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Some updated CGs rename the older one to (year), and keep the new with (no year).
Then the rest have the old one as (no year), and the new one as (year).
[Most Likely will continue the 1st point]^^^^
Akitsushima is of the with the 2016 New Year Overriding the 2017 New Year CG.
Oboro & Akeboner Summer (2015 vs 2016)

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  • Mizuho Setsubun has no Card Assets, devs forgot them?

Akitsushima New Year Card Akitsushima New Year 2017 Card

Sazanami Christmas 2014 Card Sazanami Christmas 2014 Card Sazanami Christmas 2015 Card Sazanami Christmas 2016 Card
Sazanami Kai Christmas 2016 Card
Sazanami Christmas 2014 Card DamagedCard Status Medium Damage Sazanami Christmas 2014 Card DamagedCard Status Medium Damage Sazanami Christmas 2015 Card DamagedCard Status Medium Damage 150pxCard Status Medium Damage
150pxCard Status Medium Damage

Mutsuki Valentine Card Shigure Kai Ni Valentine Card

Destroyer (DD)


Mutsuki Valentine Card Kisaragi Valentine Card Yayoi Valentine Card

Uzuki Valentine Card Uzuki Mackerel Pike Festival Card

Minazuki Valentine Card


Fubuki Happi Card Fubuki Kai Ni Happi Card

Murakumo Valentine Card Isonami Big Sight Card

Uranami Setsubun Card Uranami Naval Review Card


Ayanami Yukata Card Shikinami Yukata Card Amagiri Autumn Casual Card

Sagiri Mackerel Pike Festival Card Sagiri Autumn Casual Card Sagiri Late Fall Casual Card

Oboro Summer Card Oboro Summer 2016 Card Oboro Kai Summer 2016 Card Oboro Yukata Card Oboro Valentine Card

Akebono Valentine Card Akebono Summer Card Akebono Summer 2016 Card Akebono Mackerel Pike Festival Card Akebono End of Year Card Akebono End of Year 2015 Card Akebono Rainy Card

Sazanami Christmas 2014 Card Sazanami Christmas 2015 Card Sazanami Christmas 2016 Card Sazanami Summer Card Sazanami Rainy Card Sazanami Kai Christmas 2016 Card

Ushio Summer Card Ushio Kai Ni Summer Card Ushio Mackerel Pike Festival Card Ushio Kai Ni Mackerel Pike Festival Card Ushio New Year Card Ushio Kai Ni New Year Card Ushio Hinamatsuri Card Ushio Kai Ni Hinamatsuri Card


Verniy Mackerel Pike Festival Card Ikazuchi Yukata Card Inazuma Yukata Card


Nenohi New Year Card


Shiratsuyu Yukata Card Shiratsuyu Kai Summer Card Shiratsuyu Autumn Casual Card

Shigure Kai Ni Valentine Card Shigure Kai Ni Christmas Card Shigure Kai Ni Summer Card Shigure Kai Ni Mackerel Pike Festival Card

Murasame Kai Summer Card Murasame Kai Rainy Card Murasame Mackerel Pike Festival Card

Yuudachi Kai Ni Summer Card Yuudachi Kai Ni New Year Card Yuudachi Kai Ni Rainy Card

Harusame Valentine Card Harusame Fall Card Harusame Kai Spring Bouquet Card

Umikaze Summer Card

Yamakaze New Year Card Yamakaze Hinamatsuri Card

Kawakaze Yukata Card Kawakaze Christmas Card


Yamagumo Christmas Card Asagumo Christmas Card


Shiranui Autumn Casual Card Hatsukaze Christmas Card Urakaze Yukata Card

Isokaze Mackerel Pike Festival Card Isokaze Kai Mackerel Pike Festival Card

Hamakaze Valentine Card Hamakaze Yukata Card

Tanikaze Christmas Card Akigumo Autumn Casual Card


Yuugumo New Year Card Yuugumo Spring Bouquet Card Yuugumo Mackerel Pike Festival Card

Makigumo New Year Card

Kazagumo Summer Card Kazagumo Setsubun Card Kazagumo Booth Girl Card

Naganami Spring Bouquet Card Naganami Yukata Card Naganami Fried Rice Card

Takanami Valentine Card Takanami Rainy Card

Fujinami Yukata Card Fujinami Autumn Casual Card

Okinami Summer Card

Asashimo Happi Card Asashimo Yukata Card

Hayashimo Rainy Card

Kiyoshimo Setsubun Card Kiyoshimo Rainy Card


Akizuki Yukata Card


Libeccio Summer Card Libeccio Yukata Card Libeccio Halloween Card

Type 1934-class

Z1 Oktoberfest Card Z1 Summer Card

Z3 Summer Card

Coastal Defense Ship (DE)


