS), Haruna, Hiei, Kirishima, Tone and Unryu/Hiryu/Taihou [Main Fleet]
Kitakami (FS), Suzuya, Haguro, Oyodo,Satsuki/Hamakaze and Lebe [Escort Fleet]
Battlefleet Tiamat [E-4] Kaga (FS), Haruna, Nagato, Tone, Myoko/Ryuujou and Akagi [Main Fleet]
Kitakami(FS), Oyodo, Kiso, Maya, Yuudachi and Verniy [Escort Fleet]

Shipgirls Rescued:

Akizuki Banner Ooyodo Banner Prinz Eugen Banner Kiyoshimo Banner Nowaki Banner

2015 OperationsEdit

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More new mechanics were added (difficulty modes), another German arrived (cute loli in fact) and a girl that look similar to my dreams. To be such I was return from a 1-2 week break just when this operation and seeing that girl somehow...

This is the first and perhaps only operation where I went all Hard and might not happened in the future. Perhaps because I was very prepared or perhaps I was lucky.



Fleets Deployed: Submarine Extermination Fleet (E-1)
Isuzu (FS), Makigumo, Z1 "Lebe", Urakaze, Murakumo, Hamakaze

Repulse Fleet (E-2)
Akizuki (FS), Haruna, Kirishima, Maya/Kitakami, Kaga, Junyo

Battlefleet Icarus (E-3)
Akitsu Maru (FS), Haruna, Kongou, Hiei, Bismarck, Taihou [Main Fleet]
Kitakami (FS), Yuudachi, Oyodo, Hatsushimo, Verniy, Ayanami [Escort Fleet]

Tempest Fleet (E-4)
Yuudachi (FS), Naka, Akizuki, Nagato, Kaga and Taihou

Battlefleet Armageddon (E-5)
Prinz Eugen/Akashi (FS), Kongou, Haruna, Kirishima, Bismarck, Kaga [Main Fleet]
Kitakami (FS), Verniy, Naka, Yuudachi, Ayanami, Akizuki [Escort Fleet]

1st Support Expedition Corps Nowaki (FS), Kongou, Nagato, Chikuma, Maikaze, Hiryu
2nd Support Expedition Corps Hatsuharu (FS), Kiyoshimo, Hiei, Fuso, Yamashiro, Mutsu

Shipgirls Rescued:

Uzuki Banner U-511 Banner Katori Banner Amagi Banner Isokaze Banner

Sanity Bar
70% remaining

The trip to Suez Canal also known as Operation 11. Italians had joined the cause, a new Carrier and some sort of Seaplane Tender that is either cute or just cute (or plain useless but cute). I was slightly underprepared and unable to hitch a hard in the last map... Perhaps 2 large operations in a row was a bit of a understatement.


Fleets Deployed: Sea Watch Fleet (E-1):
Mutsuki/Yuudachi (FS), Isuzu/Oyodo, Hamakaze/Ushio/Z1, Lebe/Sendai, Makigumo

Battle Fleet Scylla (E-2)
Musashi (FS), Nagato, Tone, Kaga, Taihou, Akagi [Main Fleet]
Ooi (FS), Maya, Naka, Akizuki, Ayanami/Yuudachi, Kitakami [Escort Fleet]
Bengal Raiders (E-3)
Ooi (FS),Kirishima, Kinugasa, Suzuya, Murakumo, Ryuujou

(currently trying to find logs of other fleets in E-4 to E-6)

Shipgirls Rescued:

Katsuragi Banner Littorio Banner Akitsushima Banner Takanami Banner

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The Operation FS had allow me to revisit the SLOT for another time, although this time more prepared than ever, or was suppose to be.

At first I had to hire Kikuzuki in the 1st 2 maps which was progressively easy, then by the 3rd map things going a seesaw due to RNG manipulating the board. The final map however was pure cancer itself, the Air Defense Princess is basically shredding aircraft like she was some Cold War-era Destroyer... However once Intel on how to weaken her revealed, I decided to do so before beating her nonsensically. Which after several attempts the vengeance from the failure from the 2013 Fall operation.

