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Muh gêrls

Shimushu Class:
Shimushu Banner Kunashiri Banner Hachijou Banner Ishigaki Banner
Etorofu Class:
Etorofu Banner Matsuwa Banner Sado Banner Tsushima Banner Fukae Banner
Hiburi Class:
Hiburi Banner Daitou Banner
Mikura Class:
Mikura Banner

Kamikaze Class:
Harukaze Banner Kamikaze Banner Asakaze Banner
Mutsuki Class:
Mutsuki Kai Ni Banner Kisaragi Kai Ni Banner Satsuki Kai Ni Banner Fumizuki Kai Ni Banner Uzuki Kai BannerBattle Card Marriage RingBattle Card Marriage Ring Glow Yayoi Kai Banner Minazuki Kai Banner Mochizuki Kai Banner Nagatsuki Kai Banner Kikuzuki Kai Banner Mikazuki Kai Banner
Shiratsuyu Class:
Shiratsuyu Kai Ni Banner Kawakaze Kai Ni Banner Murasame Kai Ni Banner Yuudachi Kai Ni Banner Shigure Kai Ni Banner Harusame Kai Banner Umikaze Kai Banner Yamakaze Kai Banner Samidare Kai Banner Suzukaze Kai Banner
Kagero Class:
Kagerou Kai Ni Banner Kuroshio Kai Ni Banner Shiranui Kai Ni Banner Urakaze D Kai Banner Hamakaze B Kai Banner Isokaze B Kai Banner Tanikaze D Kai Banner Amatsukaze Kai Banner Arashi Kai Banner Hagikaze Kai Banner Yukikaze Kai Banner Oyashio Kai Banner Maikaze Kai Banner Nowaki Kai Banner Akigumo Kai Banner Hatsukaze Kai Banner Tokitsukaze Banner
Yuugumo Class:
Naganami Kai Ni Banner Makigumo Kai Ni Banner Yuugumo Kai Ni Banner Kishinami Kai Banner Kiyoshimo Kai Banner Asashimo Kai Banner Takanami Banner Hamanami Kai Banner Kazagumo Kai Banner Fujinami Kai Banner Hayashimo Kai Banner Hayanami Kai Banner Okinami Kai Banner
Akatsuki Class:
Akatsuki Kai Ni Banner Verniy Banner Ikazuchi Kai Banner Inazuma Kai Banner
Asashio Class:
Asashio Kai Ni D Banner Ooshio Kai Ni Banner Kasumi Kai Ni Banner Arashio Kai Ni Banner Michishio Kai Ni Banner Minegumo Kai Banner Asagumo Kai Banner Yamagumo Kai Banner Arare Kai Banner
Fubuki Class:
Fubuki Kai Ni Banner Hatsuyuki Kai Banner Murakumo Kai Banner Uranami Kai Banner Miyuki Kai Banner Shirayuki Kai Banner Isonami Kai Banner
Ayanami Class:
Ayanami Kai Ni Banner Ushio Kai Ni Banner Sazanami Kai Banner Amagiri Kai Banner Oboro Kai Banner Sagiri Kai Banner Akebono Kai Banner Shikinami Kai Banner
Hatsuharu Class
Hatsuharu Kai Ni Banner Hatsushimo Kai Ni Banner Nenohi Kai Banner Wakaba Kai Banner
Akizuki Class
Hatsuzuki Kai Banner Akizuki Banner
Maestrale Class
Maestrale Kai Banner Libeccio Kai Banner Grecale Banner
Other Classes (Two or fewer members):
Shimakaze Kai Banner Tashkent Kai Banner Johnston Kai Banner Fletcher Kai Banner Samuel B. Roberts Kai Banner Jervis Kai Banner Janus Banner Z1 Kai Banner Z3 Kai Banner

Nagara Class:
Kinu Kai Ni Banner Yura Kai Ni Banner Abukuma Kai Ni Banner Isuzu Kai Ni Banner Nagara Kai Banner Natori Kai Banner
Kuma Class:
Tama Kai Ni Banner Kitakami Kai Ni Banner Ooi Kai Ni Banner Kiso Kai Ni Banner Kuma Kai Banner
Agano Class:
Agano Kai Banner Yahagi Kai Banner Noshiro Kai Banner Sakawa Banner
Sendai Class
Sendai Kai Ni Banner Jintsuu Kai Ni Banner Naka Kai Banner
Other Classes (Two or fewer members):
Tenryuu Kai Banner Yuubari Kai Banner Ooyodo Kai Banner Gotland Kai Banner Giuseppe Garibaldi Banner Duca degli Abruzzi Banner Katori Kai Banner Kashima Kai Banner Tatsuta Kai Banner