Etorofu Yukata Card Matsuwa Yukata Card

Light Cruiser (CL)


Tenryuu Summer Card Tatsuta Summer Card


Kuma Yukata Card Kuma Christmas Card

Tama Yukata Card Tama Mackerel Pike Festival Card


Nagara Yukata Card Isuzu Summer Card Natori Yukata Card Yura Yukata Card Yura Kai Ni Yukata Card


Sendai Autumn Casual Card Jintsuu Kai Ni Yukata Card

Naka Christmas Card Naka Kai Ni Christmas Card


Yuubari Rainy Card


Ooyodo New Year Card Ooyodo Kai New Year Card

Ooyodo Kai Yukata Card

Ooyodo Christmas Card Ooyodo Kai Christmas Card

Ooyodo Summer Card Ooyodo Kai Summer Card Ooyodo Kai Do-Dodonpa Card

Training Cruiser (CT)


Katori New Year Card

Kashima Valentine Card Kashima Christmas Card

Heavy Cruiser (CA)


Furutaka Yukata Card


Kinugasa Kai Ni Valentine Card


Mogami Rainy Card Mogami Summer Card

Mikuma Summer Card Mikuma Summer 2017 Card

Suzuya Christmas Card Kumano Christmas Card


Zara Mackerel Pike Festival Card

Aviation Cruiser (CAV)


Tone Kai Ni Christmas Card Chikuma Kai Ni Christmas Card

Battleship (BB)


Haruna Kai Ni Summer Card


Fusou New Year Card Fusou Summer Card Fusou Happi Card Fusou Rainy Card Fusou Zuiun Card

Yamashiro New Year Card Yamashiro Summer Card Yamashiro Zuiun Card


Mutsu Yukata Card


Yamato Summer Card

Vittorio Veneto-class

Littorio Summer Card Littorio Christmas Card

Italia Summer Card Italia Christmas Card

Roma Halloween Card


Iowa New Year Card


Richelieu Autumn Casual Card

Light Aircraft Carrier (CVL)

Light Carriers (Various Types)

Houshou New Year Card

Ryuujou Christmas Card Ryuujou Kai Ni Christmas Card

Ryuuhou Summer Card Ryuuhou Mackerel Pike Festival Card


Shouhou Rainy Card

Zuihou New Year Card Zuihou Kai New Year Card

Regular Aircraft Carrier (CV)

Aircraft Carriers (Various Types)

Souryuu Autumn Casual Card


Amagi New Year Card

Submarine Aircraft Carrier (SSV)


I-401 New Year Card I-401 Summer Card

Submarine (SS)


Ro-500 Summer Card

Type 3 Submergence Transport Vehicle

Maruyu Christmas Card

Type IXC

U-511 Summer Card

Seaplane Tender (AV)


Chitose Yukata Card Chitose Rainy Card

Chiyoda Yukata Card Chiyoda Rainy Card


Mizuho Yukata Card Mizuho New Year Card Mizuho Setsubun Mizuho Valentine Card Mizuho Spring Bouquet Card Mizuho Rainy Card Mizuho Summer Card Mizuho Christmas Card Mizuho Hinamatsuri Card Mizuho Halloween Card


Akitsushima New Year Card Akitsushima New Year 2017 Card


Kamoi Kai Rainy Card Kamoi Kai Yukata Card

Commandant Teste-class

Commandant Teste Valentine Card Commandant Teste Christmas Card Commandant Teste Setsubun Card Commandant Teste Hinamatsuri Card Commandant Teste Summer Card

Submarine Tender (AS)

Taigei New Year Card Taigei Summer Card Taigei Mackerel Pike Festival Card

Amphibious Assault Ship (LHA)

Akitsu Maru-class

Akitsu Maru Mackerel Pike Festival Card

Fleet Oiler (AO)


Kamoi Rainy Card Kamoi Kai Bo Rainy Card Kamoi Yukata Card Kamoi Kai Bo Yukata Card

Revised Kazahaya-class

Hayasui Zuiun Card

Repair Ship (AR)


Akashi New Year Card Akashi Kai New Year Card Akashi Kai Summer Card Akashi Christmas Card Akashi Kai Christmas Card Akashi Setsubun Card Akashi Kai Setsubun Card Akashi Tekkotsu Bancho Card Akashi Kai Tekkotsu Bancho Card

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Jingei JingeiJingei Banner
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Kamoi Kai Bo Banner
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Repair Ship Akashi AkashiAkashi Banner
Amphibious Assault Ship Hei Akitsu MaruAkitsu Maru Banner
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