I do consider that I start favoring torpedo cut-ins as part of doctrine.

Fleets Deployed: Initial Strike Force: (E-1) Ise (FS), Noshiro, Makigumo, Naganami, Kikuzuki, ?
Nagato (FS), Italia, Kinugasa, Haguro, Jun'yo, Chiyoda [Main Fleet]
Shigure(FS),Hatsuharu, Oyodo, Bismarck, Suzuya, Kumano [Escort Fleet]
E-3/E-6 Battlefleet Zuiho (FS), Musashi, Haruna, Shoukaku, Zuikaku, Hosho, Chitose (Main Fleet)
Ushio (FS), Murakumo, Bismarck, Kitakami, Abukuma, Myoko, (Escort Fleet)

Taihou (FS), Musashi, Kaga, Fuso, Shoukaku, Zuikaku [Main Fleet]
Akizuki (FS), Maya, Prinz Eugene, Murakumo, Ushio/Haruna, Abukuma [Escort Fleet]

Vengeance Strike Force (E-4): Hiei (FS), Yuudachi, Ayanami, Kirishima, Mogami/Mikuma, Unryu
Indian Ocean Defense Force (E-5): Akitsushima (FS), Kongou, Hatsushimo, Kako, Chikuma, Akagi
Grand Fleet (E-7):
Shoukaku (FS), Haruna/Kirishima, Kaga, Taihou, Zuikaku, Shoukaku [Main Fleet]
Akizuki (FS), Bismarck, Yuudachi, Abukuma, Myoko, Prinz Eugene [Escort Fleet]

Shipgirls Rescued:

Kawakaze Banner Hayasui Banner Libeccio Banner Kazagumo Banner Teruzuki Banner

Another operation in the SLOT. Despite it is called "Transport Operation", the operation is very restrictive on what ships to deploy and I had no other option but to wait.

On the other hand, another Indian Sea Theater operation as well. Seems the Western Abyssal Forces are unwilling to give up their control in that region.

Fleets Deployed:

Battle Fleet Helios: (E-1)
Ryujou, Hiei, Nagato, Chikuma, Tone, Junyou (Main Fleet)
Yudachi, Kitakami, Abukuma, Ayanami, Kinugasa, Hatsushimo (Escort Fleet)

Venture Fleet Beta (E-2)
Jintsu, Hamakaze, Yukikaze, Ushio, Satsuki, Mikazuki

Venture Fleet Alpha (E-3)
Akitsu Maru, Tone, Fumizuki, Nagatsuki, Yayoi, Akizuki (Transport Fleet)
Abukuma, Prinz Eugene, Yudachi, Ayanami, Myoko, Hatsushimo (Escort Fleet)

Westeros Pacification Fleet (E-4)
Fortress Wrecker Group: Surface Battle Fleet
Haguro,Kirishima,Haruna,Kongou,Italia,Taihou [Main Fleet]
Yuubari, Bismarck, Ashigara, Maya, Lebe, Shigure [Escort Fleet]

Albacore Group: ASW Fleet
Haguro, Bismarck, Haruna, Oyodo, Yubari, Taihou [Main Fleet]
Isuzu, Maya, Ooi, Shigure, Lebe, Hatsuharu/Harusame [Escort Fleet]

"Black Watch" (E-5)
Sendai, Kitakami, Suzuya, Shigure, Kawakaze, Yuudachi, Ayanami

Shipgirls Rescued:

Kashima Banner Sakawa Banner Graf Zeppelin Banner Hagikaze Banner

2016 OperationsEdit

Sanity Bar
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The Pearl Harbor reenact operation introduces the Land Base Air Support (finally) that allowed us to have bombers from airfields to deliver hell to concentrate Abyssal ships formations. Nevertheless the idea was basically a new thing and of course there were bugs and HQ can't provide much a concrete information.

