aka Arvin

  • I live in Manila, Philippines
  • I was born on May 30
  • My occupation is Claims Processor of a certain BPO company.
  • I am Male


Level 106 TTK (Into more salt this time)

HQ Current updated

Starter: Samidare Kai Banner

(Because I love her blue hair and the eyes that speaks to me)

Ship to be married: Sazanami Kai Banner

(The first girl I will give my ring)

Other Plans: Getting more space (200 slots to be exact), extra docks, Marrying others (the Harem)

About TTK:Edit

I am just an ordinary Teitoku from a certain archipelago in the southeast region of Asia.

They said that this archipelago has more than 7000 islands during low tide and Has less than 7000 islands during high tide.

I do weeklies and monthlies now thanks to screw shortage.

- Wants:Edit

  • Taigei Banner - GET!!!
  • Isokaze Banner - GET!!!
  • Akizuki Banner - GET!!!
  • Teruzuki Banner - GET!!!
  • Sakawa Banner - Pending
  • Umikaze Banner - GET!!!
  • Prinz Eugen Banner - Pending (Not Priority)

- Needs:Edit

  • DD Kai Ni (many)

Shigure Kai Ni Banner - Get
Yuudachi Kai Ni Banner - Get
Akatsuki Kai Ni Banner - Get
Fubuki Kai Ni Banner - Get
Ayanami Kai Ni Banner - Get
Hatsushimo Kai Ni Banner - Get
Hatsuharu Kai Ni Banner - Pending
Murakumo Kai Ni Banner - Pending
Kisaragi Kai Ni Banner - Get
Mutsuki Kai Ni Banner - Pending
Kasumi Kai Ni Banner - Get
Satsuki Kai Ni Banner - Get
Ooshio Kai Ni Banner - Get
Kawakaze Kai Ni Banner - Get

  • Mizuho Banner - Get
  • Prinz Eugen Banner - None as the moment
  • Myoukou Kai Ni Banner - Get
  • Taigei Banner - Get (leveling in progress)
  • Abukuma Kai Ni Banner - Get
  • Maruyu Banner - Wants a ton of it

Favorite ships:Edit

  • Sazanami Kai Banner - The (maid) girl who caught my heart. The girl who can say 'Okay' to my face while shooting me.
  • Samidare Kai Banner - The Angel of the Naval Base. Reserve at times but she is more hardworking than the usual DDs.
  • Kinugasa Kai Ni Banner - The Pretty girl in Base. Fierce girl in battles. Never forgets to be beautiful. I wonder if Kisaragi is imitating her.
  • Kumano Kai Banner - Elegant Princess in battle. Her Dolphin Lines is ♥.
  • Kazagumo Kai Banner - New Favorite girl. The Only Yuugumo girl (asides from Naganami) that I need to court.
  • Maikaze Kai Banner - Because why not Maikaze?
  • Kasumi Kai Ni Banner - New Tsundere standard. Sweet girl when alone with me.
  • I-58 Kai Banner - Being Dechi is Suffering. Her records tell me that I need to reward her.
  • U-511 Kai Banner - German sub who is also a loli. Instant favorite Sub.
  • Hiei Kai Ni Banner - Curry of Doom → food of life. Lately, she cooks decent food. But she is still forbidden to do Curry.
  • Kongou Kai Ni Banner - The girl who calls you love. The first girl who will call your name and will say i love you without reservation. Yet minding TPO. (time, place and location)
  • Hiryuu Kai Ni Banner - I hate Getting NTR'ed by Tamon Maru. Please praise me instead.
  • Choukai Kai Ni Banner - Glasses girl is ♥. She needs more personality of Maya and the air of genius emanating from I-8.
  • Ryuujou Kai Ni Banner - Best CVL in game in terms of body size and cuteness. She hates getting called 'board' though.
  • Ryuuhou Kai Banner - CVL that cuts my lifespan. She is the cutest thing to arrive since U-511.
  • Zara Kai Banner - Newest member of the favorites list. Foreigner with Childlike face but has assets.

Short term goal: To be event ready

Medium term goal: reach 70K Resources. Chikuma K2.

Long term goals: all DD Kai nis, All CA kai Nis, Bismarck and Yamato, Sakawa. Hard difficulty clear.

Last words:Edit

- Arashi and Oyashio for the next event.


Plays Kancolle at the start of February 2015 because of Anime.

- The anime sucks, The game was better.
- Will rewatch Anime for lulz.


Kancolle is somehow borderline yuri.

But more likely, many of the ships are sis-cons or well, loves the Admiral too much.

Ship girls are somewhat a mysterious characters for they embodied a soul and imbued a mechanized body. But they had feelings and aspirations. They get angry, frustrated, happy, sad, disappointed, etc. and they are made for war yet also human.

While the timeline is somewhat vague and the opponents are somewhat vague, It feels that we TTKs negative emotions and the ship girls who sunk with regrets are being reborn as Abyssals. And adding to that, the continuous cycle of love and hate bears fruit and thus gives birth to a savior or a monstrosity.

While the TTK has a secretary ship, what actions does a TTK does to his Secretary? Was he asking for something? Was he being a guide? or Was he being a pure pervert? Indeed we can think of many things but since they had limited lines all we can do is assume everything else.

Kancolle is starting from the east... Now we got German ships and Italian ones, when will the allies come to the base? Or we'll wait for the possibility that Adobe will retire first before everyone was sent out?

Am I just a talkative guy or just pure noisy... It's up to you.


  • Winter 2015 Event
    • E-1 and E-2 Clear (Easy)
      • Notable drops: Noshiro and Ooyodo in E-2
  • Spring 2015 Event
    • E-1 to E-6 Clear (Easy)
      • Notable Drops: Nagato, Mutsu, Agano, I-19,Ooi(I never had built one or got one in construction and sorties) and Roma(E-7)[good run indeed]
  • Summer 2015 Event
    • E-1 to E-6 Clear (E-1 Medium and E-2 to E-6 Easy)
      • Notable drops: Hamakaze, Tanikaze
        • lessons learned (never force clearing a map) and AACI is god sent rule (use it to reduce enemy bombers and hope they don't do the shelling Phase)
  • Autumn 2015 Event
    • E-1 to E-5 Clear (E-1 and E-2 Medium and E-3 to E-5 Easy)
      • Notable drops: Kazagumo (E-1), Nowaki (E-2), U-511 and Tokitsukaze (E-4)
        • Lessons learned: learn to level auxiliaries and one must have Akitsumaru. She is a commodity now.
  • Winter 2016 Event
    • E - 1 to E- 3 Clear (E-1 Hard for the Freedom gun and E-2 to E-3 Easy)
      • Notable Drops: Harusame x2, Amagi, Kiyoshimo x10, Uzuki x2, Urakaze x2, Tanikaze, Asashimo x2, Isokaze, Yahagi, Maruyu, Ooyodo x4, Okinami x2
        • Lessons Learned: farm in medium for better salt and chances.

  • Spring 2016 Event
    • E - 1 to E - 7 Clear (E-1 to E-3 Medium , E4 to E7 Easy)
      • Notable Drops: Amatsukaze x4, I-401 x2, Kiyoshimo x2, Akizuki, Teruzuki, Mizuho, Maruyu x3
        • Special announcement: Hagikaze has gone mad for not seeing Arashi.
  • Summer 2016 Event
    • E - 1 to E - X
      • Notable Drops: SALT!!!
        • others...


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