Takao Class
Maya Kai Ni Banner Choukai Kai Ni Banner Takao Kai Banner Atago Kai Banner
Myoukou Class
Myoukou Kai Ni Banner Nachi Kai Ni Banner Haguro Kai Ni Banner Ashigara Kai Ni Banner
Other Classes (Two or fewer members):
Kako Kai Ni Banner Furutaka Kai Ni Banner Zara Due Banner Kinugasa Kai Ni Banner Pola Kai Banner Prinz Eugen Kai Banner Aoba Kai Banner

Mogami Class
Kumano Kai Ni Banner Suzuya Kai Ni Banner Mogami Kai Banner Mikuma Kai Banner
Tone Class
Tone Kai Ni Banner Chikuma Kai Ni Banner

All Light Carrier Classes:
Junyou Kai Ni Banner Ryuujou Kai Ni Banner Chitose Carrier Kai Ni Banner Chiyoda Carrier Kai Ni Banner Shouhou Kai Banner Zuihou Kai Banner Hiyou Kai Banner Houshou Kai Banner Ryuuhou Kai Banner Gambier Bay Kai Banner Shinyou Kai Banner

All Standard Carrier and Armoured Carrier Classes:
Zuikaku Kai Ni A Banner Shoukaku Kai Ni A Banner Souryuu Kai Ni Banner Hiryuu Kai Ni Banner Taihou Kai Banner Akagi Kai Ni Banner Kaga Kai Banner Unryuu Kai Banner Katsuragi Banner Graf Zeppelin Kai Banner Intrepid Kai Banner 160x40px Ark Royal Kai Banner Aquila Banner

Kongou Class:
Kongou Kai Ni C Banner Haruna Kai Ni Banner Kirishima Kai Ni Banner Hiei Kai Ni Banner
Other Classes (Two or fewer members):
Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya Banner Bismarck Kai Banner Roma Kai Banner Italia Banner Richelieu Kai Banner

All Aviation Battleship Classes:
Ise Kai Ni Banner Hyuuga Kai Ni Banner Fusou Kai Ni Banner Yamashiro Kai Banner

All Standard Battleship Classes:
Nagato Kai Ni Banner Mutsu Kai Ni Banner Nelson Kai Banner Warspite Kai Banner Iowa Kai Banner Colorado Kai Banner Musashi Banner Yamato Kai Banner

All Submarine Classes
I-58 Kai Banner I-19 Kai Banner I-168 Kai Banner I-26 Kai Banner U-511 Banner Luigi Torelli Banner I-8 Kai Banner Maruyu Kai Banner

All Seaplane Tender Classes
Nisshin A Banner Akitsushima Kai Banner Mizuho Kai Banner Chitose Kai Banner Chiyoda Kai Banner Commandant Teste Banner

All Auxillary Ship Classes:
Taigei Banner Kamoi Kai Bo Banner Hayasui Kai Banner Akashi Kai Banner

Matsukaze Banner Hatakaze Banner Teruzuki Banner Suzutsuki Banner Kasuga Maru Banner Amagi Banner I-13 Banner I-14 Banner I-400 Banner I-401 Banner Akitsu Maru Banner

Kunashiri Kai Banner Ishigaki Banner
Uzuki Kai Banner Kawakaze Kai Ni Banner Hatsuyuki Banner
Kinu Kai Ni Banner Agano Kai Banner
Takao Kai Banner Atago Kai Banner Maya Kai Ni Banner
Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya Banner Haruna Kai Ni Banner
Fusou Kai Ni Banner
Musashi Banner
Ryuuhou Kai Banner Shouhou Kai Banner Junyou Kai Ni Banner
Graf Zeppelin Kai Banner Ark Royal Kai Banner
I-58 Kai Banner U-511 Banner
Nisshin A Banner Akitsushima Kai Banner
Taigei Banner