Also this is the introduction of the USN (Allies) to join the Combine Fleet forces in an unending war against the alien foe. (Also includes bombing Pearl Harbor)



Battlefleet Lethe (E-1):
Kinugasa (FS), Haruna, Kirishima, Ashigara, Choukai, Graf Zepplin [Main Fleet]
Abukuma (FS), Ushio, Shigure, Teruzuki, Hatsusharu, Fubuki [Escort Fleet]

Johnston Island Invasion Force (E-2):
Oyodo, Ooshio, Kawakaze, Kasumi, Suzuya, Mogami

Seebee Transport Fleet (E-3):
Mogami (FS), Suzuya, Ooshio, Kawakaze, Akatsuki, Mochizuki [Main Fleet]
Oyodo (FS), Hatsushimo, Kako, Murakumo, Kasumi, Haguro [Escort Fleet]

Defense Fleet (E-4)
Kinugasa (FS), Kirishima, Haruna, Ashigara, Jun'yo, Chitose [Main Fleet]
Abukuma (FS), Teruzuki, Choukai, Ooi, Ushio, Shigure [Main Fleet]

Rabaul Assault Fleet (E-5): Hatsuzuki, Nachi, Ayanami, Tone, Satsuki, Mutsuki

Battlefleet Nergal (E-6)
Taihou (FS), Nagato/Yamashiro, Kaga, Fusou, Chikuma, Akitsu Maru [Main Fleet]
Naka (FS), Yuudachi, Kitakami, Prinz Eugene, Akizuki, Italia [Escort Fleet]

Pearl Harbor Assualt Force (E-7):
Yamashiro, Fusou, Taihou, Shoukaku, Kaga, Akagi [Main Fleet]
Abukuma, Yuudachi, Akizuki, Prinz Eugen, Bismarck, Chikuma [Escort Fleet]

Shipgirls Rescued:

Kamikaze Banner Pola Banner Iowa Banner

2017 OperationsEdit

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Nishimura Strike Fleet

It is almost a year since the Operation Rei-Go, as at last the greatest naval battle in the Pacific had finally come. But that doesn't mean I were prepared for it, nah it kinda becomes a natural thing that I forgot something to do... *gets yank by Michishio* (although she gets to join in later)

The Nishimura was the highlight of importance of this operation, but of course there are other ships that participate in this very large battle that for a good reason a majority are in my fleet. Nevertheless one at least 2 girls are unprepared or shall I say, preparing for the final map.

However I realize that this operation is another fated task, as that someone began to discover the wreckage of the ill-fated fleet. Perhaps it is time to regain their lost honor, which I did.

But this is just the beginning...




E-2: Ushio, Ashigara, Nachi, Bismarck, Abukuma, Kasumi, Yura/Kitakami


Vanguard Attack:

Transport Force:
Tone, Chikuma, Satsuki, Fumizuki, Oyoshio, Arashio [Main Fleet]
Jintsu, Akizuki, Zara, Asashio, Prinz Eugen, Yuudachi [Escort Fleet]

Ozawa's Task Force: Chiyoda (FS), Ise, Hyuga, Zuihou, Chitose, Zuikaku [Main Fleet]
Oyodo (FS), Yuudachi, Zara, Akizuki, Yukikaze, Prinz Eugen [Escort Fleet]


Kurita Task Force
Tone (FS), Haruna, Kirishima,Kongou, Chikuma, Taihou [Main Fleet]
Yahagi (FS), Maya, Myoko, Yuugumo, Hamakaze, Yukikaze [Escort Fleet]

Shima Vanguard Fleet:
Kasumi (FS), Hatsuzuki, Isuzu, Bismarck, Nachi, Kitakami, Abukuma
Nishimura Strike Fleet:
Yamashiro (FS), Fusou, Mogami, Shigure, Michishio, Asagumo/I-401, Yamagumo

Shipgirls Rescued:

Sado Banner Suzutsuki Banner I-400 Banner

2018 OperationsEdit

I'm at the zenith or perhaps close to retiring this game. But still that doesn't mean I won't accept further challenges the HQ offer. Still problems continue to pour down...

My current health is deteriorating and I wonder if I will survive long enough.

