Started working in Saiki Bay Anchorage on 24/1/2015 1930 JST. Been playing in a Casual-Hardcore style ever since. Atago was the one who got me into the game.

Married Atago on 20/8/2018. Married Amatsukaze on 14/2/2020.

I-26 arrived on 10/9/2018, along with the arrival of Nelson on 23/9/2018, my Kandex is finally complete for the first time.

Failed to get Hayanami on Winter 2019 but got her again in Spring 2019. Kandex completed once more.

Failed to get Grecale on Summer 2019 but has First Class Medal since 24/9/2019.

Event Outcome
Winter 2015 E-1 cleared
Spring 2015 E-4 cleared
Summer 2015 E-6 cleared
Fall 2015 Cleared all maps
Winter 2016 Cleared all maps
Spring 2016 Cleared all maps
Summer 2016 Cleared all maps
Fall 2016 Cleared all maps
Winter 2017 Cleared all maps
Spring 2017 Cleared all maps
Summer 2017 Cleared all maps
Fall 2017 Cleared E-4 on Medium
Winter 2018 E1H, E2M, E3M, E4E, E5E, E6E, E7C
Spring Mini Event 2018 Completed Su01, Su02, Su03, Su04, Su05, Su06, Su08, Su09 with additional 1 Japanese Meal Set and 8 Onigiri
Early Fall 2018 E1H, E2M, E3M, E4M, E5M
Winter 2019 E1H, E2H, E3M
Spring 2019 E1H, E2M, E3H, E4E, E5M
Summer 2019 E1H, E2H, E3H
Fall 2019 E1H, E2H, E3M, E4M, E5E, E6M

My pixiv page which contains papercrafts I make

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