Things that go boom and whoosh

Type 3 Shell Kai 317 Full Prototype 15cm 9-tube ASW Rocket Launcher 288 Full Ginga 187 Full
Tenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron) 094 Full Suisei (Egusa Squadron) 100 Full Prototype Nanzan 148 Full
S-51J 326 Full Type 0 Passive Sonar 132 Full Type 2 Large Flying Boat 138 Full
GFCS Mk.37 307 Full 5inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 Kai + GFCS Mk.37 308 Full Kyoufuu Kai 217 Full
Zuiun Kai Ni (634 Air Group) 322 Full F6F-3N 254 Full TBM-3D 257 Full
Skilled Carrier-based Aircraft Maintenance Personnel 108 Full Prototype Toukai 269 Full Raiden 175 Full
12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher Kai Ni 274 Full Reppuu (601 Air Group) 110 Full Fw 190 D-9 354 Full

Prototype Seiran 062 Full Type 3 Command Liaison Aircraft (ASW) 070 Full Prototype FaT Type 95 Oxygen Torpedo Kai 127 Full
Type 96 150cm Searchlight 140 Full 16inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.7 + GFCS 183 Full Seiran (631 Air Group) 208 Full
Submarine Radar & Passive Radiolocator (E27) 211 Full Submarine Radar & Waterproof Telescope 210 Full Saiun (Eastern Caroline Air Group) 212 Full
Skilled Sonar Personnel + Late Model Bow Torpedo Mount (6 tubes) 214 Full Ro.44 Seaplane Fighter bis 215 Full Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa Model II (64th Squadron) 225 Full
Swordfish Mk.III (Skilled) 244 Full Spitfire Mk.IX (Skilled) 253 Full Toukai (901 Air Group) 270 Full
SK + SG Radar 279 Full Type C Kouhyouteki 309 Full Suisei Model 12 (w Type 31 Photoelectric Fuze Bombs) 320 Full
Zuiun Kai Ni (634 Air Group Skilled) 323 Full S-51J Kai 327 Full F6F-5N 255 Full
Prototype Type 97 Torpedo Bomber Kai No. 3 Model E (w Type 6 Airborne Radar Kai) 344 Full

Drum Canister (Transport Use) 075 Character 12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model B Kai 4 (Wartime Modification) + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director 296 Character S9 Osprey 304 Character
10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount Kai + Additional Machine Guns 275 Character 5inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 Kai 313 Character 14cm Twin Gun Mount Kai 310 Character
12cm Single Gun Mount Kai 2 293 Character 130mm B-13 Twin Gun Mount 282 Character 15.2cm Twin Gun Mount Kai 139 Character
Type 3 Shell Kai 317 Character Suisei Model 12 (w Type 31 Photoelectric Fuze Bombs) 320 Character Re.2001 CB Kai 316 Character
SG Radar (Initial Model) 315 Character 533mm Quintuple Torpedo Mount (Initial Model) 314 Character GFCS Mk.37 307 Character
35.6cm Triple Gun Mount Kai (Dazzle Camouflage) 289 Character 46cm Triple Gun Mount Kai 276 Character Arctic Camouflage (+ Arctic Equipment) 268 Character
HF DF + Type144 147 ASDIC 262 Character Type144 147 ASDIC 261 Character F6F-5N 255 Character
Spitfire Mk.I 250 Character 38cm Quadruple Gun Mount Kai 246 Character Swordfish Mk.II (Skilled) 243 Character
Combat Ration (Special Onigiri) 241 Character Type 22 Surface Radar Kai 4 (Calibrated Late Model) 240 Character Type 0 Fighter Model 63 (Fighter-bomber) 219 Character
Skilled Sonar Personnel + Late Model Bow Torpedo Mount (6 tubes) 214 Character Re.2001 G Kai 188 Character PBY-5A Catalina 178 Character
Type 4 Passive Sonar 149 Character Skilled Lookouts 129 Character Prototype FaT Type 95 Oxygen Torpedo Kai 127 Character
Ar196 Kai 115 Character Fleet Command Facility 107 Character Type 13 Air Radar Kai 106 Character
Star Shell 101 Character Zuiun Kai Ni (634 Air Group Skilled) 323 Character O Type Observation Autogyro Kai Ni 325 Character
S-51J Kai 327 Character 35.6cm Twin Gun Mount Kai 328 Character 35.6cm Twin Gun Mount Kai Ni 329 Character
16inch Mk.I Twin Gun Mount 330 Character 152mm 55 Triple Rapid Fire Gun Mount Kai 341 Character Ryuusei Kai (CarDiv 1 Skilled) 343 Character
Prototype Type 97 Torpedo Bomber Kai (Skilled) No. 3 Model E (w Type 6 Airborne Radar Kai) 345 Character

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