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Grand Battle Fleet

Part Two of the biggest battle. However I'm too unprepared due to Real Life shenanigans that delay me in focusing in resource hoarding... The lack of shipspace finally reach me in tilting point.

Although I had some of the important ships needed in this operation, I'm slightly worried that I might get jinx as my recent days are. But I'm confident of my girls, they're too eager and wanted to win.

Once again, Nishimura Fleet is called forth to help their comrades as Musashi and Zuikaku take the helm in the fight against the overwhelming foe...

Dance with the angels.

End Operation Results: It seems you'll need a lot of luck in the last battle... It doesn't matter what difficulty it was, it was hellfire. I barely went over as a day and a half attempts to breakout in the last kill ended in nothing. Still you'll need miracles...


Fleets Deployed: Submarine Extermination Fleet (E-1)
Satsuki, Isuzu, Roma, Kunashiri/Matsuwa, Etorofu/Yamakaze, Taiyo

Nishimura Strike Force (E-2 1st phase)
Yamashiro, Fuso, Mogami, Shigure, Michishio, Yamagumo, Asagumo
Kurita Battle Fleet (E-2 2nd phase)
Chikuma, Haruna, Hiei, Kongou, Maya, Taihou (Main Fleet)
Yahagi, Kiyoshimo, Hayashimo, Naganami, Myoko, Haguro (Escort Fleet)

Ozawa Task Force (E-3) Ise, Hyuga, Zuikaku, Shoukaku, Zuihou, Chitose (Main Fleet)
Oyodo, Hatsuzuki, Murakumo, Akizuki, Zara, Ashigara (Escort Fleet)

Nishimura Strike Force (E-4 1st phase)
Same as E-2

Kurita Battle Fleet (E-4 2nd Phase)
Chikuma, Musashi, Kongou, Haruna, Junyo, Chiyoda (Main Fleet)
Yahagi, Maya, Ooi, Naganami, Myoko (Escort Fleet)

Shima Assist Fleet (E-5)
Kasumi (FS), Prinz Eugen, Nachi, Hatsuharu, Hatsushimo, Kinu, Teruzuki (Transport, 1st phase)
Kasumi (FS), Prinz Eugen, Nachi, Shimakaze, Hatsushimo, Hatsuharu, Teruzuki (Pursuit, 2nd phase)

Shima Pursuit Fleet (E-6)
Same as E-5

Kurita Assualt Fleet (E-6)
Chikuma, Naganami, Kiyoshimo, Tone, Kongou, Haruna, Myoko

Battlefleet Typhoon (E-7, 1st Phase)

Battlefleet Argus (E-7, 2nd Phase)

Shipgirls Rescued:

Hiburi Banner Daitou Banner Gambier Bay Banner Intrepid Banner Tashkent Banner Jervis Banner

The long break.

The long break continues until the announcement of the "2nd Phase". Everyone is excited and of course took 2 days before we begin. All maps had being "reset" and must be subjugated once more. A new area is also added, which gives a new place for my girls to venture...

It is being a very long time since I got motivated to do something... I already know that I may not to participate the next major operation. So I will focus in conquering the "7 Zones"

Naval Base Sea Zone reclamation Group (World 1)
Shiratsuyu, Yuudachi, Murasame, Abukuma, Suzutsuki, Yura, Ryuujou (1-1 to 1-4)

Southwestern Area Sea Zone Pacification Group (World 2)
Yuudachi, Akizuki, Yura, Abukuma/Ooi, Richelieu, Zuihou, Ryuujou (2-1 to 2-4, except 2-3)

I-400, I-13, I-14, I-8, I-19, I-401, I-58 (2-3)

2019 OperationsEdit

Sanity Bar
100% remaining

I decided to go another event despite the ill preperations,(then again I had like 900+ buckets and 200k to begin so nah). Of course despite it is a "small-scale" event, I know that the devs are put stuff to make it long.

Another is I started late, but that was enough after getting plenty of rest and vital info from other TTKs. However I'm not in a good shape to take the event seriously...


Fleets Deployed:




Shipgirls Rescued:

Minegumo Banner Nisshin Banner Fukae Banner Johnston Banner

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